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The Most Reliable Water Heater Brands on the Market

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The Most Reliable Water Heater Brands on the Market

The water heater is an essential part of every modern household. We depend on it night and day, all year long. Typically, the water heater is responsible for almost 20% of your energy bill. Those are the two prevailing reasons why everyone is interested in the most reliable water heater brands on the market.

The following list consists of some of the most reputable brands currently. They have been recognized as the leaders in their industry not just by the buyers, but by independent market researchers as well.

Rheem Water Heaters

Rheem is an American manufacturer that has been in business since 1925. They manufacture both commercial and residential water heaters. For almost a decade they have been considered as the largest manufacturer of water heating products in North America. They are present not just in Canada and the US, but in another 14 countries as well.

Their water heaters are available in various sizes and come with multiple warranties. Their tankless water heaters are their most popular product in the US. They are known to recover quickly and that they require minimum maintenance, like the RTEX-18. When it comes to on-demand water heaters, they are at the very top. Their energy efficiency is another of their trademarks. All in all, it is a brand that is well-known to the American consumer and one that will remain on top in the foreseeable future.

A.O Smith

A.O. Smith is a brand known not just in the US, but worldwide as well. The company is in business since 1874. They started operating in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and kept headquarter there till present day. Their water heaters are sold only by authorized dealers and contractors. Their main trait is their energy efficiency. As a result, many of their water heaters qualify for utility rebate and state tax credits.

Bradford White Water Heater

This is an American product, designed and produced on American soil. They are at the very top of most wanted water heater brands in the US. They are known for their outstanding quality and durability. They give a 10-year warranty for each of their water heaters installed by some of their authorized representatives. They are one of the most expensive brands on the market, but that’s the price of exceptional quality.


Price, quality, and efficiency. That’s what Ecosmart water heaters are all about. Their patented technology can generate 60% savings. That’s 60% saving on the water heating bill. On top of that, they come with a limited lifetime warranty. All that for an unbeatable price. As a result, there is a constant flow of positive reviews on Amazon.   


Rinnai is a Japanese brand that has been around since 1920. They first started producing water heaters in 1964 and has been going strong since then. Today, by some industry experts, they are considered as the top-selling tankless water-heating brand in both the US and Canada. The fact that their water heaters come with a 12 years warranty speaks tons about the quality of their products. Also, there are thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon that play in their favor. According to their data, so far they have installed over 20 million water heaters worldwide.

Guest Contributor, Verner Ellen

Why You Should Build a Duplex

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Why You Should Build a Duplex

Building your first home is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it should be something you put a lot of thought into. There are usually three main ways to go: you can build a condo, a town house or a single family house.

However, there’s also an option of building a duplex, which often gets overlooked. It’s a mistake to do so. There are many advantages of investing in a duplex and you could find it worth your while later on, both in terms of money and comfort.

Mortgage Benefits

When you borrow money to build a home, there’s a difference if you’re building it to live in or to rent, sell or just keep it vacant. Homes that are built to be lived in get better rates since banks want to help people with purchasing their first property.

A duplex is, obviously, two properties in one, which means you can both live in it and rent it out without any inconvenience. When it comes to the bank, a duplex is seen as one property, which means that you get all the perks of building a home to live in, with the ability to also rent it.

Family Living

Building a home should be something that you do with your future family plans in mind. For instance, many decide to invite their parents to live with them as they grow older and require additional care. Young adults might also need a place of their own as time goes by.

Duplexes such as the ones designed by Meadan Homes allow you to do so without jeopardizing your privacy and remaining comfortable and independent in the process. This is something to be considered long before there’s an actual need for it.


For most people, Airbnb isn’t a regular source of income but something they could use when their home is vacant for a while. When you have a duplex, you could keep a unit open for guests at all times. This turns Airbnb into a full-time job and you need to dedicate more time and resources to keeping the unit presentable.

Even though a duplex could be rented for a while, it’s better to rely on Airbnb. While renting the room out for a while means more income, Airbnb gives more freedom if your circumstances change unexpectedly.


There are different types of write-offs that you can get when building a home. One type of write-off is used when you’re purchasing a home to live in. In those cases, you can basically deduct your mortgage. When you’re renting a home, the write-offs are used to cover the costs of refurnishing and repairing things for new occupants.

With a duplex, you get to use both of these write-offs, which really comes in handy for a young family. However, you can’t easily switch which unit is yours and which one you get to rent out, but that’s not that much of a problem for most homes.

Building a duplex is a good investment because it gives you more freedom in the way you live and use your home. A duplex could be rented without inconvenience and you can also change it into a granny flat. There are also tax and mortgage benefits to think about.

Guest Contributor, Amelia Atkins

Best Ways To Prevent The Most Common AC Problems

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Find out the best ways that can help prevent the most common AC system problems from happening.

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