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5 Decorating Mistakes Which Make Your Home Look Outdated

Rona Regan

5 Decorating Mistakes Which Make Your Home Look Outdated

The random decoration and poor maintenance make your home quite outdated. Following are the five mistakes that will make your home look outdated so you must avoid them. Have a look at them:

The wooden walls

In the case, you like wooden walls so you should keep them plain because wooden walls itself look quite great so you should not decorate them with anything like paintings or wall hangings. A wooden wall full of wall hangings will make your room look outdated. And don’t use the hanging mirrors as it is something old fashioned now. On the off chance that you love mirrors so there are many other ways that you can use mirrors other than hanging them on the wall.

The picture gallery

There are people who love putting up pictures around in the house, one way to put the pictures is to set them on a floating shelve so that it looks modern and up to date. Hanging the pictures in a row on a wall is something that will make your house pretty outdated. Back in the early 60’s and 70’s, it was used to be in fashion, but in 2017, it is a “don’t.” So the trick that you should follow is set your pictures on a nice shelf in a to and fro position.

The exposed cords

You should never forget about the electric ports, and they should not be exposed in any way because it will make your house look outdated. The electronic cords ought to be covered in some cover so that it looks decent and does not make your house look like an old school. This is an important point, and you must keep it in mind whenever you are up for decorating your home.

The oversized accessories

Another thing that would make your home outdated are those accessories which are too big in size. You must not set over sized accessories in a row on a table or any shelve; you should set them with a specific gap and select the decorative pieces in different sizes so that it does not give a dull look to the house. Take care of the height and size of the objects that you are going to decorate your house with.

Rugs matter the most

When talking about the décor of the house, the rugs that you choose matters the most. Do not choose an over sized rug; it will make your house look outdated. The size is something you must take care of when choosing a rug. Other than the size of the rug, select the rug according to the color scheme of the room. A little suggestion that I would like to give is that to keep your living room from looking outdated, leave the space of your feet between the sofa or the stork craft glider and the rug.

These are some of the “dos, and the don'ts” that you should follow if you don’t want your house to look outdated.

About the Author:

Julie Austin is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement. She is sociable and kind and loves to decorate almost everything! :) In her free time, she enjoys the sunset with her friends at the seashore. Read her posts at