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Home Improvements: DIY or Hire Professionals?

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Home Improvements: DIY or Hire Professionals?

Whenever there’s a home improvement project to do, most of us get splitting headaches over the cost of it. Logically, we all want to go through with the improvement at the lowest possible cost. One way we try to lower the cost is by doing part of the work ourselves. But, where do we draw the line? Which improvements are too much for us to take on? Here are some ideas and tips.

Making a Plan

With any renovation you do on your home, you need to have a solid plan first. You need to know how to approach the project, what phases it consists of, how long it will last, how much it will cost and what materials you’ll require. When making such plans, the best you can do is pay a professional to do it for you. You need somebody who has experience in organizing and assessing the kind of upgrade you want, and there are many such experts in any of Australia’s big cities. Even if you do have some of the necessary skills to do it, there might be important things you’re overlooking, which can cause damage and create additional cost.

Buying Materials

There are projects which you will require professionals to finish, but you can do a part of them yourself. One thing you can save money on is going out and finding your own appliances, equipment or materials for the renovation you’re doing. You can take it upon yourself to pick things like tiles, kitchen and bathroom fixtures, or even doors. This way you can compare prices and materials, and even explore what the flea markets in Sydney have to offer, which can save you some money. However, as mentioned above, before you buy anything, consult an expert to learn exactly what type of material is best for your home, how much of it to buy and when the best time to buy it is.

Moderate Demolition

Although you shouldn’t bring down any walls of your own accord, there is some demolition you can do yourself. For example, you can remove your old cabinets, various appliances, tiles in your bathroom, or different fixtures. The important thing is that you don’t tear down anything structural, and that you know when things are getting too much to handle. Even though there are things that seem simple to do, you’ll find that hiring professionals is a better way to go. One of those things is taking care of the waste once you’ve done the demolition. Don’t be fooled by the apparent simplicity of the job. Finding an adequate vehicle to drive it all away and a place to dispose of it legally can be complicated, while paying for professional rubbish removal in Sydney is the fastest and most efficient solution to your problem.

Plumbing, Electricity and Gas

These three types of work are especially tricky and require a lot of skill and knowledge to do properly. So, even though you’ve been able to hook up your washing machine or fix your dripping tap, you shouldn’t go changing the pipes inside your walls. Likewise, even though you know how to turn off the electricity in your home and change a light switch, you should under no circumstances do any wiring if you don’t have the knowledge to do it. Electrical and gas works are especially dangerous, since you can get electrocuted or accidentally start a fire and then spend much more on the repairs and damage control than you would have if you’d just hired a professional to begin with. Furthermore, if you live in Sydney, you need an electrical permit to do any sort of electrical wiring, which is why you should restrain from doing any of it on your own. All in all, if you have any plumbing, electrical or gas work that needs to be done, hire a professional to do it safely and thoroughly.

If you’re restoring any part of your home, think twice before doing anything yourself. If you don’t have the experience or the competence to do it, don’t hesitate to find a professional to do it for you.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith


Green Up Your Property In 2018

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Green Up Your Property in 2018

There is no doubt that humanity is paying for the centuries of reckless use of Earth’s resources and troublesome treatment of the environment. Now is the time to get our act together and start thinking more responsibly, starting from our homes. Greening up your property is a win-win deal because you will make your home healthier and cut your energy bills, and all that while contributing to the preservation of our planet. If you want to join the good fight, here are some tips on how to make your dwelling more eco-friendly and energy-efficient.

Check Your Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important elements of an energy-efficient home. While your property probably is insulated, that doesn’t mean the job was done well. In fact, it is highly likely that a large portion of heat or cool is going out through air gaps around your doors and windows or improperly installed insulation materials on the walls or the attic. If you are going to change or upgrade the insulation opt for eco-friendly materials like icynene, cellulose or sheep’s wool.

Opt For Energy Star Rated Equipment

Kitchen appliances, washer, and dryer suck up a lot of energy and significantly increase your electricity bills. Energy Star rated equipment consumes considerably less energy. The same goes for windows. By opting for double or triple glazed windows, you can save the heat and cold from leaving your house and wasting energy.

Crestwood IL Plumber

Reconsider Your Electricity

Start by getting an energy audit to see where your electricity goes. We all know electrical malfunctions can be dangerous and quite annoying, but they can also drain the energy faster than it is normal. In Australian household, it has become perfectly normal to perform an energy audit when purchasing a new property or remodeling the old one. That’s why you can always find a professional Sydney electrician available 24/7 for audits and repairs.

Change The Lighting

Speaking of electricians, while you are having one in your house, it would be a shame not to ask them to change your old incandescent lights for new CFLs or LED bulbs. Compared to the incandescent bulb, LED lights can last up to 21 times longer and use the seventh part of the electricity, and save you $129 per kilowatt.

Be Responsible With Water Consumption

Water is just as important resource as electricity is. To make sure you are using it thoughtfully, first, check with your plumber for leaks, and then consult about the installing low-flow shower heads and faucets, and consider a low-flush toilet.

Use Sustainable Materials

When was the last time you thought about the materials used in your home construction? If your answer is ‘never,’ don’t worry, you are not the only one. However, it is a thought worth considering, especially because these materials can be toxic or harmful for the planet. Some of the sustainable materials you can use for flooring and furniture are reclaimed wood, glass tile, bamboo, cork, wool, and Marmoleum.

Plumbers in Crestwood

Detox Your Home

Regardless whether it is because of the hazardous materials, volatile organic compounds in the wall paint, dust mites, tobacco smoke, mold, mildew, or other factors, the indoor air can be polluted with a variety of toxins. First, inspect your home for potential threats and remove them. After, you can make sure the air is clear by introducing houseplants – the natural air purifiers and, if there is a need, by using a HEPA air purifier.

Harness The Natural Energy

Why waste electricity when we already have renewable energy handed to us almost on a plate? By installing a rainwater collector, you can have free irrigation water, or if you invest in a UV filter, even drinking water. Also, you can use solar panels or wind power to generate electricity or heat.

Greening up provides immediate benefits for you and your family. Looking at the bigger picture, it also contributes to a happier and healthier future for the entire planet. That’s why you shouldn’t wait a day to start making the change. Use these tips as your guide to a better and greener tomorrow. 

Guest Contributor, 

Will Sandford Guest Contributor.jpg

Will Sandford is a Sydney based wood architect, blogger and contributor on interior design and ecology blogs. Besides that, he is also interested in home improvement combined with green technology. In his spare time, Will enjoys surfing and rock climbing. He is also a regular contributor to SmoothDecorator. Connect with him on Twitter.


How to Improve Your Household in 2018

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How to Improve Your Household in 2018

Every home evolves over time. After the building is finished, most people consider it the end of their worries when it comes to taking care of it – except the small maintenance obligations here and there. However, if you’ve lived in one household for longer than a decade, you know this is not true. It’s not only a matter of maintenance, it’s about practicality and moving along with the times. If you think your house is ripe for a “facelift” project of some kind, here are some handy ways to improve your home in 2018.

Plumber in Crestwood IL

Make the kitchen cleaner and brighter

The kitchen is the heart of every home and it reflects your attitudes towards your own household. It is usually the one chamber in the house that sees most activity and it is therefore hardly ever completely clean. However, you can make sure at least some basics are covered.

Stoves, counters that surround the kitchen sink as well as the walls above them are usually covered in stains and the more you postpone the cleaning, the bigger feat it will be to clean it up. Making your kitchen brighter might appear counterproductive in that regard, but it actually helps.

For example, if you cover your counters and the walls above them (the stretch between the counters and hanging cupboards) in porcelain tiles, you will reap multiple benefits. For one, porcelain is not only robust, it is easy to clean. Two, if you choose to go with white, you’ll have a much more airy, open kitchen which you can show off proudly to guests after a noticeably shorter cleaning session.

Plumbers in Crestwood IL

Let the sunshine in

Sydney is known for its “sunny disposition”, so why not utilize it? After all, letting the sunshine in has multiple benefits. First of all, it will make the colors and contours of your interior design pop with unimaginable vivacity. More light makes every house look more stylish and joyful.

Furthermore, the natural light makes the residents happy too – as it encourages the secretion of happiness hormones. Therefore, opting to replace your regular patio doors with high-quality glass bi-fold doors from Sydney is win-win in every conceivable way.

The same goes for bigger windows – and if you can accommodate for wall-high glass windows that stretch from floor to ceiling (in other words, without attracting the unwanted neighborhood attention), you’ll benefit from it greatly.

Crestwood Plumbers

Go green with light

While we are still on the topic of brightness, replacing your entire light grid with LED light bulbs might be the best possible choice to improve your home. The advantages of LED light bulbs are numerous and undeniable. They spend 90% less electricity than your regular incandescent light bulbs and they use almost a 100% of their energy to produce light. This means that no energy is wasted on heating up, which is a godsend during slow and smoldering summer days in Sydney.

Furthermore, they are a far less toxic solution than CFL light bulbs – which are admittedly not dangerous for as long as they don’t blow out. Still, why would you risk it? After all, the LED light bulb can last for up to a whopping 20 years, which is an insane margin of difference when you consider that you have to replace regular incandescents every few months. Therefore, you will save money on purchasing new light bulbs in the long run and save a ton on the monthly electric bill – which can truly be a financial killer within the Sydney city limits.

Spruce up your outdoors

Just a few minor changes to your immediate outdoors can make a world of difference when it comes to improving your home. For one, adding a motion-detecting light above your front and patio door is a welcoming life hack when you are returning home late, plus it is a good scare-off for potential intruders. If you add a cheap security camera right next to the motion sensor light, you’ll definitely be burglar-proof.

Additionally, purchasing a foldable awning and placing it right above the front and the back porch will protect your windows from direct South Pacific sunlight while still letting the daylight in, plus it will give you a nice little spot for the outdoor layabout mode.

Letting your home fall into disrepair is something that can easily happen if you are too preoccupied with other matters, but you should always be ready to lend it your full attention. In many ways, the house is like a child – it thrives when you show it devotion and care. You should always envision the house you’ve moved into as the basis for creating something more personal – if the household is fashioned to your own taste over time, both you and it will benefit immensely.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

5 Hidden Perks of Home Automation

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5 Hidden Perks of Home Automation

The main reason why people turn to home automation is to make their lives easier and boost the comfort within their own home. After all, wouldn’t it be great to control your home’s security, lights and heating system through your smartphone and make all the necessary adjustments without ever having to leave the sofa? On the other hand, this is just one of the many advantages of home automation. The reason why it is the only one that most people talk about is that people are so passionate when it comes to their own comfort. On paper, however, home automation has five hidden perks that appear to be even more impressive.

Plumber in Crestwood

Greater security

We mentioned that home automation directly leads to a boost in home security, however, not having to walk to the monitor in order to check the cameras is just the tip of the iceberg. Through your smartphone, you can not only check your locks but also lock and unlock your front door, which can be quite reliable. Think about it, how many times has it happened that you’ve forgotten to take your keyring with you? Now, think about the odds of doing the same without your phone.

Crestwood Plumber

Utility bill frugality

The next thing with home automation is the fact that it immensely reduces your monthly expense list. For instance, your Wi-Fi sprinkler system can drastically reduce the cost of your water bill, while the installation of a smart thermostat does the same with power. These savings aren’t just made by you no longer being lazy to turn off the light in the hallway. With a home automation system, you have the ability to make a frugal scheme that functions independently of your actions. In this way, you stand to make your money-saving efforts more reliable.

Plumbers in Crestwood

Simpler maintenance

One of the things that a lot of people overlook is the issue of home maintenance. With some automated household systems, like those offered by CBus installers, you can have your home enhanced with a reliable energy metering system. This may sound as yet another budget perk but it goes even further than that. You see, if you watch your home’s energy consumption closely, day after day, you will inevitably notice when something goes wrong. In that situation, you have the ability to make your household maintenance efforts more reactive and more efficient.

Greater control

Not having to stand up in order to set up your thermometer is not nearly the most important function of remote control. Imagine a scenario of walking into a cold home, in the middle of the winter, because you didn’t want to leave thermometer on in order to heat an empty home while you’re at work. With home automation fully implemented into your household, this will become a matter of the past. This kind of control can be displayed in virtually every aspect of your household management.


Finally, acquiring a peace of mind is something that it hard to quantify, yet it has to find its place on the list as one of the greatest perks of home automation. Think about going on a holiday without knowing that you’ve turned off the stove with 100 percent certainty. What do you do? Do you call it all off and cut your holiday short or worry for two weeks straight? With home automation on your side, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. For people who have kids, being able to check on the babysitter through your smartphone surveillance while you’re at work is a priceless idea.

As you can see, the benefits of home automation are numerous and each one of them would on its own be a reason enough to go for it. Luckily, you don’t actually have to choose, seeing as how you are bound to receive the entire package either way. Nonetheless, there are certain degrees in your home’s automation and you can still feel free to choose which of the processes you aim to enhance with smart technology and which of them you are about to leave as they are.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith



Bedroom Doors - How To Pick Them and What To Look For

Rona Regan

Bedroom Doors – How to Pick Them and What to Look For

Doors are an integral part of every house design. Whether you are building a new house, renovating a couple of rooms, or completely redesigning your home, you should consider replacing your doors. Doors are not only prone to wearing out, but they can also go out of style. Some types of interior doors that were popular a decade ago look quite ridiculous in the modern setting.

That is why we have decided to sort of put together a list of the biggest trends when it comes to interior doors and bedroom doors in particular. We want to show you the best bedroom door designs and teach you all the ins and outs of picking one.

Types of materials

First, let’s talk about materials. First material that comes to your mind when you see a door is probably wood. There is nothing surprising about this, in fact, the majority of good-quality doors are made from wood. But that doesn’t mean that other materials are bad or not suitable. Let us show you what the most popular materials for bedroom doors are.

First of are solid wood doors. These doors are completely made from wood. They are the sturdiest ones, offer the best insulation, and create a natural sound barrier. They have an everlasting look and can easily fit in any design. Solid wood doors are perfect for the entrance to your bedroom.

Next up are solid-core doors. They are pretty similar to the above-mentioned solid wood doors, but the biggest difference is the price. These doors are made from plywood, making them a lot cheaper. If you don’t have a budget for a solid wood door, solid-core ones are a great substitute for a bedroom entrance door.

The third option is a hollow-core door. They are the cheapest option by far and because of that offer the worst insulation and quality. We don’t recommend using this type of door at the entrance to your bedroom, their sound insulation is pretty terrible. But you can put them at your bedroom closet or bathroom entrance.

Lastly, we would like to mention steel frame doors, glass doors, and aluminium doors. They are not that commonly used as the bedroom entrance door, but they are perfect if your bedroom has a balcony. These materials handle elements better than the wood does and if you install a flyscreen door, you will get a lot of natural light in your bedroom.


After you’ve settled on the material of your bedroom door, we can talk about the different styles that are available on the market. Styles are not universal and they are intended to serve a specific purpose. For example, you can place a bulky front entrance door in your bedroom. That is just impractical and doesn’t make any sense.

But what you can do is place a panel or a flush door at the entrance to your bedroom, use a flyscreen door for your balcony, and install a bifold door in your bedroom closet. These styles are all perfect for their specific roles. Flyscreen doors let the sunlight enter your bedroom from the balcony. Bifold doors take less space than the regular doors, making them perfect for small places like bedroom closets. And panel or flush doors have just a great overall design for entrances. Pair these styles with solid wood and you’ll get a timeless design and long, long lasting doors.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith


Fun and Creative Front Door Decoration Ideas

Rona Regan

Fun and Creative Front Door Decoration Ideas

If there’s a part of your home that is easy to decorate, then it’s definitely your front door. Even though they are so important and visible, many people, unfortunately, forget to decorate them. Those who decide to give them some attention usually put up a wreath, but why not go beyond that and do something more creative. Here are some fun and creative front door decoration ideas you can try instead of a simple wreath. Take a look!

Boots and umbrellas for spring and autumn

These spring or autumn themed decoration ideas are not only super cute, but they are quite easy to make. Simply get your children’s old rain boots, old or broken umbrellas and other objects that remind you of those seasons, match them with some flowers and ribbons and voila! You have a beautiful and fun front door decoration!

Letter monograms

This is a great idea of showing how much you’re proud of your family. These have been popular for a couple of years now and it seems like they aren’t going anywhere. You can be very flexible with them. You can make them in different sizes, colors, fonts and styles, and you can decorate them so they fit your door perfectly. You can actually find letters in some stores, but it’s more fun to make them yourself. You can use some thick cardboard or hardboard and start cutting. You can decorate them according to the season, holiday or simply find something that depicts your family well. You can turn this into a fun family project, so everyone can make their initials.

Chalkboard signs

This is one very creative décor idea. You can buy some blackboards in the store, or you can simply paint a picture frame or even a kitchen tray with chalkboard paint and hang it up. It’s fun because you can write all sorts of different things on it, and you’ll find it more than useful. You can write notes such as “Be right back!” or “I’m in the backyard”; you can let your kids draw and write on it; or you can write some funny jokes and brighten your visitors’ days. Possibilities are truly endless.

Creative artworks

This one is a great Christmas décor idea. You can wrap up some boxes, stack them and turn them into a unique artwork. You can also throw some wrapped boxes all over your porch or liven up your garlands and wreaths with little gift boxes.

Think local

If you got bored of all those pine, fir and spruce garlands you see everywhere, you can start thinking local and make one out of the greenery that grows in your neighbourhood and is native to Australia. You can also pick some wild flowers and incorporate them in your design. If you want to do something extra special, get some white bulbs to mimic the look of blooming flowers.

Locks, mats and colors

Locks, mats and door colors can all make your front door look more inviting and fun, so use them to your advantage. Paint your door in a bold and vivid color, but make sure it fits well with your house exterior. You can choose a fun doormat, hang up some creative street number and spice things up with some unique door knobs and locks. If you’re not that handy with tools, you can always call an expert locksmith from Parramatta who will install some new locks for you. You can also find a creative way to light up your entrance with outdoor pendants and other interesting fixtures.

Now that you see how easy and fun it is to decorate your front door, you’ll never neglect it again. Let your imagination run wild and do something special for your entrance. Soon, the whole neighborhood will be trying to copy your décor.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith



5 Decorating Mistakes Which Make Your Home Look Outdated

Rona Regan

5 Decorating Mistakes Which Make Your Home Look Outdated

The random decoration and poor maintenance make your home quite outdated. Following are the five mistakes that will make your home look outdated so you must avoid them. Have a look at them:

The wooden walls

In the case, you like wooden walls so you should keep them plain because wooden walls itself look quite great so you should not decorate them with anything like paintings or wall hangings. A wooden wall full of wall hangings will make your room look outdated. And don’t use the hanging mirrors as it is something old fashioned now. On the off chance that you love mirrors so there are many other ways that you can use mirrors other than hanging them on the wall.

The picture gallery

There are people who love putting up pictures around in the house, one way to put the pictures is to set them on a floating shelve so that it looks modern and up to date. Hanging the pictures in a row on a wall is something that will make your house pretty outdated. Back in the early 60’s and 70’s, it was used to be in fashion, but in 2017, it is a “don’t.” So the trick that you should follow is set your pictures on a nice shelf in a to and fro position.

The exposed cords

You should never forget about the electric ports, and they should not be exposed in any way because it will make your house look outdated. The electronic cords ought to be covered in some cover so that it looks decent and does not make your house look like an old school. This is an important point, and you must keep it in mind whenever you are up for decorating your home.

The oversized accessories

Another thing that would make your home outdated are those accessories which are too big in size. You must not set over sized accessories in a row on a table or any shelve; you should set them with a specific gap and select the decorative pieces in different sizes so that it does not give a dull look to the house. Take care of the height and size of the objects that you are going to decorate your house with.

Rugs matter the most

When talking about the décor of the house, the rugs that you choose matters the most. Do not choose an over sized rug; it will make your house look outdated. The size is something you must take care of when choosing a rug. Other than the size of the rug, select the rug according to the color scheme of the room. A little suggestion that I would like to give is that to keep your living room from looking outdated, leave the space of your feet between the sofa or the stork craft glider and the rug.

These are some of the “dos, and the don'ts” that you should follow if you don’t want your house to look outdated.

About the Author:

Julie Austin is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement. She is sociable and kind and loves to decorate almost everything! :) In her free time, she enjoys the sunset with her friends at the seashore. Read her posts at


Tips On Repairing And Installing Colorbond Guttering 

Rona Regan

Tips On Repairing And Installing Colorbond Guttering

The colorbond guttering system deteriorates much faster than expected. So it is essential to have the proper materials as well as workmanship to create an efficient gutter. The gutters that are made of aluminium are of top quality and are steady. It is also resistant to rusts and leaks. The modern guttering system and downpipes is a perfect complement of the roof. It also guarantees a premium finish to your home that is considered to be ideal. The experts use high quality materials for gutters to match the roof of the house. You can find a variety of colors to create modern gutters.

What Is Colorbond Guttering? 

The steel gutters are found to be resistant, durable as well as stylish, and these are their basic characteristics. You can choose from the various options available, if you want to create a stylish gutter. You can find them in a wide range of colors and they can be installed very fast and have a strong exterior coating. This protects the gutter from damage that is derived from flaking and peeling. If you compare steel gutters with that of aluminium, the former is much more affordable. The colorbond gutters as they are called are very durable and resistant to leaks and rust over a period of time.

The colorbond guttering system primarily takes away the waterfalls from the front door. The top-quality gutters are installed to get the best results you need. The manufacturers of gutters have products that will have a weather-resistant finish. The gutters that are painted are available in different ranges of gloss. You can choose either attractive colors or just plain steel gutters. The selection can be done as follows:

·       The Ace Nu-line is one kind of gutter that is a combination of gutter and fascia. This can be installed directly on the roof rafters without the use of timber fascia.

·       Ace Mini-line is a small version of gutter that is attached to the fascia through brackets. It has a certain amount of water capacity containing overflows at the front. This is ideal for areas that have heavy downpour.

·       The square line is the third type of gutters ideal for car ports and garages. This is folded at the corners so that the need for brackets is eliminated. The external angles are also not in use. It has special features like the overflow, so works wonders in areas with heavy rains.

·       The gutters that are semicircular in shape are common type of gutters. This shape is highly advantageous with respect to water capacity and travel speed. It is much better than the conventional gutters that can be self-cleaned.

·       The round line gutters have the features of a cylindrical shape but as a flat back that does not need brackets. This also can be self-cleaned.

How Are Gutters Repaired?

·       The gutters will definitely deteriorate after a period of time. They rust from inside out particularly around corners. The rust is also seen where the water accumulates due to lack of fall in the gutter system. The water is eventually directed towards the downpipes.

·       The gutters therefore should be repaired which is a straight forward process. You can then either cut out or replace the sections that are affected. You can even treat and address the issue from within the gutter.

·       The last option is to apply an anti-oxide paint which may be a temporary solution.

·       The last solution is the replacement of colorbond guttering but not repair. This is cost effective to the homeowners and can be installed by a license plumber.

The most chosen of them is the aluminum gutters by homeowners. This is because it will not rust and are long lasting. This is the best and ideal solution for replacement of gutters.

Guest Contributor, Amelie Lawrence