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Designing the Perfect Home: Mission Possible 

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Designing the Perfect Home: Mission Possible 

When facing the home designing process, most people complain about not having enough money to fulfill their dreams or how building laws and regulations are acting as an obstacle. Well, unless you are a billionaire with your own island paradise, some trade-off may be inevitable. Then again, they do not have to feel like compromises. Designing a perfect home is not about fantasizing— this is just the first and easier part of it all. So, you cannot just spit-ball ideas. You have to separate essentials from features and amenities you can do without. Likewise, start thinking about what realistic and feasible is. 

Meaning of perfection

Preferences are always subjective and personal. When thinking about the realization of our wishes, there are many factors such as land and climate that act as potential hurdles. These objective factors affect design, floor plan, size, shape, and construction of the home. So, we may have to adjust the definition of what a perfect home is. I would say you should ignore glossy magazine pictures and images on the internet. They are a nice source of inspiration, but not something you should even try to recreate. Designing revolves around what YOU want and your ability to make it happen.

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A list of things

The construction process is a living thing that changes and develops over time. As it unfolds, what is possible and perfect tends to shift. So, you cannot expect to simply translate a fixed image into reality. Often, you have to choose one priority over another: perfect choices most often equal suitable and prudent choices. To navigate this labyrinth of decisions, you should be crystal-clear on what you want to achieve. Determine the optimal layout, type of home, number of rooms, etc. Work out a list of must-have features and only then establish nice-to-haves.  

Assemble a team

Note that you have to be a design leader guiding the whole process or you can decide to hire one if you are not up to the task. It helps to work with designers, architects, and builders that are able to understand, but also expand your initial vision. You need to trust them to flesh out your ideas by sketching a draft of the floor plan with all desired features. For instance, these Sydney-based home builders offer custom, bespoke solutions that reflect who their clients are. They support them every step of the way, from conceptualization and planning to construction and completion.

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From dreams to reality

For the time being, you can think about your dream home as if money was no object. Feel free to tour actual neighborhoods that spark your interest and see if there are any houses that are close to what you dream of. You can take photos of them for later studying. At one point, though, you have to take into account your budget— how much you can afford to spend on construction. What is more, it is necessary to consider specific site conditions and the environment, as well as town planning requirements and zoning regulation.

Finishing touches

Next, it is time to finalize your plans. The key question is: how do you want your home to feel? What are the design styles that speak to your personal sensibilities? Do you crave to have a connection to nature, an open and airy environment, or something else? Try to keep a design notebook with notes, photos, calculations, and musings. Set a preferred level of privacy, the amount of space you want, and get familiar with specific materials and building techniques. Finally, pick an ideal location. After that, you can finally start building a home that feels like ‘you’ and ticks all the boxes. 

Success by design  

Finding a perfect home is not overly likely, but you can design your own. You need to plan ahead of time and start mining for ideas to get the best outcome. Make an effort to manage your expectations and use a reality check. Have clarity about what you set out to accomplish. Enlist the help of trusted professionals and draw up an articulated budget. The ultimate goal is to put together a home that perfectly matches your lifestyle, budget, and circumstances on site. Following the steps above, you should be able to do that and get the most bang for your buck.

 Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors