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How To Clean Up After A Home Remodel

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How To Clean Up After A Home Remodel

A successful remodel can leave you with an incredible sense of satisfaction. It can also leave you with an unbelievable amount of dust and debris. Cleanup is a natural part of the renovation process, of course, but it's often frustrating if you haven't prepared for all the tiny details involved in tidying up.

Many homeowners tend to underestimate the work they have to do post-project. They're more concerned with the project itself — the granite they want for their kitchen counter tops or the wood for their flooring. While these are critical considerations of a renovation, they are only a partial view of the bigger picture.

More specifically, you'll need to keep things neat and orderly once you've finished your work. It isn't always as simple as it seems, so we'll walk you through everything you need to know about cleaning up your home after a remodel. Follow these five suggestions to manage waste and maintain cleanliness.

1. Vacuum and Mop the Floors

Your vacuum is one of your most valuable assets when cleaning up. If you have carpeting, pass over it several times to ensure you've removed all the dust and particles you possibly can. Wood, tile or linoleum floors will need a quick mopping as well, so make sure to wash them after you've vacuumed.

As for your upholstered furniture, you might have kept it under wraps while you were working — but dust always finds a way. It's essential to vacuum these areas as well, so use the upholstery attachment to get in those hard-to-reach places. Also, attend to any accessories or fabric window treatments.

2. Recycle the Correct Materials

Misplaced items in recycling bins are a frequent problem, with an average contamination rate of approximately 25% for communities and businesses. Far too often, non-recyclables taint recycling batches. Fortunately, a little selectivity with your recycling can help manage the issue.

Recycling practices are distinct in different areas, so you should do a bit of research before you move forward. In general, you're free to recycle cardboard and paper, glass, metal and rigid plastic. But again, look into the details of what you can and can't recycle, as it's somewhat complicated.

3. Clean the Walls of Any Residue

Your walls and molding will also need a good cleaning, but you shouldn't just scrub them down with a damp towel. That method is effective if you're working with old paint, but new paint is far more sensitive. You'll need to dry dust the walls if you've applied a fresh coat during your project.

It's best to use the brush attachment on your vacuum if you're dealing with textured wallpaper or natural materials like grass cloth. Other wallpapers are OK to wipe down with a damp cloth, but spot-check them first. And if you have trouble reaching high places, wrap the towel around an extension duster or broom.

4. Check and Replace Your Air Filters

Painters will sometimes remove filters as they work, and they'll occasionally forget to put them back in. This small oversight can damage your HVAC system, so it's critical to check your filters after the job is complete. You can save yourself a substantial sum of money by taking just a few minutes.

Of course, your air filters deserve attention whether or not your project involves painting. If your filters remained in place during construction, it's advisable to replace them with a new one. With all the dust, particles and residue the average remodel produces, your system may need a new filter to maintain its efficiency.

5. Take a Proactive Approach If Possible

A proactive approach is always preferable to more work. If you haven't started your project yet, you can take steps to streamline the cleanup process. One of the top methods for keeping clean during a renovation is engaging in daily cleanup, managing the mess little by little to reduce your overall workload.

To that end, you should talk to your contractor about their daily cleanups. When you prompt them to tidy up the area after they've finished for the day, it'll eliminate much of the dust and debris that would otherwise circulate through your house. It's a small but effective measure to consider.

Cleaning up After a Home Remodel

As you move forward, follow the five suggestions above. You'll see it's easy to clean up after a remodel, and immensely rewarding when the project is finally over.

Guest Contributor, Holly Welles

Holly Welles is a home improvement writer who believes anyone can make the most of their space. You can find more of her work on her blog, The Estate Update.

Types Of Tankless Water Heaters And Its Advantages

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Types Of Tankless Water Heaters And Its Advantages

Have you ever considered how many different types of boilers there are? Each species has its own advantages. Which boiler you choose depends on your situation. Below we have listed the different types of boilers with their advantages and properties. If you want to know more about  best tankless water heater review and Instant Hot Water Heater then check it out here:

Flow-through boiler

The tankless water heaters does not keep the water constantly warm, but only when you need it. This means that your gas generator only uses energy if you want to use it effectively. The total costs of your energy bill will decrease as a result. The maintenance is annual and must be adhered to. Flow boilers only work optimally if they are properly maintained.

Gas boiler

When you choose a gas boiler you will enjoy hot water whenever you want. They are safe, user-friendly and require minimal maintenance. With the gas boiler there is a biennial inspection and maintenance.

Electric boiler

With an electric boiler you always have hot water on hand. Because the water is constantly kept at the right temperature, you immediately have hot water when you need it. This boiler is available in different sizes and this is determined by the consumption and number of people in your household. The electric gas tankless water heaters is the cheapest and requires annual maintenance.

Heat pump boiler

If you choose a heat pump boiler you will undoubtedly start saving on your energy costs. Your water heater is fed in an energy-efficient way through the water pump . These boilers have a higher efficiency than the conventional boilers. This boiler also requires annual maintenance. To find more electric tankless water heater reviews you can visit 10ion.

Solar water heater

The solar water heater uses solar energy and usually consists of 1 to 4 solar collectors. These collectors capture sunlight and convert it into heat, so hot water is immediately available when you need it. The solar collectors will have an area of 5 to 6 m² for an average family of 4 people. The boiler has a capacity of 250 to 300 liters. When using a solar water heater you save on your energy costs and you can charge government subsidies.

Installation of a hot water boiler

You can turn to Michiel Vercamer for the professional installation of a hot water boiler . As a certified installer, we ensure that the boiler is installed perfectly and safely.

A boiler provides hot water in the home. It is therefore an indispensable installation for enjoying a warm bath or for thorough cleaning. There are different types of boilers , electric, gas-fired and solar boilers.

A gas boiler can be connected to any On demand water heating and is therefore best suited to provide hot water for an entire home. It brings pre-heated water up to temperature and keeps it in its reservoir, so there is always hot water. If only a limited amount of hot water is used, the boiler does not always have to start and this water can be tapped from the storage tank. This has a favorable effect on the energy bill.

There are boilers with a capacity of 50 liters to 300 liters. The size of the boiler depends on the size of the home, family members and water consumption.

An electric boiler is a great alternative to the gas-fired boiler. Here too the hot water is stored until it is tapped. In the meantime, the water is kept at the right temperature so that you can enjoy hot water constantly. Large families, or those who use a lot of hot water, are better off opting for a gas boiler. In areas where there is no gas connection, the electric boiler is the obvious choice.

Guest Contributor, Veronica Ruth

Guest Contributor

Tips To Modernize And Increase The Value Of Your Home  

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Tips to Modernize and Increase the Value of Your Home


Having a modern home is an ideal solution for a lot of people, because of the simple designs and maintenance. Modernizing your house could be a nice fresh start, and decorating your dream space can be thrilling and at times intimidating to many who’ve never dabbled in interior design. It’s also a way to up the price of your house if you’re trying to sell it, because any investment in a home will be rewarded. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you effortlessly transform your home.

Less is more

Minimalism is the way to go – as it perfectly goes with the modern aesthetic. You can easily achieve this by getting rid of everything unnecessary in your living space. Things such as decorative statues, vases, pillows and anything that doesn’t have a function needs to go. This will also ensure that any decorations you do leave – such as family portraits, cherished artwork, etc. – will be highlighted and much more appreciated. You will be surprised how good minimalist homes actually look: With less clutter and furniture, cleaning gets faster and easier!

plumbers in homewood il

All about the details

The color of your walls can greatly add to the overall feel you are looking for. Keep the details low key. Try to avoid patterns and combinations of bright colors and use dark tones instead. Black and gray hues can work wonderfully as they are elegant and simple, but also look modern because they give a monochromatic look. Make sure you’re not mixing too many metals in the same room to make everything look coherent. If you have plain white walls, you should invest in some wall art – but don't go too crazy. Hang a big modern art painting on your wall to create a focal point of the room.

plumber in homewood

Practicality is important too

You want to use every bit of your space carefully. Choosing practical and predominantly functional pieces can help with modernizing your home greatly. If you have a spare room, why not make a mini home gym? You can fill the empty room with high-quality gym equipment such as a treadmill, some benches, dumbbells, kettlebells and other equipment depending on your needs. This way you can create a luxurious vibe that can actually benefit you in more ways than one. You can improve your home and also improve your health along the way.

homewood plumbers

Let there be light 

Sticking with the overall theme of the modern aesthetic, you want to keep your space as bright as possible. Big windows or glass doors are perfect for achieving just that. But if you’re not in luck and have no large windows, don't worry. You can use big mirrors and place them all over your home, as that can give you the same effect as windows. Large mirrors can also make smaller rooms appear larger and enhance the spaciousness of your home.

Plumber in Homewood

Be open-minded

Don't be afraid to play around with different ideas and designs. Find interesting pieces, look for anything industrial and geometrical and seek inspiration in contemporary art and sculptures. Just remember that you don’t want your house to look like a modern art museum, so don’t overdo it. The rule of “less is more” still applies, so it’s always better to replace a piece of furniture than to simply add one in.

You don’t need to invest millions into your home to make it look modern and up the price on listings. All you need to do is create a comfortable space with small details that will make it look and feel luxurious. Ask your realtors what the most sought-after additions these days are and try to focus your attention on those.

 Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

Importance Of Business Management For Business

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Importance Of Business Management For Business

As much as achievements and successes, problems, mistakes and failures are part of every day entrepreneur. And this is normal as long as he and his company are always ready to deal with it all. This is where a key factor comes in: management. There is no idea, however wonderful it may be, to resist the bad execution. Zoe Talent Solutions will give you the various courses based on business management and it is very helpful for the ones, who are ready to gain more knowledge.

Provides an overview of the business:

Building a great business is a task that requires a lot of dedication, intelligence and, of course, management skills. Without the entrepreneur managing the company, the chances of a small problem turning into catastrophe quickly increase as the company grows.

Efficient management, one that is well done integrating all sectors of the company, is able to offer an overview of the business and point to which path it is going. With this information, people capable of making decisions within the company can balance the business and make it resume growth.

It is the foundation for safe planning

Management also impacts the planning of the company. While it is natural for a venture to take some risks to keep growing, these risks can be measured as well as avoided or prevented according to how management influences the planning of the company.

The way you buy raw materials from suppliers, hire services or plan to launch a new product in a new market is affected by the way you run your business. This is not just good decisions but from the management of the cash flow to the people you choose to hire. This whole plan goes directly to the management of the company.

Focus on efficiency and profitability

No  data from your company will be so affected by good management than that with regard to business efficiency. The reason is simple: managing a business does not just mean creating ways to sell more, but also spending less and achieving better results with the same resources.

And in this context good management has a positive impact on all points. Through it it is possible to create working methodologies capable of increasing its profitability through reduction of costs, better use of time and resources. That is, good management will make your company more profitable without having to invest much. It also points the way for investments when they are required.

Company Sustainability

The survival of a business and the consequent transformation of it into a success is completely based on good management. Even great products will succumb to failure if there is no solid basis for managing spending, profits and investments. For this the entrepreneur must take advantage of what technology can offer in the case of management tools, but also look for people and partners able to help you develop the business. Otherwise, the chances of the company existing in the future will be very small.

The business plan is an important management tool. The document can and should be used by entrepreneurs who are structuring the creation of a new business or by entrepreneurs planning new business units. Check out in this article the importance of a business plan and how to do it.

Guest Contributor, Jebby R

Effective Management.png

What Are The Major Reasons For A Drain Blockage At Home?

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What Are The Major Reasons For A Drain Blockage At Home?

Majority of the homeowners very frequently experience problems which are related to the blocked drains. This specific problem is absolutely time-consuming as well as expensive. We should be always aware of the various common causes of the blocked drains and along with the same you should take some very necessary preventive measures. You should hire experts who can give you an idea about how to get rid of debris and sediments from blocking the sewers and you can also ask them to build specific inlets in your home, to allow the smooth passage of water. This can be an inlet outlet or a small channel or gully.

Major Causes Of Drain Blockage

blocked drains in homewood Il

The various common causes of drain blockage are as follows:

Unknown objects

The issue of the blocked drains usually occur when the foreign materials like hair, soap, fats and food build up in between the drain pipes as well as the other pipes which flow at the bottom. In the beginning, the materials star building up inside the pipe in a small amount or thin layer. With the passage of time, the amount of the objects gradually increases and this eventually stops the flow of the water. This causes the blockage of the drainage system. Small toys, paper and sanitary napkins, hard objects, plastic objects and multiple other things like shampoo and soap pouches also lead to major drain and sewer blockages and the matter might get worse during monsoons.

Heavy rain & storms

At times of heavy storms and rain, the outdoor drains are usually blocked with the dirt and leaves. This majorly causes the drains to block very fast. This kind of a blockage in the drainage systems is a very common issue and is being faced by the several homeowners across Australia. This majorly leads to flooding around the property in a messy way.

Damaged or dilapidated pipes

Another very major cause of the drain blockage is partially or fully broken pipes. For the water to flow without any obstruction the pipes should be in the perfect condition or else it will collapse badly. Thus, the detection and the repair of the drain blockages in such cases can be quite troublesome and costly.

Homewood Plumbers

Pipe installation

If the drain pipes are not installed properly, then this may give rise to a number of problems and can also lead to the drain blockage. The incorrect installation of any of the pipes can damage them big time. In case you install the pipes incorrectly, this might eventually damage the certain other parts of the property. This can lead to heavy financial loses.

Water flow issues

This is obvious that the drainage depends on the gravity to a large extent. You may certainly make inadequate falls which would eventually lead to the build-up of the debris and dirt in the drainage pipes. This leads to the obstruction of the drain pipes. You should necessarily make sure that the installation of the pipes should be done correctly. Certainly, this is not the only cause of the blocked drains. There are a variety of different reasons which lead to clogged drains.

Before a major problem arises, you would certainly witness some of the warning signs of the drain blockage and this would include the gurgling sound in the flush, water left in the kitchen sink, foul odor from the drains etc. in case of constructing storm water drains as part of your household drainage project, you can install the combined sewers and detention tanks in order to know about the water surface level and the extension that can carry off the rainwater.

Guest Contributor

Guest Contributor, Anna Wrench

Get A Living Room Of Your Dreams

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Get A Living Room Of Your Dreams

Living room is a place where people spend most of their time at home. You relax in front of TV, chat with your family, entertain guests and make precious memories. Therefore, renovating it can look like a big challenge to you and it can easily go awry if you don’t have a plan.

Define budget

Once you start with renovation, it can easily happen that you’ll need more money than you planned to spend. Sometimes, construction work in your home will lead to unexpected expenses. For example, if you want to tear down a wall, you have to consider a possibility of electrical or plumbing problems. Therefore, you should also create a contingency budget, so that you are be able to deal with all the unforeseen issues that may arise when you are already in the middle of renovation.

Paint the walls

The fastest way to give your living room a brand new look is to get some paint on the walls. However, who says that you have to paint the entire room? Why not create a focal wall with a splash of different color? If you have dado rails in your living room, use darker shade of a certain color below it and lighter one above the rail. In case you want to get the same visual effect, but don’t have dado rails, make a line with a painter’s tape. You can even play with a shape of line and create your own two-tone wall!

Rearrange the furniture

Living room may have all the necessary elements, but still you yearn for some changes. That can be easily remedied if you decide to change a layout by moving your furniture around. Move that bulky closet away from your window so it doesn’t hide half of it. Let the sunshine in! Turn your beautiful leather lounge suites toward television so you can watch your favorite series in a comfortable position. Put a desk by a window so you can get enough daylight while you are sitting behind it and helping your kids with homework.

Plumbers in Creswood IL

Decorate with style

Decorations are a beautiful thing, but if you bring too much of them, your living room will look tacky. Therefore, add a touch of elegance with a few carefully chosen accessories. A floor lamp will bring more light and create a calming, relaxed atmosphere with its warm glow. Put family photos or art-posters on the walls and you can be sure that they will always bring a smile on your face whenever you glance at them.

A touch of nature

If you want to brighten up your living room even more, then it’s time to bring in some houseplants. Believe it or not, there are some plants that can reduce stress levels and purify the air that you breathe while you are relaxing in your living room. Peace lilies, snake plants, philodendron and bamboo palm are only a few of plants that will do wonders in your living room. The best thing about them is that they don’t need much attention and maintaining them is a piece of cake.

A little exhibition

All people love to collect various things in certain parts of their lives. Sadly, most of those things end up in a store room or a basement. Bring them out right now! Choose one corner in your living room and make your personal little exhibition! Place a charming, old, leather suitcase on the floor and put your collection of cowboy-boots on it. Put a little bookshelf or a table in that corner and display all those cute teddy bears and other stuffed toys on it.

Your living room can get a brand new look without you spending a fortune. Some clever ideas combined with a bit of creativity will make your living room from dreams become a reality!

 Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

5 Practical Tips for Relocating a Small Family-Owned Business

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5 Practical Tips for Relocating a Small Family-Owned Business

When you’re running a small family-sized business, every client counts, and the concept of “time equals money” becomes so close to you that there is not a second to lose during your busy week. Sure, it’s great fun, and it helps preserve personal relationships with clients that bigger brands just can’t create or uphold, but when it comes to finally relocating, things can get a bit messy.

Just imagine running a family-owned plumbing business and having to move all of those tools and delicate equipment you carefully stored in your current office to a completely new location across town. Now that’s a challenge, especially when trying to keep your clients at your side. With that in mind, here are the five relocation steps you should follow for a safe and quick small business move.

Set Up your New Office Beforehand

Whether you’re moving to a new house or to a new office or facility, the first thing you need to do is prepare the new space for you arrival. This doesn’t just mean you should tidy up or connect the utilities, this means picking up right where you left off without feeling it on your budget, and without your clients feeling it on their own skin.

This is why complete office preparation is so important. You can start by deciding where everything, down to the last screwdriver, is supposed to be in the new office. Make a mock-up of the new space and write down where everything is supposed to go – it will save you plenty of time when you arrive.

Crestwood plumbers

Make a Detailed Packing Plan

It should go without saying that you should have a sound packing plan when it comes to moving your entire operation, but let’s say it anyway. Relocating a business, no matter how small, can only be done efficiently if you know what you’re doing every step of the way. This means that you need a detailed packing plan that will take you from inception to completion without losing business, your stuff, or your employees.

Instead of packing everything on moving day, start the packing process early. You can pack your non-essential equipment first, and then move on to the essential tools as the moving day approaches. Be sure to consult your schedule to ensure you didn’t pack a crucial piece of equipment that you actually need.

Crestwood IL plumbers

Save Time and Money by Renting a Truck

Hire professional movers? Sure, that might be the first thing that pops in your head, but that might not be the best cost-effective solution to your predicament. The truth is that moving companies tend to be needlessly expensive, especially in the wake of the truck hire revolution and the benefits it brings: lower cost, saving precious time, and complete control. Therefore, opting for Budget truck rental service to relocate your operation quickly and without busting the proverbial bank is the best way to go. Simply load everything up and be on your way while your customers and clients are still sleeping and you’ll be up-and-running without losing a dime.

Plumbers in Crestwood IL

Sort and Pack your Tools

For a small family business such as a plumbing company or an electrician, the tools are worth more than anything, and therefore they require special handling and care during the relocation process. The first thing you should do, of course, is to sort all of your tools before packing them. Be sure to clean them as well, as there will be no time to do this in the new place.

Pack all of your hand tools into the toolbox and be sure to sort them into their corresponding sockets instead of just dumping everything in the main compartment. You can pack all of your power tools in labeled boxes, as these are sturdy enough to withstand the trip without special protection. Remember to drain all motorized tools of fuel before you pack them, because you never know what might light a disastrous spark.

Crestwood Plumbers

Inform Everyone of your Move

Last, but definitely not least, everyone should be in the know when it comes to your relocation. Don’t wait until the last day to inform your clients that you’re moving, because chances are you’re going to spook them. If you spook them, they will start looking for the same service somewhere else. Be sure you inform all relevant people of your move several months in advance, especially if you’re running a business where people come to you. This way, everyone will know exactly what to expect, and how to continue doing business with you without wasting their time or money.

Relocating a small family business is not a walk in the park, no matter how small the business is. By following these steps, though, you will have no problem moving your company to a new location without putting pressure on your employees, customers, or your wallet.

 Guest Contributor,

About the author: Mike Johnston is a home improvement blogger and DIY enthusiast from Sydney. He is a regular writer at Smooth Decorator and contributor on several interior design, lifestyle, real estate and eco blogs. Mike’s goal is to create and share meaningful content that helps and inspires people.



Chic Home Office Decor Tips For Winter

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Home Office.jpg

Chic Home Office Decor Tips For Winter

As the most dazzling season of the year approaches, we all strive to implement something new and original into our home. The most exciting part of the year brings cozy colors, seasonal outlook, and warm feeling into our home. If you happen to work from your house, you would be in for a treat because there are great new décor innovations coming up this winter. Whether you have a small or large office area, you should consider using some of these tips for revamping your workstation.

Bring in the cushy furniture

There is nothing better than having a nice cup of cocoa in front of a warm fireplace. Since during winter time you have to spend a bulk of your time in the office, why not bring that coziness there. Start off by rearranging your furniture, place an old-school brown leather sofa or an upholstery furniture, add funky cushions and even install a modern gas fireplace. Not only will you invite winter in, but you would be amazed at how productive you would be. Also, consider putting vintage indoor brick tiles on one side of the wall. This will spruce up the entire ambient in a cuddled up style.

Glaze up the surroundings

Winter is usually associated with golden, red and white colors. You don't have to follow that tradition entirely, but you can always add a hint of winterly touch here and there. You can give your home office a seasonal update by placing a shining silver mirror, or luxurious velvet frames for your Christmas family photos. If you are feeling more festive, you can complete color the office into golden or brownish color, or go simple and buy emerald green lamps or lanterns. Red is the main color of this season, so you can add stunning curtains in this vivid color and open up the surrounding.

Rehabilitate your spirit 

The most important thing, when it comes to winter décor, is to feel and emotionally sense this season in your home office. You can do that by adding chic elements into your office ambients. For instance, place a riveting air freshener with cinnamon scent, or add mesmerizing and soothing candles and silver centerpieces. If you have been standing for a long time, preparing the necessities for the Christmas and running around doing the chores, then you might be feeling tired. To completely indulge into this season and focus better on your job you should add anti-fatigue mat for your desk. Since this mat has fast recovery foam, you would feel more comfortable on your feet and ready to face up any challenge without feeling tired.

Add posh details

In order to feel merry and bright during this season, you don't have to utterly reshape the office but rather add slight details. Winter decorating is all about layering on the fabrics and chic materials. Sheepskin is the epitome of cozy winter home décor. So have a sheepskin pillow or blanket placed on your chair, or cover the chairs with winter style slipcovers. What is more, you can treat your guest with hot green tea in white as snow dishware. Last but not least, adding classical winter decoration such as a traditional wreath in chic details and bold colors, you will definitely create a holiday atmosphere in your office.

Find the right rug

Why not replace the tedious and plain carpet with a great multicolored rug? You can ground your office space with a colorful area rug. If you have simple and clean furniture, you can spice up the chic winterly look by placing a striking rug. Nowadays, you can find an affordable textile rug in various patterns that work perfectly with any wall color. To top it all up, you can go bold and get a one of kind ornamental rug that would stand up age and time.

Bring in the life

When the weather outside is cold and chilly, then you should do the opposite and bring warmth to your home office. Give your home office a makeover and add a touch of life in. Put lush greenery inside, place a nice plant, add a fragrant bowl of potpourri in a pine needle scent. Display that in an arrangement as a casual winter centerpiece and welcome the season inside.

Any décor won’t be complete without a Christmas tree and some shiny ornaments, so don’t hesitate to add that as well.

Guest Contributor, Chloe Smith

Keep Your House Covered For A Warmer Winter

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Keep Your House Covered for a Warmer Winter

Homeowners are 40% more likely to experience water leaks due to cold weather, but the damage may not be covered by their insurance policy. Many will state that it’s the homeowners responsibility to heat their home even if they are away in order to prevent accidents like burst pipes happening. Getting your plumbing system serviced and making sure your pipes are lagged can help prevent these occurrences and, along with other insulation and draft proofing, will keep your home safe and warm in winter.

Lagging Pipes and Insulation

Insulating your water pipes prevents them from freezing or getting damaged.  On cold pipes it can also prevent condensation forming on the pipes. This happens when the water inside the pipe is colder than the heated air surrounding it and can cause issues with damp. Lagging hot water pipes helps reduce heat loss and can raise the water temperature by up to 4 degrees. If a pipe does burst, make sure you know where to turn off the water to prevent further damage before calling a plumber.

Chimneys and Fireplaces

Another area to cover in your home is an open fireplace. When not in use, 14% of air in your home can be lost through a chimney. Check your damper is well fitted and working efficiently, or block the chimney completely with a tightly fitted foam chimney draft excluder. If your house is still chilly, think about adding an extra source of heat. An ethanol fire doesn’t require a flue and can be the cozy main attraction or accent to a living area.

Insulation and Draft Proofing

The US Department of Energy estimates that you can save up to 30% of your home’s energy by having it properly insulated and, for optimal energy efficiency, this should extend from the attic to the basement. As well as fitting insulation in the roof and walls, draft proofing smaller areas can make a difference to heat loss.  Weatherstripping can be fitted around windows and doors stop to seal any gaps. Heavy curtains, draft excluders at the bottom of doors and a rug on wooden floorboards will also help to minimize cold drafts and heat loss.

Covering up and adding extra layers is good advice to keep warm in the winter and it works for your house as well. Lagging pipes, insulating walls and covering floors keeps more of the valuable warmth of radiators and fires inside your home for a safe and cozy winter.

Guest Contributor, Cindy Trillo

Tips on Choosing the Right Color for Your Bedroom

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Plumbers in Crestwood

Tips on Choosing the Right Color for Your Bedroom

How do you paint a room that bookends your day? Bedroom is more than sum of its parts, its function is something sacred – to offer you a moment of respite from daily woes and comfort you when you feel the most vulnerable. In fact, it is a place where you should be able to feel the most vulnerable without any reserve. This is why it is so important to choose the right colors for this area – because you will wake up to them every day and they will be the last thing you see each night. With that in mind, here are the tips on choosing the right color for your bedroom.

It needs to be calming

Calming color scheme is the top priority and the tip you’ll get from basically anyone if you ask them about bedroom aesthetics. Now, the idea of calmness can vary from person to person, but it would be safe to say that you should definitely go for serene composition. In other words – no distinct contrasts. Just make the lines and tones blend into each other and complement each other’s level of warmth. The question of whether you should go for lighter and darker tones is mostly dependent on you, but darker ones are usually recommended for the bedroom.

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Dark and calming nuances

Dark colors are actually a good go-to option if you want to create a truly calming and comfortable bedroom. However, these dark colors should not be too harsh or bold. Go for some nice pastels like charcoal, olive, deep violet, navy or silver tones. The best variant is to either go for gentle blue-steely tones with a pinch of milky gray if you want a cold scheme, or olive-celery sort of green that can be a good basis for a room that aims for organic and warm tones. Line your room with furniture that has white skeletons in order to add some crispy visuals and a sense of space to your bedroom.

It needs to be done right

After you have created a hypothetical arrangement of colors for your bedroom – preferably a collage you can actually show to professionals – you should seek out high quality painting services that can bring your vision to life. The last thing you need is a messy environment which cannot be fixed, so avoid doing this all by yourself. Lines that are drawn sloppily can also impact the levels of your anxiety in the long run. You might not notice it at first, but it is one of those things that creeps into one’s mind slowly and insidiously.

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If your bedroom is small…

Still, if your room is already cozy when it comes to space, the darker colors (which are there to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere) might not be the best solution. If your bedroom is small, you should consider lighter tones and start with a white basis. According to the type of bedroom you want to create (warm or cold) you can choose a white with a bluish hue or the one with a warm creamy dash. The brighter tones will add a sense of airiness and brightness to your bedroom, almost without fault, so it is a risk-free and solid solution.

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The window conundrum

The windows in your bedroom are a tricky element – you’d want big windows for bright mornings and sunny afternoons, but you’ll also want to minimize the presence of light if you want to sleep in. In that case, you will get the best of all worlds if you installed bigger windows but also added some solid shutters which are easy to manage. You will also want to install windows which can be easily opened and don’t let any bulky furniture block them. You will want to have an option to let the fresh air flow through your bedroom whenever you need it.

If you followed at least a few of these tips on choosing the right color for your bedroom, you should end up looking at something truly aesthetically pleasing – a place that, as far as palette of colors go, suits your sensibilities and makes you feel content. Even though people have different ideas of comfort, they all share this deeply-rooted yearning to have a safe place where they can rest, and with just the right combination of colors on your hands, you too can have a bedroom of your dreams.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith