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Best Ways To Prevent The Most Common AC Problems

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Best Ways To Prevent The Most Common AC Problems

A new AC unit system is built to last. However, that doesn’t mean it will be immune from problems down the road. An air conditioner is a machine, and machines are bound to experience issues at a certain point in its life.

While no one can ever guarantee that an AC unit will never, ever experience problems the entire time it’s in operation, we can at least do several things that will make it perform optimally for as long as possible. Here are some of the best ways to prevent the most common AC problems.

Ensure professional installation

Far too many homeowners have complained of AC problems because their system was not installed properly. Only professional HVAC system technicians that you can trust should install your air conditioning system. As long as it’s installed properly, your air conditioning system will work just fine for a long time.

Clean or replace air filters regularly

Dirty air filters take a toll on an AC unit, as the dirt will cause poor airflow, which in turn will force the AC to work harder, which can shorten its life. Dirty air filters can also lead to higher energy bills, so make sure you clean or replace them every three months or so.

Take care of the outdoor unit

The outdoor unit of your AC system also needs regular cleaning. Condenser coils have to disperse heat into the air, and dust and debris can get in the way of that and put a lot of strain on the unit in the process.

Cleaning the outside unit is easy. Shut the power off, and hose down the unit to remove accumulated dirt. You should also remove broken-off tree branches and other kinds of debris that may be surrounding it.

Have electrical components checked

Electrical and power issues are common in AC systems. Overheating, for example, can trip the circuit breaker. Some AC issues are also caused by bad wiring. To prevent electrical issues, have your wiring checked during periodic AC tune-ups.

Regular preventative AC maintenance

Of course, the best way to prevent AC unit issues is to have trusted HVAC professionals perform preventative AC maintenance on it long before problems come up. Apart from preventing breakdowns and making sure everything works just fine, regular maintenance also helps extend the life of your unit.

With the combined efforts by you and HVAC technicians, you should be able to keep your AC system running with few to no problems for the foreseeable future.

Guest Contributor, Stephanie Gordon