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Bedroom Doors - How To Pick Them and What To Look For

Rona Regan

Bedroom Doors – How to Pick Them and What to Look For

Doors are an integral part of every house design. Whether you are building a new house, renovating a couple of rooms, or completely redesigning your home, you should consider replacing your doors. Doors are not only prone to wearing out, but they can also go out of style. Some types of interior doors that were popular a decade ago look quite ridiculous in the modern setting.

That is why we have decided to sort of put together a list of the biggest trends when it comes to interior doors and bedroom doors in particular. We want to show you the best bedroom door designs and teach you all the ins and outs of picking one.

Types of materials

First, let’s talk about materials. First material that comes to your mind when you see a door is probably wood. There is nothing surprising about this, in fact, the majority of good-quality doors are made from wood. But that doesn’t mean that other materials are bad or not suitable. Let us show you what the most popular materials for bedroom doors are.

First of are solid wood doors. These doors are completely made from wood. They are the sturdiest ones, offer the best insulation, and create a natural sound barrier. They have an everlasting look and can easily fit in any design. Solid wood doors are perfect for the entrance to your bedroom.

Next up are solid-core doors. They are pretty similar to the above-mentioned solid wood doors, but the biggest difference is the price. These doors are made from plywood, making them a lot cheaper. If you don’t have a budget for a solid wood door, solid-core ones are a great substitute for a bedroom entrance door.

The third option is a hollow-core door. They are the cheapest option by far and because of that offer the worst insulation and quality. We don’t recommend using this type of door at the entrance to your bedroom, their sound insulation is pretty terrible. But you can put them at your bedroom closet or bathroom entrance.

Lastly, we would like to mention steel frame doors, glass doors, and aluminium doors. They are not that commonly used as the bedroom entrance door, but they are perfect if your bedroom has a balcony. These materials handle elements better than the wood does and if you install a flyscreen door, you will get a lot of natural light in your bedroom.


After you’ve settled on the material of your bedroom door, we can talk about the different styles that are available on the market. Styles are not universal and they are intended to serve a specific purpose. For example, you can place a bulky front entrance door in your bedroom. That is just impractical and doesn’t make any sense.

But what you can do is place a panel or a flush door at the entrance to your bedroom, use a flyscreen door for your balcony, and install a bifold door in your bedroom closet. These styles are all perfect for their specific roles. Flyscreen doors let the sunlight enter your bedroom from the balcony. Bifold doors take less space than the regular doors, making them perfect for small places like bedroom closets. And panel or flush doors have just a great overall design for entrances. Pair these styles with solid wood and you’ll get a timeless design and long, long lasting doors.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith