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Tips on How to Build Your Dream House

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Tips on How to Build Your Dream House

Building a dream home is the feat of a lifetime. After all, you are meant to start off with a mere cornerstone and end with the place where you will likely spend the rest of your life. This might sound like a daunting concept, and indeed the very process can be grueling and challenging on a deeply personal level, but the end result is definitely worth it. That being said, this hardship can be ameliorated at least a little bit with these tips on how to build your dream house.

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Choose The Right Place

Melbourne is one of the most coveted urban areas in Australia and everybody would like, ideally, to build their ultimate home within the city limits of Melbourne or Sydney or Brisbane. However, you should keep your expectations realistic and choose the best lot for the most opportune price.

Even if it’s a bit far off from downtown, it will still be a short car ride away. Your priority is the quality of the ground and the quality of the neighborhood. It’s always smart to go for the calmer environment that leaves enough “breathing space” for cultivating lush greenery.

Prioritize Spending On Professionals

Expensive materials are all fine and dandy but the structural integrity of your household mostly depends on the quality of hands that build them. Thankfully, Melbourne boasts a lot of experience contractors in nearly every field of construction, so finding the responsible and reliable professionals should not be that hard.

Your greatest tool in this regard is the internet browser – it gives you convenient access to rich information as well as customer reviews and discussion forums you can sift through to find the exact building contractors you need.

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Security Is Everything

When the lot turns into a construction site, security is everything. Most workers will be insured, but you should be adamant about them wearing all the necessary protection – like helmets, worker gloves and fire-resistant uniforms – as well as to utilize the benefits of crane hire from Melbourne. These cutting-edge cranes are mobile and modular in a way that makes the building process both safer and quicker.

In addition, you should definitely be in contact with the manager of each of the hired contracted building companies and insist that each piece of electrical equipment used is checked and maintained throughout the process. It protects both workers on your plot and the aforementioned structural integrity of your house.

Be There Every Day But Don’t Intervene Too Much

However, you should be fully aware of that fine line between meddling with business you do not fully comprehend and managing the construction of your dream home. For starters, it would be smart if either you or some other family member could afford to visit the construction site at least once a day for an hour or two. This will keep some of the slower workers on their toes and it will convince them how much you care about the construction.

However, you should avoid any sort of excessive meddling. You can offer your helping hand but don’t insist on it. Remember – you are not the professional constructor, and even if you are, the fact that you have contracted workers to do this job for you should be respected. If you trust your own judgment when you’re hiring professionals from around Melbourne, you should get what you bargained for.

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Size Matters

Of course, as the layout of your home is drawn, you should make sure it accommodates the number of household residents it will hold, or potentially might hold, but don’t be overindulgent! Two extra rooms that basically have no function is square space wasted, and you should keep in mind the fact that you’ll have to pay considerably higher bills and mortgage payments.

In addition, going with the functional size of the household equates to green thinking – as you will be going out of your way to reduce your energy/carbon footprint. Of course, going for ENERGY STAR mode as you look at water and electricity saving technologies and appliances also pays off in the long run.

Finally, as you get into the process of building your first home, you have to be prepared for numerous goofs. Such endeavor goes through a lot of trial and error, and despairing over every single setback can make matters exponentially worse in the long run. Just stay flexible throughout the process and approach ever problem, predictable or not, with a sense of resolve. The vision of your dream house you are trying to reach should be enough of a motivator.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith


How to Cut Down on Energy Waste

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Plumber in Crestwood IL

How to Cut Down on Energy Waste

There are a few reasons a household should worry about energy consumption. First of all, reducing your energy consumption is a good way to save money because bills can add up, and by just changing your behavior slightly, you can have greater control over how much you’re spending.

However, there’s more to it than just being careful with money. Cutting down on energy consumption is also an eco-friendly thing to do and that’s something modern homeowners need to think about. Our actions in this regard matter more than you think and small personal changes could actually have an effect on global environmental issues.

LED Lights

Lights are probably the biggest source of energy waste in an average household. There are a few ways to cut down on energy consumption when it comes to lights and most of them don’t require any significant investment. Start by changing the light bulbs to LED ones. This might be a bit pricey, but you can do it in phases. This is definitely a smart investment because LED light bulbs can last for years.

It’s also a good idea to install a timer that will turn off the lights when you’re not using them. That means much more than you might think since we often forget to turn off the light.


Ordinary household appliances can waste quite a lot of energy, especially if they are old and not maintained properly. First of all, purchase the appliances that are designed to save electricity. They usually cost a bit more, but they are definitely worth it in the long run.

It’s also important to maintain your appliances on a regular basis, instead of waiting for them to break down. Having a local electrician on speed dial can help with this. Scheduling a visit with an electrician from Castle Hill in advance can prevent problems that might lead to energy waste.

Heating and AC

It’s a thin line when it comes to managing heating and AC in terms of energy waste. The goal should be to cut down on the wasteful spending, but it isn’t an area in which you should sacrifice your comfort. There are ways to have both, but you need to have your family’s needs in mind when making the decision.

Adjust the temperature based on the weather outside, instead of keeping the thermostat on a designated number. A similar effect can be accomplished by making sure that your AC system is in good condition. This can be achieved by changing the filters on a regular basis. This should be done every six months and it usually doesn’t require professional assistance.

Energy Providers

In the end, there’s a great saving tip that most homeowners tend to forget about. Changing the electricity provider can give you access to a variety of discounts or simply to a lower price that comes with negotiating a better deal.

Another option is to install solar panels that will cover a portion of your energy needs. This will also lower the bills since you’ll be using much less electricity directly from the grid. There are also ways to store solar energy that make the transition process easier than it ever was.

Cutting down energy consumption can usually be done just by changing your behavior slightly. It’s also important to rely on professionals to help you maintain your devices and let you make the most of them.

Guest Contributor, Amelia Atkins 

Plumbing Features To Check Before Buying Your New Home

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Plumber in Crestwood

Plumbing Features to Check Before Buying your New Home

Congratulations, you've found your dream home and you're ready to make an offer. However, before you start gearing up for that move to Chicago , it might be worth slowing down for a moment and thinking about what you're really investing in. Home buyer inspections are common these days, but a standard inspection might not involve getting a real, effective plumber to come in and check all your systems.

Unfortunately, this means that a homeowner moves into their new property without a good understanding of what's happening with their pipes. After a few months, you could end up dealing with a number of expensive problems you never foresaw. Working with a plumber service to inspect your home before you make the move is one of the best ways to make sure that you don't set yourself up for any shocks. Here are just some of the things you should check before signing on the dotted line.

1. Examine the Toilets

Let's face it when you're moving to a new home in Chicago, you want to be checking out the local attractions, the fantastic view from your window, and the size of your bedrooms. That means you're probably not going to be spending a lot of time checking whether each of your toilets works. However, the last thing you want is to move into your new house and discover that you instantly need the support of a plumber.

The good news is that working with a plumber to examine your potential home before you move means that you might be able to get any issues fixed before your family is running around, trying to get by without a working toilet.

2. Think about the Sewers

Often, when homeowners take their property onto the real estate market, they look for various ways to make that home more appealing. For instance, they might hire professionals to wash the outside of their structure, or invest in a new coat of paint for some of the inner rooms. The chances are, they won't dedicate a lot of time to checking that the sewers are running properly.

Sewer repairs can be extremely costly, so it's important to check out the details as early as possible, so you can avoid overspending if the cost of repairing a sewer issue takes you over your budget. It's worth looking for dirty water pumps that need replacing too. Your plumber will be able to help you figure out which parts of your plumbing need the most work.

3. Know How Your Water Heaters are Holding Up

Finally, if you're moving home in summer, you may not even think to check the water heaters. However, depending on the quality of your water, and the support of a long-term maintenance plan, a typical water heater will only last for around ten years or so. You'll need to make sure that it's in a good enough condition to keep you and your family comfortable in the winter months.

Checking for issues with your water heater in advance is a good way to make sure that you're not hit with a nasty surprise when the cold weather rolls around.

Guest Contributor, Micheal Brennan

5 Hidden Perks of Home Automation

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Plumber in Crestwood IL

5 Hidden Perks of Home Automation

The main reason why people turn to home automation is to make their lives easier and boost the comfort within their own home. After all, wouldn’t it be great to control your home’s security, lights and heating system through your smartphone and make all the necessary adjustments without ever having to leave the sofa? On the other hand, this is just one of the many advantages of home automation. The reason why it is the only one that most people talk about is that people are so passionate when it comes to their own comfort. On paper, however, home automation has five hidden perks that appear to be even more impressive.

Plumber in Crestwood

Greater security

We mentioned that home automation directly leads to a boost in home security, however, not having to walk to the monitor in order to check the cameras is just the tip of the iceberg. Through your smartphone, you can not only check your locks but also lock and unlock your front door, which can be quite reliable. Think about it, how many times has it happened that you’ve forgotten to take your keyring with you? Now, think about the odds of doing the same without your phone.

Crestwood Plumber

Utility bill frugality

The next thing with home automation is the fact that it immensely reduces your monthly expense list. For instance, your Wi-Fi sprinkler system can drastically reduce the cost of your water bill, while the installation of a smart thermostat does the same with power. These savings aren’t just made by you no longer being lazy to turn off the light in the hallway. With a home automation system, you have the ability to make a frugal scheme that functions independently of your actions. In this way, you stand to make your money-saving efforts more reliable.

Plumbers in Crestwood

Simpler maintenance

One of the things that a lot of people overlook is the issue of home maintenance. With some automated household systems, like those offered by CBus installers, you can have your home enhanced with a reliable energy metering system. This may sound as yet another budget perk but it goes even further than that. You see, if you watch your home’s energy consumption closely, day after day, you will inevitably notice when something goes wrong. In that situation, you have the ability to make your household maintenance efforts more reactive and more efficient.

Greater control

Not having to stand up in order to set up your thermometer is not nearly the most important function of remote control. Imagine a scenario of walking into a cold home, in the middle of the winter, because you didn’t want to leave thermometer on in order to heat an empty home while you’re at work. With home automation fully implemented into your household, this will become a matter of the past. This kind of control can be displayed in virtually every aspect of your household management.


Finally, acquiring a peace of mind is something that it hard to quantify, yet it has to find its place on the list as one of the greatest perks of home automation. Think about going on a holiday without knowing that you’ve turned off the stove with 100 percent certainty. What do you do? Do you call it all off and cut your holiday short or worry for two weeks straight? With home automation on your side, this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. For people who have kids, being able to check on the babysitter through your smartphone surveillance while you’re at work is a priceless idea.

As you can see, the benefits of home automation are numerous and each one of them would on its own be a reason enough to go for it. Luckily, you don’t actually have to choose, seeing as how you are bound to receive the entire package either way. Nonetheless, there are certain degrees in your home’s automation and you can still feel free to choose which of the processes you aim to enhance with smart technology and which of them you are about to leave as they are.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith



Beautiful Design Ideas for Tiny Yards

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Plumber in orland park

Beautiful Design Ideas for Tiny Yards

Not everyone who loves gardening and relaxing outdoors is blessed with a yard the size of a soccer field. But, that shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of your tiny yard and enjoying it with all your heart. Here’s how you can maximize the space and effect of your yard with only a few beautiful and practical design ideas.

image 2.jpg

Remove Clutter

First things first, start from the clutter. Clutter has a horrible ability to make small spaces look even smaller and uglier, so make sure to create order in your backyard. Of course, store your gardening supplies and tools away, but also pay attention to how you plant and maintain your landscaping. Opting for a few different plants or a one-color palette might help achieve a coherent look.

Orland Park Plumbers

Create Zones

Even though it might seem contradictory, breaking a small space into different zones might make it look and feel larger. Use pathways, seating and plants to create divisions and turn it into a space full of little cozy nooks. Additionally, placing one part of your seating off the patio and near the yard border will create an illusion of space.

Go Up

If you lack square footage, utilize your vertical spaces! Plant trees and shrubs that grow upwards (dwarf varieties are recommended) and use columnar evergreens. Blooming vines are also a great way to add more greenery that takes up minimal space. These vines will grow on anything from fences to containers and even other shrubs and trees! Plus, they boost privacy and create a super romantic atmosphere!

Orland Park Plumber

Bring in the Accent Plants

Small yards often lack life and color, so make sure to bring your outdoor space to life with big planters. Place these containers full of blooming flowers around entrances, seating and other features to liven up the space and bring softness. Impatiens, fuchsias and begonias will all achieve a beautiful effect. However, plan well in advance. Containers require careful placement to be effective. Group them in threes or harmonize the colors of flowers (choose your main color and complement it with a secondary and even tertiary). But, too many colors will completely ruin the point of accents and nothing will dominate—there will only be a mess! If this sounds too complicated to you, it might be best to hire a landscaping expert to help you with this stage. They know just what to do to achieve an elegant and coherent look, even in your tiny space!

Skip the Lawn

If you have a green thumb and really like plants, you can skip the lawn and turn your entire yard into a garden! Divide the space with paths, layer the greenery and voila! You might have a small yard, but you’ll have a big garden!

Add a Small Water or Fire Feature

Many people think water features have to be big pools with waterfalls, but you can actually get a very small feature and achieve just the same effect. For instance, get a small reflecting pool or a Japanese trough that will shower you with relaxing sounds. Fire pits can warm up the space and give it a romantic vibe during the chilly evenings. And if you pick the right design, these fire features can easily also double as little coffee tables in the summer!

image 3.jpg

Mix It Up

If you want to achieve a dramatic visual effect, you can add interest to your yard by mixing interesting elements. For instance, mix regular stepping stones with mosaic ones, mix contemporary planters with vintage ones or mix exotic succulents with local wildflowers. This way, no one will even notice the size of your space!

As you can see, size is not everything. With these ingenious landscaping ideas, your small yard will be super functional, cozy and beautiful. 

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

Essential Tips for Creating an Amazing Eclectic Bathroom

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Plumber in Orland Park

Essential Tips for Creating an Amazing Eclectic Bathroom

If you want to create a bathroom that isn’t just plain white and boring, then the eclectic style is perfect for you. Mixing different styles and periods will make your bathroom look truly unique, as you can adjust it to your own taste much easier, and it would allow you to add a personal touch as well. So, if you’re looking to create a stylish and one-of-a-kind bathroom that can fit all your needs, here are a couple of tips for creating a fantastic eclectic bathroom.

Plumber in Orland Park IL

Add Pops of Color

If you want your bathroom to stay neutrally colored, consider adding pops of color to make it more interesting. For instance, you can paint your cabinets, mirror frames, or door frames in bright orange or yellow, which would allow your bathroom to stay elegant, but it wouldn’t look too plain. It’s a simple but effective way to spice up your bathroom a bit.

Add Some Contrast

Instead of adding pops of color, you could also use contrasting colors in your bathroom. For instance, you could choose some darker finish for your wooden cabinets, which would go perfectly with white marble counters. Or, you could paint your whole bathroom in some darker color and install light-colored fixtures.

Orland Park Plumber

Mix the Materials

For a truly eclectic bathroom, don’t hesitate to mix the materials. For example, you can have ceramic tiles, but wooden cabinets. Or, you can introduce some natural-stone fixtures that would go well with porcelain tiles. Whichever materials you choose to mix, it is a great way to emphasize the eclectic appearance of your bathroom.

Choose the Right Tiles

Having the right kind of tiles can help you create the best eclectic vibe. Make sure they are of high quality, and don’t be afraid of picking some interesting patterns. This would also make your bathroom look less dull. Moreover, if you have a specific design or shape in mind, your tiles can also be customized. This would make your eclectic bathroom truly yours. Just make sure your tiles are never dirty; if you live in the Land Down Under, there are many professional tile cleaners in Sydney that can help you keep your tiles sparkling clean.

Plumbers in Orland Park

Add an Element of Surprise

For a really unique look, add an element of surprise to your bathroom. For example, you can paint one wall in a different color, build a small fireplace, or introduce an ornate gilded mirror. Additionally, if you happen to have a collection of figurines, you can place them on top of your counter, or you could hang some abstract painting on the wall. Moreover, in case you have one of those plastic lawn decorations, you could place one in your bathroom. Adding such small, unexpected details will make your bathroom look much less serious.

Enclose It

Another great idea for an electing bathroom is enclosing your shower. You can do it with large windows, mirrors, or wood. Enclosing it would emphasize the visual continuity and make your bath look larger than it really is. It could also add a nice contrast to the rest of your bathroom, and make it look a bit more trendy.

An eclectic bathroom is perfect for everybody who wants to have a unique and interesting bathroom that reflects their personality and shows their sense of style. So, make sure to choose the right tiles, think about the colors, enclose your bath for a more modern look, and don’t be afraid of mixing different materials. You can also add an element of surprise in order to make it more humorous, and your bathroom is bound to become your new favorite room in the house.

Guest Contributor, Cooper Klein

Plumbing Problems That Most House Owners Ignore

Rona Regan

Plumbing Problems that most house owners ignore

In a survey it was concluded that 30% of new house owners actually see their dream turning into nightmare just because they didn't give any value to the plumbing problems before they made the purchase.

Do you know if you have a leaky faucet that drips twice per minute, you’ll waste over a gallon of water in a week?

You must have heard of the story of a new house owner who found out that his gas supply was coming from the garden? Or of a professional handyman who fixed the leaking roof problem of the previous owners by hiding it behind a fresh coat of paint? How about $5 million house with a beautiful bathroom & kitchen renovations all put on an old clay sewer that collapsed shortly after the settlement? The previous one cost the new owner $30,000 to rectify.

The scariest thing about these real life stories is that the house owners had the properties checked prior to the purchase, still then none of the issues were highlighted. Most buyers don’t even bother to check the plumbing before they buy the house because it isn’t their area of expertise, but some experts do not have those expertise either. So make sure you read this blog till the end & get the necessary awareness.


A little check before the purchase may prevent you from spending $15,000 - $30,000.

1. How old is the roof? 

You should actually go to the roof and check the roof if it is rusty. If it is, then you need to raise a red flag. Some roofs even have seedlings growing from them.

2. Is it renovated or newly painted?

Is this a cover up or a spruce up?

3. Hidden access points

Normally if people have something to hide they do it on the roof or the subfloor area, they do it with the help of access points. Be very cautious if you find an access point and inquire further if you find one.


Most of the faults related to water are hidden from the new owner, which can add significantly to the final budget.

4. Tiling job done bad

If your tiles are in a slapdash manner, imagine what the underneath waterproofing is like. A shoddy waterproofing can result in a huge drain on the funds as you’ll need to pay for the leak detection, then small repairs & eventually a full bathroom renovation.

5. Kitchen & Bathroom renovations

When you were purchasing the home who did the renovation: either the building company or the own builder. In any of the case potential buyers should be aware of the quantity of the renovation & inspect it with a fine-toothed comb.

6. Where is the drainage diagram?

Now days most of the contractors have the sewer service diagram attached. If there is no diagram you should ask for it. Principle advantage of the diagram is that it consists of all the drainage repairs occurred. If the homeowner fail to present the diagram this should raise a red flag for you.


A major storm water issue might cost you $15,000+, so make sure to keep an eye on the open ended problems right before you final the deal.

7. How old is the hot water unit?

This information is usually available on the badge of the hot water unit. Normally they have a life of 8-10 years if poorly maintained or 18-22 years old, factor in the cost of a replacement in the near future ( starts around $800 but averages $1500 - $2500)

8. Are there any Galvanized pipes?

You need to make sure that pipes are not exposed in any way. If there are copper pipes, run your hand along the surface: rough, pitted or thick ones could be galvanized & will need instant replacement, so keep that in mind.

9. Sewer pipes

Normally the sewer system will break, so consider replacing your drainage system. If it is a shared common sewer watch it is not shared with the neighbor. Moreover, inspect that if the down pipe or garden pipe which is a avoidance of clay pipes.

10. Is it concrete? 

Check for the piece of concrete with a square cut out if it is, it means there were drainage issues. If there was a problem in the past, make sure it has been fixed properly, not just forgotten.

Ensure that your building instructor knows what the current drainage issues are. And if you face any drainage issues make sure to correct them prior to the purchase.

In this era of technological advancement there are couple of companies that are selling great quality online plumbing parts, you can try them and do most of the plumbing work yourself.

**In Illinois all plumbing work must be performed by a Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Guest Contributor, Ailsa Ewert

Bathroom Design Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Rona Regan

Bathroom Design Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to redecorating and renovating – they’re usually seen as nothing but necessary while, in fact, a bathroom can be one of the best places in the house. It can be your private oasis but, unlike your bedroom, is easily accessible to your friends and household members and therefore it should be spotless and thoughtfully designed. In all that mess about the renovation, it’s easy to make a design mistake you’re going to regret, so here are the most common ones when it comes to bathrooms.

Layout issues

In order to avoid mistakes in bathroom layout, you should have a detailed plan about how your bathroom should look. Messing up the electrical outlets and light switches is pretty common and that’s how you end up with a lack of outlets close to the sink and a light that can be turned only from the inside of a bathroom. The same goes for the layout of bathroom fixtures. Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you the same thing – a toilet shouldn’t be the first thing you can see when you open the bathroom doors nor should it take the spotlight. Furthermore, keeping the toilet and the shower separated can be even better – especially if there’s a line in front of your bathroom in the morning when everyone’s getting ready.

A lack of storage

Although it might not seem like that, bathrooms require a lot of storage space. This depends on your lifestyle, of course, but you’ll definitively need room for hair styling products and tools, makeup, towels, medicine, and other bathroom necessities. If you give it some thought, you’ll see that everything in a bathroom can serve as a storage space – behind the mirror, under the sink, on the walls. Make use of baskets, stylish shelves, hooks and get creative with bathroom storage space. Having enough storage can help the bathroom look nicer, as well – having too many knickknacks lying around will make it look cluttered and messy.

Size matters

It’s true that size matters, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger is always better. On the contrary, many people make this mistake and then end up with a huge bathroom space they don’t know how to fill. Regardless of its size, a bathroom needs to be functional and balanced and that’s not always easy to figure out on your own. That’s why letting professionals who have experience with complete custom bathroom renovations do the job might be a good idea – they can offer you initial consultations using 3D modeling technology and thus help you design the bathroom you have always dreamed of.

Not lighting it properly

All interior designers agree on one thing – bad lighting is the number one enemy of the good design. Besides, getting the light right in the bathroom is of utmost importance since that’s the place where you probably do your makeup and freshen up.  To illuminate the face, for example, having one ceiling light is not enough – you’ll need task lights around the mirror. Make sure they’re on all sides of the mirror, to avoid any shade on the face. Besides artificial, natural lighting matters, too, so having at least one window is a must. Daylight will make your bathroom look airy and spacious, not to mention how much easier it will be to keep it fresh. It’s also important for keeping the mold at the bay, so make use of windows if you have the chance.

Having a bathroom renovation is a great chance to show off your creative potential and have some fun along the way. Keep these common mistakes in mind and make sure you think everything through and, soon, you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors

6 Eco-Friendly Tips To Green Up Your Bathroom

Rona Regan

6 Eco-Friendly Tips To Green Up Your Bathroom

A simple yet efficient solution to make your bathroom greener is replacing the old incandescent bulbs, and switching to an energy-saving option. Apart from consuming and wasting a great amount of energy, incandescent bulbs also emit carbon dioxide, which can pose a threat both to your health and the environment. Instead, you should replace them with light-emitting diodes (LEDs), which are healthier, more efficient and energy-saving. Although you might invest a bit more initially, LEDs can reduce your power consumption even up to 90%, significantly decreasing your energy bill.

A sustainable irrigation system

Opting for an alternative, green irrigation system can significantly reduce your water consumption and increase your savings in the long run. With a variety of technological advances, rainwater harvesting has gained popularity over the years, meeting both industrial and domestic needs. This type of irrigation system can provide you with enough water to meet your annual demand. Since this technology entails a water harvest tank and several levels of filtrations systems, it enables you to use the collected water for your everyday needs, form drinking and cooking, to bathing.

Water-saving fixtures

The next step towards greening up your bathroom is replacing your old fixtures, such as taps and showerheads, with water-efficient ones. There’s a variety of green options you can choose, from low-flow showerheads, to taps and showers with aerators, to motion sensor faucets. Some of them will simultaneously reduce your water and energy consumption. For example, by installing low-flow showerheads, you’re reducing the amount of water while showering and the amount of energy used to heat the water.

A low-flow toilet

Out of the entire water consumption in your home, toilets account for 27%, which is more than any other appliances, such as shower, washing machine or dishwasher. In addition, if you have a leaky toilet, you’re wasting your water on a daily basis. To reduce your water loss, you should install a low-flow toilet because your old one can use even up to seven gallons of water per flush. In addition, a low-flow toilet with dual flush provides you with two flushing options depending on your needs.

If you have a leaky tank, you should stop the leak as soon as possible because it’s a major source of water loss. To check whether your tank is leaking, pour a bit of food dye before you go to bed in the tank. In the morning, if there’s dye in the toilet, it means that your toilet needs a repair.

Green products

There are some small, but significant changes you can make to boost eco-friendliness of your bathroom. To truly capture the green spirit, you should switch to green products, including recycled toilet paper, green soap and bath products, towels made from organic cotton, etc. By switching to these products, you’ll lower your environmental footprint and protect your health and skin.

Cleaning products are among most dangerous ones that you can find in your household because they contain high levels of toxic chemicals that can endanger your health and the environment. Therefore, you should switch to green cleaning products, or make your own cleaning solutions that are safe, healthy and equally efficient.

Pipe maintenance

Your plumbing can also have a major impact on your overall water consumption, so you need to have your pipes properly maintained, repaired or replaced if needed. Proper and regular pipe maintenance is of the utmost importance if you want to prevent any leaks or water loss. You can also replace your pipes with eco-friendly plumbing solutions that can reduce your heat loss, by proper insulation. If you need any repairs or replacements, you need to contact a reliable plumber who will make sure that the job is done properly. Otherwise, you’ll spend a fortune on additional and unnecessary repairs.

With these simple yet efficient eco-friendly updates, you’ll green up your bathroom in no time. By doing so, you’ll both protect the environment and increase your savings.

Guest Contributor, Chloe Taylor



Second Annual Best Restaurants for Mother's Day in the Southwest Suburbs 2017

Rona Regan

Best Restaurants in the Chicago South Suburbs

Second Annual Best Restaurants for Mother’s Day in the Southwest Suburbs 2017

Last year we were a part of choosing the Best Restaurants for Mother’s Day in the Southwest Suburbs, and the response was a great. Of course, we had to do it again. Mother’s Day is very special to us, because we understand the importance of celebrating the mothers in our life. No matter what we buy or make our mothers for Mother’s Day, just remember it’s the thought that counts.

We love celebrating local businesses. Seeing these local restaurants doing well and being enjoyed by people in our community makes us want to go out of our way to give them the extra recognition that they deserve. Remember to always celebrate the businesses in your community, because they are the heart of the town you live in.

Sunday, May 14th is Mother’s Day. If you haven’t made reservations, here is a list of the Best Restaurants in the Southwest Suburbs.

After asking our customers, community members, and gathering restaurant reviews, here is our Best of List.

Dancing Marlin- 20590 S La Grange Rd Frankfort, IL

Osteria Ottimo- 16111 S LaGrange Rd Orland Park, IL 60467

Frankie's Ristorante- 9501 W 171st St Tinley Park, IL 60477

Mama Maria's Taco- 16117 S Lagrange Rd Orland Park, IL 60467

Francesca's Vicianato- 12952 S La Grange Rd Palos Park, IL 60464

Fat Rosies Taco & Tequila Bar- 28 Kansas Street Frankfort, IL 60423

The Cottage on Dixie - 18849 Dixie Hwy Homewood, IL 60430

Thithis Restaurant- 9144 S Kedzie Ave Evergreen Park, IL 60805

Palermo's 95th- 4849 W 95th St Oak Lawn, IL 60453

La Crepe Bistro- 13957 S Bell Rd Homer Glen, IL 60491

Harvest Room- 7164 W 127th St Palos Heights, IL 60463

Jack Gibbons- 14700 Oak Park Ave Oak Forest, IL 60452

Louisa's- 14025 S Cicero Ave Crestwood, IL 60445

The Primal Cut Steakhouse- 17344 Oak Park Ave Tinley Park, IL 60477

Please remember to make reservations.


Brunch at home

Brunch at Home

At times, we are unable to take out our mothers or our wives (kid’s mother). Put your chef hat on and go to work. Let’s create delicious brunch for that special lady.

First begin by covering the table with a white table linen, don’t panic, more than likely it’s in the linen closet. Take out your finest china and silverware. Get a vase and add fresh flowers (your local grocery store has a great selection). Choose a variety of flowers instead of roses for your table. Next, begin making brunch.

Your Brunch should include: a fruit salad, toast with a few special items, and a mimosa.

Here are the recipes:


fruit salad

Fruit Salad

In a small bowl, place strawberries, berries, grapes, kiwis, and raspberries. Drizzly a little bit of honey and place it in the fridge for 15 minutes.


Mother's Day Toast

Toast with Brie, Salami, Arugula, Avocado & Poached Egg


1 slice bread of choice, toasted

1 oz brie cheese

handful arugula

3 slices crespone salami

1/2 avocado, sliced

1 egg

Salt and pepper

Heat water in saucepan with 1 tsp salt & 2 tsp white vinegar. Bring to a simmer. Crack egg into a small bowl. Using a long wooden spoon, stir the water in one direction to create a whirlpool. Carefully drop the egg into the center of the whirlpool and let cook for 5 mins. 

Toast bread and top with slightly warmed brie, arugula, salami, avocado, poached egg & salt and pepper to taste.


Mother's Day Mimosa

Strawberry Pineapple Mimosa

In a flute, fill the glass with ¾ of Champagne (must be served chill)

A splash of orange juice

A splash of pineapple juice

Add two slices of strawberries


I hope you have a successful Mother’s Day.

Happy Mother’s Day 2017