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Top Tips For Choosing Senior-Friendly Kitchen Appliances

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Top Tips For Choosing Senior-friendly Kitchen Appliances

Nowadays, no kitchen is complete without state-of-the-art appliances, which are the driving force of the kitchen and the most significant support in cooking matters. Most seniors prefer home-cooked meals while dining out occasionally, according to SeniorHome. However, the kitchen can be dangerous for seniors, especially if the appliances they use are old and obsolete. "When choosing appliances, do not be tempted by the gimmicks; go for well-established brands," said Juanita Galliford, Bosch Kitchen design specialist. Impulse buys are not smart when it involves appliances that you expect your elderly parents to use heavily for a long time to come. Before you approach a shop, you should have a budget, a design plan and a list of the features you are looking for, such as a good warranty.

Selecting a microwave

A microwave shuts itself when the cooking time is up, making it safe to cook hot meals and heat soups, hot drinks and leftovers. When selecting a microwave, choose one that has an easy-to-use control panel. The panel should have pre-programmed buttons for various types of foods, such as a mug of tea, or a plated dinner. Also, take care of other fine details like which is safer- a door that opens to the right or the left. When installing, you should mind the positioning because as people age, they may not have the upper body strength or height to reach a high object properly. Also, ensure there is an empty countertop nearby to put down a hot dish immediately after they remove it from the microwave. Be sure to sort out the dishes because some materials will burn hot to the touch than others. Remove the ones that could cause scalds and burns.

Refrigerator and freezer

The most important thing is to make sure that refrigerators maintain the correct temperature at all times. To achieve this, look for the one with a digital display of current temperature. Also, go for the one with a water and ice dispenser so that seniors do not have to juggle pitchers and ice trays, In addition, opt for a side-by-side refrigerator to make it easier for someone in a wheelchair to reach the freezer. Remember to place clean towels nearby to mop spills and drips easily.

Purchase smart appliances

With the technological advancements that today's appliances come with, the choice has never been better. There are timers and automatic shut-off devices of all kinds. Since aging people tend to be more forgetful, it is crucial that kitchen devices have this automatic shut-off feature. If they do not, consider replacing them. Alternatively, you can install an automatic shut-off outlet and program it to shut off after a certain amount of time.

These changes can make a difference in a senior's ability to age gracefully while enjoying the comfort of a home-cooked meal without exposure to any danger. For installation, always engage a professional who can follow the manufacturer's full instructions and make use of the mounting hardware properly. While sorting out safety, do not ignore the common kitchen hazards. For instance, move items to lower cabinets, fix loose tiles, and equip the kitchen with a dawn-to-dusk night light to prevent fumbling in the dark.

Guest Contributor, Cindy Trillo

Toilet Plumbing - Solve Your Problems Without Any Hassle

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Toilet Plumbing - Solve Your Problems without any Hassle

When it comes to maintenance and repair works in a home; toilets are one of the most ignored part. A dirty toilet can spoil your entire day and a fresh one is better any time. There are various problems with the toilets, but the major and most common issue is the plumbing failure or anything related to it. Knowing small tips about toilet plumbing at home would help you avoid the heavy bills of the plumbers.  

Know the system and parts?

So, before we get into knowing how a toilet works and how to solve minor issues related to the same; we would know the system and parts so that we don’t get mixed up the next time we go to solve the toilet plumbing problem.

Your toilet, rather, any toilet comprises of three major plumbing lines that are meant for three different uses and serve different purposes.

  1. The very first and the most important line is the water supply connection pipe. This pipe is the most important and the simplest of mechanisms that is involved. This pipe is generally made up of copper and the thickness is nearly about ½ inches. This pipe terminates at the shut-off valve under the tank.  Sometimes, this pipe undergoes a problem of being a leaking pipe, which can be mended by applying any sealing agent.

  2. The next most important part is the waste pipe. This generally carries the entire waste and is of PVC pipe, the width of the pipe is around 3-4 inches. To identify this pipe we can look for the connecting points. This type of pipes generally terminates in the sewerage line and connects to the toilet by means of the closet flange. Any problem with this line can require a professional as this area is sensitive and cannot be repaired without expert help.

  3. If you are planning to undertake the entire toilet plumbing at home one of the other most important part is the termination of waste into the outside waste pipe. This line is to be vented with the end of the waste pipe and terminated outside, this is a short pipeline and sometimes people even fail to identify it as a distinct part.

Plumbers in Homewood

Finding solutions to some common problems

Toilet plumbing can be really messy at times. To avoid and recover this let’s find some solutions to some common and recurring problems.

  1. Have you ever dropped something in the toilet? If you have, you know the pain of how to take it out. So the next time you get stuck trying to recover something, just take a vacuum cleaner to solve the problem. Suck the water into it and then you can easily pull out the things by venting into the drain as deep as possible. It the object is small and delicate you can use a better attachment.

  2. If the faucet is dripping and it annoys you one thing you can do is, tie a string around the dripping faucet long enough to reach the drain and tie it there. This can solve the problem temporarily.

  3. Apart from toilet plumbing in totality, there is a small tip which you can always follow that can help you to reduce water consumption and in turn save your money. Place a bottle in the corner of the toilet tank and this would solve the problem.

These are some of the toilet plumbing solutions which can help you solve majority of the problems. These will help you solve the problems without any hassle or extra headache.

Guest Contributor, Emma Smith

7 Benefits Of A Walk-In Tub

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7 Benefits of A Walk-In Tub

Have you considered exchanging your old standard tub for an exciting and luxurious walk-in tub? The time couldn't be better. As walk-in tubs have grown more popular, innovators have constantly added to the market and the walk-in tubs of today are of some of the best quality tubs. For those who are still on the fence consider these seven benefits of a walk-in tub that you can enjoy

1. Convenience 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a walk-in tub is the fact that it's just more convenient to use. No one actually enjoys stepping over the wall of their tub in order to access it. Too often, if the floor is slippery you could injure yourself in the process. A walk-in tub is just a lot easier to enter and relax inside of for a wonderful bathing experience. 

2. Hydrotherapy 

Most walk-in tubs have hydrotherapy features. Whether you suffer from arthritis or a skin condition, walk-in tubs provide healing benefits. Many tubs are equipped with jets designed to help with pain, inflammation, and to promote overall relaxation and soothing of muscles. You can sit or lay back and let the jets soothe your problem area.

3. Safety 

As mentioned before, if the floor of your tub or shower is slippery, and you don't expect it, the fall could potentially be lethal. Or, at the very least, you could end up in an incredible amount of pain. You may even have to send for an ambulance to take you to the hospital due to a broken bone. Walk-in tubs don't offer that concern. They're easy to get into and provide safety railings, so you can support yourself through the entire transition. 

4. Independence 

For older people, the walk-in tub offers you something key--independence. Sometimes, if you're unable to stand for long periods of time or you require help from someone else to clean you. You can take that task back with a walk-in tub. By sitting down on the comfortable bench, you can clean yourself and enjoy a bit of returned freedom. 

5. Luxury 

Walk-in tubs are not just for the elderly. For those who love a good Jacuzzi, you can enjoy the luxury it offers all while having the ease of simply walking into the tub instead of climbing over the top of it. Soak and relax for hours in your walk-in tub. 

6. Affordability 

Perhaps one of the best benefits of a walk-in tub is that it's affordable. For those who want convenience, independence or just a luxurious bath, you can easily afford to have a walk-in tub crafted just for you and installed with ease. Where many other tubs and showers can put a bit of a bruise to your budget, you can rest with financial relief at acquiring something incredible without significantly injuring your wallet. 

7. Love A Shower? 

As its name might misconstrue, a walk-in tub isn't just a bath. So, if you prefer a shower, you can rest assured. Walk-in tubs typically offer shower instruments as well. So, you don't have to just bathe yourself all of the time if you prefer a quick shower instead. This versatility matches the standard tub and shower combination but goes beyond that in also offering all of the benefits listed above.

The Best of Everything 

Essentially, the walk-in tub takes the best features of a standard tub and shower unit but then goes beyond that. It offers you affordability, luxury and convenience to not just take your bath and clean yourself, but to enjoy it. 

Caryl Anne Crowne is a contributing writer and media specialist for Re-Bath. She often produces content for a variety of renovation blogs. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Color for Your Bedroom

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Tips on Choosing the Right Color for Your Bedroom

How do you paint a room that bookends your day? Bedroom is more than sum of its parts, its function is something sacred – to offer you a moment of respite from daily woes and comfort you when you feel the most vulnerable. In fact, it is a place where you should be able to feel the most vulnerable without any reserve. This is why it is so important to choose the right colors for this area – because you will wake up to them every day and they will be the last thing you see each night. With that in mind, here are the tips on choosing the right color for your bedroom.

It needs to be calming

Calming color scheme is the top priority and the tip you’ll get from basically anyone if you ask them about bedroom aesthetics. Now, the idea of calmness can vary from person to person, but it would be safe to say that you should definitely go for serene composition. In other words – no distinct contrasts. Just make the lines and tones blend into each other and complement each other’s level of warmth. The question of whether you should go for lighter and darker tones is mostly dependent on you, but darker ones are usually recommended for the bedroom.

crestwood plumbers

Dark and calming nuances

Dark colors are actually a good go-to option if you want to create a truly calming and comfortable bedroom. However, these dark colors should not be too harsh or bold. Go for some nice pastels like charcoal, olive, deep violet, navy or silver tones. The best variant is to either go for gentle blue-steely tones with a pinch of milky gray if you want a cold scheme, or olive-celery sort of green that can be a good basis for a room that aims for organic and warm tones. Line your room with furniture that has white skeletons in order to add some crispy visuals and a sense of space to your bedroom.

It needs to be done right

After you have created a hypothetical arrangement of colors for your bedroom – preferably a collage you can actually show to professionals – you should seek out high quality painting services that can bring your vision to life. The last thing you need is a messy environment which cannot be fixed, so avoid doing this all by yourself. Lines that are drawn sloppily can also impact the levels of your anxiety in the long run. You might not notice it at first, but it is one of those things that creeps into one’s mind slowly and insidiously.

plumbers in crestwood il

If your bedroom is small…

Still, if your room is already cozy when it comes to space, the darker colors (which are there to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere) might not be the best solution. If your bedroom is small, you should consider lighter tones and start with a white basis. According to the type of bedroom you want to create (warm or cold) you can choose a white with a bluish hue or the one with a warm creamy dash. The brighter tones will add a sense of airiness and brightness to your bedroom, almost without fault, so it is a risk-free and solid solution.

crestwood plumbers

The window conundrum

The windows in your bedroom are a tricky element – you’d want big windows for bright mornings and sunny afternoons, but you’ll also want to minimize the presence of light if you want to sleep in. In that case, you will get the best of all worlds if you installed bigger windows but also added some solid shutters which are easy to manage. You will also want to install windows which can be easily opened and don’t let any bulky furniture block them. You will want to have an option to let the fresh air flow through your bedroom whenever you need it.

If you followed at least a few of these tips on choosing the right color for your bedroom, you should end up looking at something truly aesthetically pleasing – a place that, as far as palette of colors go, suits your sensibilities and makes you feel content. Even though people have different ideas of comfort, they all share this deeply-rooted yearning to have a safe place where they can rest, and with just the right combination of colors on your hands, you too can have a bedroom of your dreams.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

Make Your Home Look Elegant Without Spending a Fortune

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Elegant Bathroom guest Post.jpg

Make Your Home Look Elegant Without Spending a Fortune

Having a high-end looking home isn’t easy. Usually, it means you have to spend a lot in order to make your home look exactly how you want it. But what if we told you that you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to make your home look elegant? We came up with 5 tips for doing this that you simply can’t ignore.

Go for hardwood flooring

Carpets may seem like a more comfortable option but in order to make your home look elegant, going for hardwood flooring is a much better idea. Luckily, quality hardwood flooring doesn’t really need to be extremely expensive. In fact, you can find hardwood that is very cheap. However, bear in mind that some materials require you to spend more. Still, there’s no need to worry as hardwood is a long-term investment that’s guaranteed to pay off.

Choose the right colors

When designing a home, people often struggle to choose the paint color they want to go for. Still, if you want your home to look elegant, there are certain color palettes that can give it an instant elegance boost. For instance, a combination of bold and dramatic colors is something you just can’t go wrong with when looking for elegance. For example, a combination of black and white is often used when designing elegant homes. What’s so great about the paint is that it can make your home more stylish without having to spend a lot of money.

Think about the lighting

What kind of lighting your decide to go for can have a huge effect on how elegant your home looks. Ideally, you’ll be able to let in as much sunlight as possible. Natural light has the power to make almost any space seem larger and more elegant. That being said, you should consider the idea of installing as many new windows as possible. However, you probably don’t want sunlight entering your home all day long and that’s why you should get shutters that can also add style to your home.

Keep it clean and uncluttered

Here’s a tip that doesn’t require you to spend any money at all. In order for your home to look elegant, you just need to make sure it’s clean and remove all the clutter from it. In order to do this, you need to clean, dust and vacuum your home on a weekly basis. When it comes to clutter, you should think about adding more storage to your home and keeping your clutter there. You can also think if there’s something in your home you can give away or sell online.

Get a lot of pillows

Pillows in your living room serve two purposes. Firstly, they help you maximize the elegance factor inside of your home. If this is what you’re aiming at, opting for large and overstuffed pillows is a good idea. Also, it’s recommended that you don’t skimp on pillow inserts. Besides making your home look elegant, living room pillows can also help you add comfort to your home. If you go for pillows that are large enough, you and your guests will also be able to sit and rest on them.

Once all the work is finished, you might just find yourself surprised by how easy it is to create a home that looks and feels elegant even when you’re designing it on a budget. Also, don’t forget to keep looking for some new ways you can add elegance to your home with.

Guest Contributor, Amelia Atkins 

Best Ways To Prevent The Most Common AC Problems

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Find out the best ways that can help prevent the most common AC system problems from happening.

Read More

7 Ways To Prepare Your Plumbing For Fall

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7 Ways To Prepare Your Plumbing For Fall

The coming of Fall means a change in temperature, shedding of leaves and shorter days ahead. Have you considered checking the one area that makes up most of your routine?

Getting your house ready for Fall involves having your plumbing system serviced. However, it’s not required to replace the entire system if you happen to notice any irregularities in your water flow or pipe condition. You’ll just need a local plumber to attend to and resolve your plumbing concerns as the new season arrives.

Whether you live in cold temperate areas or not, it’s best to plan ahead and schedule a thorough inspection to keep your plumbing in tip-top condition. Doing so also prevents significant losses spent for large repairs and replacement.

Why You Need a Plumbing Maintenance Service

Plumbing is one of the most used and functional systems in both houses and buildings but is often neglected when it comes to accomplishing regular upkeep. It’s undoubtedly true that your sinks, toilets and water heaters heavily rely on drain pipes and other plumbing fixtures.

Devoting enough time and attention for inspection won’t only minimize your expenses but also offer greater convenience to your family and future guests. Here are effective ways to prepare your plumbing for the Fall season and avoid costly repairs:

1. Check for Potential Leaks

Dripping faucets are an example of common leaks that occur in one’s home. It’s safe to check around the tubs, sinks and showers to see any signs of leaks. That way, you can easily determine the unusual increase in your water bill and resolve the problem right away. According to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), homeowners can save around 10 percent on water bills upon fixing the leaks.

It’s also good to have your plumbing fixtures regularly cleaned to detect any issues that affect their durability and performance. For instance, kitchen sinks that have small gaps or cracks can produce leaks inside the cabinet. Leaving it unnoticed can damage not only the countertops but also the pipes.

2. Clean Your Sump Pump

A sump pump is a device commonly found in the basement and is used to prevent excess water flow from flooding the area. It’s important to check its condition before the fall season to ensure that it’s free from debris or any form of dirt build-up.

You may remove the lid for inspection and pour water into it to test if it operates efficiently. It’s also good to insulate the device to help it thrive in extreme temperatures.

3. Drain Your Water Heater

Rust and sediments have the potential to form inside the water heater and settle at the bottom of the tank over the months. It’s best to conduct preventive measures to help you combat the chilly weather when winter comes.

Flushing off puddles of water is one way to keep your water heater in good condition. Before you inspect the system, you need to shut off the power supply first for your safety. Adjusting the water temperature up to 120 degrees F is necessary to save you money but be careful not to go overboard to prevent the system from scalding.

Your water heater can easily deteriorate without proper inspection. A professional plumber can tell if the tank needs a major repair or replacement.

4. Unclog the Pipes

Grease, dust and food particles are a common cause of blocked pipes. Falling leaves, twigs and sludge also contribute to clogging the pipeline especially if placed outdoors. Pipe tubes may acquire significant damage over time if left unchecked.

It’s good to know how you can maintain your drainage systems to reduce the risk of potential clogs. Failing to remove them may cause unwanted pipe bursts which can affect not only your finances but also your daily activities.

You may also want to clean the gutters to allow free flow of water within the pipe system. This involves removing the debris and accumulated dirt from the gutters.

5. Wrap and Insulate Your Pipes

When water starts to freeze, it expands and causes your pipes to burst out - and it can happen overnight. Covering both your indoor and outdoor pipes with insulation can prevent them from reaching their breaking point.

By doing a comprehensive inspection, you can easily locate tiny holes and cracks within the pipes. Sealing them using an adhesive can help protect your pipes while avoiding structural damage around your property.

You can also check for exposed pipes and buy an additional insulation if you must. Asking for professional assistance helps to guarantee a successful installation without worrying about the outcome.

6. Turn Off Your Outdoor Plumbing

Some homeowners tend to focus more on indoor plumbing that they forget about the outdoor faucets and garden hoses. It’s important to disconnect these fixtures including the sprinklers from the main supply to keep them from breaking. Not turning off the shut-off valve can leave them freezing out when the winter breeze hits hard.

It’s best to shut off the water supply and allow your irrigation systems to operate until excess fluid runs out. If it’s not possible to turn it off, insulating them using a heat tape can be an alternative solution.

7. Get Help from Your Local Plumber

Fixing toilet flappers or dripping faucets may sound easy, but for other jobs that require comprehensive procedures to complete the task, it’s always safe and convenient to have a professional plumber to assist you.

Make sure to prepare and follow a plumbing checklist to help you prepare for the fall season and minimize household expenses in the future. Conducting a routine check is also necessary to help reduce water consumption and safeguard your property from significant damage.

 Guest Contributor, Sofia Hann

What Are the Advantages of The Gas Plumbing Services of the Professional?

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What Are the Advantages of The Gas Plumbing Services of the Professional?

The plumbing projects are quite complex and so the need for specialized knowledge for the same is evident. Homeowners need to understand this fact and accordingly get the gas plumbing services from the professional for safety as well as budgeted expenses. Of course, if you get the work done by a local service provider or plan to do it on your own, chances of increase in the expenses are highest. It might even not be safe as you are not aware of the safety measures required for the purpose.

It is the skills of the professional that make him apt for the gas plumbing services. You can make the selection based on these points so that you get the work done in the best manner.

·       Improvement in the condition of the property

One of the benefits prominent and always required from the gas plumbing service provider is the improvement and perfection of the systems installed in your residence. You would always want to get expert advice when the issues are related to plumbing like drainage system etc. At such time, the task undertaken by the professional will give you the guarantee of excellence. The gas plumber exactly knows how to get the pipelines fixed for the passage of gas which is used for different purposes at the house. The plumbing company will employ the technicians who are excellent in understanding the issues and dealing with the same providing best solution. This will be highly beneficial for the homeowners.

·       Handle project safely

The tasks which are hazardous in nature need a skilled service provider. You might require the gas plumbing services for any of the appliances with the basic aim of safety in mind. There are certain safety measures which are taught to the plumbers during their initial training period. They make it a point to keep the same in mind for each of the projects handled whether a small one or a bigger one. It is dangerous to deal with the gas fitting appliances like the gas water heaters etc. If proper care is not taken at the time of installing or replacing, it will keep the residents and the technician both in danger.

Gas Plumbing.jpg

·       Technical know-how

The hiring of the gas plumbing service provider mainly depends on the technical knowledge. It is totally wrong to depend on the information available online when gas fixtures are concerned. The fixing issues at the time of the visit to the site can be quickly solved by the expert due to their experience and exposure in the field. You might be wondering about the expense but surely the option of hiring the professional who has the right skills will be beneficial when his knowledge is used. A highly experienced individual will always know how to deal with the leakages and the gas pressures required for each appliance. You will not require looking over the same again and again thus saving expenses too.

·       Assistance with the customer services

The emergency 24/7 services of the customer care executive are the most required thing from the gas plumbing service provider. Once the installation, repairs or replacement is conducted by the professional, they take up the responsibility in case of any issues faced by the clients. You just need to call them and inform the problem of getting the best solution. The technician will reach to the client site immediately as they exactly know how the gas leakage would affect the lives and so will never delay the services.

This is the reason why the professional should be hired. You will have peace of mind with their excellent gas plumbing services.

 Guest Contributor, Emma Smith

Shower Repairs: Know In Details Before Going For It

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Shower Repairs: Know in Details Before Going for It

A shower is a contrivance for bathroom, fixed at a suitable place where a person can take his or her bath under a spray of water conveniently. The main advantage in shower bath is in providing an uninterrupted flow of water for taking bath, application of soap and shampoo effectively without the botheration of pouring water by mug repeatedly.

Most showers have the provision of temperature, spray and pressure adjustable shower head nozzle. The showers of the simplest design have a swiveling nozzle aiming down on the user. Other more complex showers have a shower head connected to a hose that is mounted on a bracket. This allows the shower user to hold the shower head by hand to spray the water at different parts of their body. A shower can also be fitted in a small shower stall or bathtub with a plastic adjustable curtain around the shower to prevent splashing of bath water all over the bathroom floor.

It is obvious that more sophisticated design brings in more complexity of shower repair and maintenance work of the shower head, piping and valve system.

The vitality of shower repairing

In the present scenario, the design and manufacture of bathroom shower technology have advanced phenomenally. A wide variety of shower and tub options are available today which include sophisticated designed shower heads, spa-friendly water jets, faucet designs, water heating systems, along with many water-saving facilities. It is to remember that each design of shower head has its special technique of maintenance and repair.

Crestwood Plumbers

How to stop shower leakage?

One common reason which requires shower repair is leakage. First, identify the leakage source. Feel the temperature of water leaking from the shower head. If it feels warm, you will be sure that the leak is coming from the hot water valve. If the water is dripping for a while and is cold, the leak is due to cold water valve leakage. Remove the faucet handle. Check the valves and pipes of hot water supply line. If leakage is found, replace washers and reassemble the supply line.

How to remove clogging of shower perforations?

Removal of clogged particles from shower is also a common reason for shower repair. To remove mineral deposits on your shower head, fill a plastic bag with white vinegar then fix the bag carefully over the shower head with a rubber band and leave it overnight. Remove the bag and clean shower head carefully with a soft toothbrush to clear the deposits inside the perforations. Now your shower head will work and look like new.

What is a diverter stem?

In a faucet for tub shower, the diverter is a small flap behind the handle of a facet of the bathtub that controls the flowing water out of the shower or out of the tub faucet. In a single-handle faucet, generally includes push or pull facility for the shower faucet handle to divert water. A separate showers and tubs system do not contain this. A shower faucet cartridge is a special type of valve. In this system, a faucet with a single handle is moving inside the plumbing fixture to adjust the flow and temperature of shower water.

General repair work involved in shower

Some common shower repair types are mentioned below:

•    Water pressure adjusting valve repair or replacement

•    Shower head repair and replacement

•    Clogged drains cleaning and draining pipeline repair

•    Water pipe relocation

•    Low-flow correction of shower heads and faucets

•    Walk-in bathtub with photocell control related repair work

•    High-tech type showers and bathtubs repair

•    Repair and replacement of concealed pipelines etc

Additional repair and maintenance also involve in toilet interior repairs, geyser repair work, electrical wiring and lighting repair or renovation. In addition, provision of water conservation tips is available from expert plumbers.

Conclusion: Shower repair is a difficult job and only licensed plumbers should be appointed for the process.

Guest Contributor, Lauren Bracy 


Designing the Perfect Home: Mission Possible 

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Plumbers in Crestwood

Designing the Perfect Home: Mission Possible 

When facing the home designing process, most people complain about not having enough money to fulfill their dreams or how building laws and regulations are acting as an obstacle. Well, unless you are a billionaire with your own island paradise, some trade-off may be inevitable. Then again, they do not have to feel like compromises. Designing a perfect home is not about fantasizing— this is just the first and easier part of it all. So, you cannot just spit-ball ideas. You have to separate essentials from features and amenities you can do without. Likewise, start thinking about what realistic and feasible is. 

Meaning of perfection

Preferences are always subjective and personal. When thinking about the realization of our wishes, there are many factors such as land and climate that act as potential hurdles. These objective factors affect design, floor plan, size, shape, and construction of the home. So, we may have to adjust the definition of what a perfect home is. I would say you should ignore glossy magazine pictures and images on the internet. They are a nice source of inspiration, but not something you should even try to recreate. Designing revolves around what YOU want and your ability to make it happen.

crestwood plumbers

A list of things

The construction process is a living thing that changes and develops over time. As it unfolds, what is possible and perfect tends to shift. So, you cannot expect to simply translate a fixed image into reality. Often, you have to choose one priority over another: perfect choices most often equal suitable and prudent choices. To navigate this labyrinth of decisions, you should be crystal-clear on what you want to achieve. Determine the optimal layout, type of home, number of rooms, etc. Work out a list of must-have features and only then establish nice-to-haves.  

Assemble a team

Note that you have to be a design leader guiding the whole process or you can decide to hire one if you are not up to the task. It helps to work with designers, architects, and builders that are able to understand, but also expand your initial vision. You need to trust them to flesh out your ideas by sketching a draft of the floor plan with all desired features. For instance, these Sydney-based home builders offer custom, bespoke solutions that reflect who their clients are. They support them every step of the way, from conceptualization and planning to construction and completion.

Plumbers in crestwood IL

From dreams to reality

For the time being, you can think about your dream home as if money was no object. Feel free to tour actual neighborhoods that spark your interest and see if there are any houses that are close to what you dream of. You can take photos of them for later studying. At one point, though, you have to take into account your budget— how much you can afford to spend on construction. What is more, it is necessary to consider specific site conditions and the environment, as well as town planning requirements and zoning regulation.

Finishing touches

Next, it is time to finalize your plans. The key question is: how do you want your home to feel? What are the design styles that speak to your personal sensibilities? Do you crave to have a connection to nature, an open and airy environment, or something else? Try to keep a design notebook with notes, photos, calculations, and musings. Set a preferred level of privacy, the amount of space you want, and get familiar with specific materials and building techniques. Finally, pick an ideal location. After that, you can finally start building a home that feels like ‘you’ and ticks all the boxes. 

Success by design  

Finding a perfect home is not overly likely, but you can design your own. You need to plan ahead of time and start mining for ideas to get the best outcome. Make an effort to manage your expectations and use a reality check. Have clarity about what you set out to accomplish. Enlist the help of trusted professionals and draw up an articulated budget. The ultimate goal is to put together a home that perfectly matches your lifestyle, budget, and circumstances on site. Following the steps above, you should be able to do that and get the most bang for your buck.

 Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors