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Toilet Plumbing - Solve Your Problems Without Any Hassle

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Toilet Plumbing - Solve Your Problems without any Hassle

When it comes to maintenance and repair works in a home; toilets are one of the most ignored part. A dirty toilet can spoil your entire day and a fresh one is better any time. There are various problems with the toilets, but the major and most common issue is the plumbing failure or anything related to it. Knowing small tips about toilet plumbing at home would help you avoid the heavy bills of the plumbers.  

Know the system and parts?

So, before we get into knowing how a toilet works and how to solve minor issues related to the same; we would know the system and parts so that we don’t get mixed up the next time we go to solve the toilet plumbing problem.

Your toilet, rather, any toilet comprises of three major plumbing lines that are meant for three different uses and serve different purposes.

  1. The very first and the most important line is the water supply connection pipe. This pipe is the most important and the simplest of mechanisms that is involved. This pipe is generally made up of copper and the thickness is nearly about ½ inches. This pipe terminates at the shut-off valve under the tank.  Sometimes, this pipe undergoes a problem of being a leaking pipe, which can be mended by applying any sealing agent.

  2. The next most important part is the waste pipe. This generally carries the entire waste and is of PVC pipe, the width of the pipe is around 3-4 inches. To identify this pipe we can look for the connecting points. This type of pipes generally terminates in the sewerage line and connects to the toilet by means of the closet flange. Any problem with this line can require a professional as this area is sensitive and cannot be repaired without expert help.

  3. If you are planning to undertake the entire toilet plumbing at home one of the other most important part is the termination of waste into the outside waste pipe. This line is to be vented with the end of the waste pipe and terminated outside, this is a short pipeline and sometimes people even fail to identify it as a distinct part.

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Finding solutions to some common problems

Toilet plumbing can be really messy at times. To avoid and recover this let’s find some solutions to some common and recurring problems.

  1. Have you ever dropped something in the toilet? If you have, you know the pain of how to take it out. So the next time you get stuck trying to recover something, just take a vacuum cleaner to solve the problem. Suck the water into it and then you can easily pull out the things by venting into the drain as deep as possible. It the object is small and delicate you can use a better attachment.

  2. If the faucet is dripping and it annoys you one thing you can do is, tie a string around the dripping faucet long enough to reach the drain and tie it there. This can solve the problem temporarily.

  3. Apart from toilet plumbing in totality, there is a small tip which you can always follow that can help you to reduce water consumption and in turn save your money. Place a bottle in the corner of the toilet tank and this would solve the problem.

These are some of the toilet plumbing solutions which can help you solve majority of the problems. These will help you solve the problems without any hassle or extra headache.

Guest Contributor, Emma Smith