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Simple Care For Your Dishwasher

Rona Regan

Simple Care For Your Dishwasher

Fortunately, the majority of dishwasher hitches are avoidable with correct usage and proper maintenance.

The modern life conveniences in our homes today make life easy and save us a lot of time and labor. The dishwasher is among the precious appliances that make kitchen chores very easy. Additionally, it uses less water and less water heater energy as compared to washing dishes by hands.

However, you will notice that your dishwasher loses its cleaning efficiency or start to develop an odor over time. Your personal efficiency can also reduce when your dishwasher goes on a fritz or fails to deliver performance as it used to. Fortunately, the majority of dishwasher hitches are avoidable with correct usage and proper maintenance. Therefore it is crucial to care for your dishwasher and keep it in good running condition.

Here are some simple care tips that will ensure your dishwasher performs efficiently.

1) Scrape Food Off Before Loading

Dishwashers do not need you to rinse the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. However, they require that you scrap the food off using a rubber food scrapper. Removing the big chunks from the dishes prevents clogs once the cycle is over, increases efficiency and increases the service life of your dishwasher.

2) Avoid Overcrowding

Do not be tempted to layer in one more plate or bowl to avoid hand washing. Overcrowding the dishwasher can reduce its efficiency, and you may end up with less that clean dishes. Always remember that cookie sheets, big bowls, and other large items frequently block the spray of water from the arms hence preventing the flow of water from properly cleaning other items.

3) Clean Filters or Screens

Every dishwasher brand and model has a filter or screen designed to trap food waste. Remove the filter or screen, soak it in hot water, dish soap it, scrub it gently and rinse it to remove food residue. This prevents clogs and food wastes that have been trapped in the screen or filter from getting back on your dishes.

4) Ensure to Level Your Dishwasher

The appliance needs to be even on the ground to run efficiently and prevent leaks. Place a bubble level in the dishwasher to check that your dishwasher is level. If the washer isn’t level, adjust the legs or add a wedge to ensure it is properly leveled.

5) Clean the Sprayer Arm

The sprayer arm in the dishwasher sprays streams of hot water to the dishes, giving them a thorough cleaning. Over time, food deposits and other debris can clog the sprayer arm. It is important to occasionally clean these holes to enable the washer clean dishes more efficiently.

When cleaning the sprayer, remove it and soak it in warm vinegar for some hours to loosen the clog. Clean the sprayer with warm water and detergent and then wipe it down with a damp towel. It is however recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s manual for detailed instruction on how to remove and clean the sprayer.

6) Clean the Seals and Door

Washers have seals around the door rim to prevent the appliance from leaking while operating. Over time, food gets stuck on the door rims and can cause the seals to deteriorate, making the dishwasher leak. Regularly wipe down the door and rubber seals with a damp cloth, to avoid buildup of grime.

7) Do Not Use Hard Water

Do glasses and silverware emerge from your washer spotted and cloudy? Or do you notice whitish crust on your washer’s heating component? If yes, the problem could be as a result of using hard water. Hard water has a high level of magnesium, calcium and other minerals. These amounts of minerals can lead to rust, causing poor performance or even failure of some expensive parts like heating components and pumps.

If you use hard water, you may need to install a water softener to help your dishwasher work at its best.

8) Fight Mold and Mildew

It is normal for mold and mildew to develop in a dishwasher. Fortunately, it is easy to get rid of this problem. Run an empty wash cycle with two cups of apple cider or white vinegar or use liquid chlorine bleach. Run another empty cycle to ensure the bleach or vinegar is completely rinsed out of the dishwasher.

Observing these simple tips can make your dishwasher more efficient and prolong its service life. In case you encounter a serious problem, be sure to get help from your local plumbing experts.

Charlie Teschner started MESA Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling in 1982. Charlie has a journeyman and master plumber’s license. He was raised with a strong work ethic and he now applies those values to tasks such as Longmont, CO heating repair.

7 Important Traits of a Good Plumber!

Rona Regan

7 Important Traits of a Good Plumber!

You can face some recurrent plumbing problems in your residential and commercial properties like clogged drains, leakage of pipelines and tap ware, faucet problems and overflowing sinks and basins. If you face this kind of problem in your home then you need to hire a professional plumber. They can solve the problem within few hours, and they can also suggest you the possible safety measurement to avoid such issues in future. When you do not research well while looking for the plumbing professional, ultimately you may have to spend more money. Many people also keep the price charged as the utmost priority and hire the one that offers services at low prices without any research.

7 tips to Hire a Professional Plumber:

When you are looking for the plumbing professional, the professional you hire should possess a few qualities.  You need to check few features of the plumbing services before hiring them like license, certifications, experience and their price range.

  1. Punctual: There are professionals that give estimated time of arrival but only a punctual professional will give you an exact time and will be there as well. It is worth hiring a punctual professional for your service. If they do not arrive according to the appointment then you can avoid them because plumbers must meet the emergency issues, and they must solve the problems and save your time.
  2. Attention to Details: A good plumber is the one that pays attention to the details. To solve a problem, there needs to be proper planning and the professional should consider all the elements while planning. Along with that, you can also install some plumbing channels and accessories in your home, and the plumber must discuss with you about the details and plan the layout accordingly.
  3. Licenses: The plumbing professionals that you are willing to hire should possess a license. They should meet specific requirements as well as pass tests to get the license. Basically, the license ensures that the professional is experienced and knowledgeable to solve the plumbing issues. 
  4. Cleans the Mess: You need to hire the plumbing professional that cleans the mess as well. There are some that leave the mess for you and this is certainly not professionalism. Thus, make certain that you ask them about the services they provide before hiring. Also, ask them about the right way to dispose of the waste such as debris, wrappers, cut pipes etc.
  5. Clear Quotes: Before the work starts, a good plumber is the one who provides you with the clear quotes for the work. The quote needs to include all the necessary details with the labor cost. Usually, some do not include the labor cost and this creates a problem in the future. Therefore, you need to discuss about the price and then you have to make a signed agreement with the plumber before he starts the work.
  6. Rectifies the Issues: Even a professional can make mistakes, thus, in case there is any issue while doing the work, and then he should be willing to rectify it at the soonest. Also, in case you notice some problem, then you should be upfront and ask him to solve.
  7. Good Communication Skills: The plumber should have good communication skills in a way that he does not only listen to your problems but also understands it completely. Also, a good plumbing professional will make you understand what the problem actually is and how it could be solved. 

So now you can hire some professional plumber according to your budget and always check their insurance papers. If there are any damage or accident occurring during the repairing and installation process, then you would not need to pay any additional cost, the insurance company will bear this charges.

Guest Contributor, Jack Louis

How 5 Home Decorating Updates Can Raise Your Home Value!

Rona Regan

Home Decorating Updates Can Raise Your Home Value

How 5 Home Decorating Updates Can Raise Your Home Value!

Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place in the entire world where you would want to settle down after a long tiring day at work. No matter if you are off to an adventurous trip, hanging out with friends, off to a business meeting or anything else; your home is where you want to return to and relax while spending quality time with yourself or with your family. Therefore; your home should be a place which should display maximum levels of comfort and luxury.

If you are thinking of selling your home in near future; chances are that you will be able to get a good price of it if you take care of some simple few home décor steps.

Moreover, a neat and organized home is always worth a thousand bucks no matter if you are planning to sale it or not. Check out these 5 amazing home décor updates that can increase the worth of your home without making much effort about it.

1.     Take Care Of Your Kitchen:

You might take it for granted but kitchen décor holds the key towards a valuable home in every sense of the word. Therefore, special attention should be given towards adding more beauty and style to your kitchen.

You can add delicate glassware in crockery items or a modern cooking ware to the kitchen décor. Moreover, small plants can be placed in the window of your kitchen to add a touch of freshness to its overall ambiance.

2.     Furniture Is Important: 

Your choice of furniture says a lot about how important your home décor is to you. Since furniture is something that would not be getting changed so often; you have to check its durability and efficiency before making any purchase.

Over the recent years; the trend of adding leather sofa sets is very much in fashion especially in the living rooms and study rooms. Therefore; you can also increase the value of your home by buying one pair today! 

3.     Add Colorful Beddings: 

Give your bedroom that extra edge of style and comfort by putting funky colored bed spreads, cushion sets and pillows.

Floral bedding sets and animal printed comforters are very much in trend therefore you should go for one as well. Moreover, you can purchase matching curtains and carpets or rugs with your beddings to create a perfectly balanced ambiance. 

4.     Focus On Outdoors:

 If you intend to make your home the best one in town; you got to take one step ahead. Generally, we focus on the interiors of our homes but forget to take care of the exterior ambiance.

Since, the outdoors is the first thing that your visitors will notice; you need to decorate it more. Paint the main entrance door, take care of your lawns and clean your terrace. You will love your home more.

5.     Magic Of Artwork:

The artwork that you put up in your home will make it look magical and fascinating. Try adding a few black and white portraits or beautiful abstract paintings in your living room and bedrooms.

Not only artwork and pictures give your home a more vibrant and chic look but they also make it look more aesthetically appealing and hence more valuable.

Author Bio: 

This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at



Is It Significant Installing a Tankless Water Heater?

Rona Regan

Is it Significant Installing a Tankless Water Heater?

Who would not enjoy a leisurely bath after a long tiring day? A hot shower relaxes muscles and instantly relieves the person of the pressures. All that you need here is some quiet time and a tankless water heater to offer you hot water instantly. One can enjoy a hot shower instantly provided you have a continuous flow of water. Apart from a quick shower or a lazy bath, there are numerous benefits you can get from a tankless water heater.

Here Are Some Of The Advantages Of Installing Tankless Water Heater:

  • Heats Up Quickly: When you look at the gas heating system, you will find that the water heats up quicker this way. This is the most convenient way of heating the water especially in a household that has a lot of people. When you have kids or infants, you cannot afford to wait for the water to take a longer time to heat up. Hence, people invest in the gas hot water system. With regular maintenance, you can ensure that you have a continuous supply of hot water.
  • Energy Efficient: A tankless water heater is known to be an energy efficient system. The tankless water heater ensures that very little heat is wasted. This way it works out to be a better option to heat water as compared to a regular gas water heater. Additionally, you can choose a system wherein you can have hot water as and when you need. This means you will not have hot water running all the time thus saving the loss of water from the storage tank.
  • Eco-Friendly Alternative: If you are constantly on a look out for an environment-friendly way of living then tankless water heater is something that you should be looking forward to. The gas is the cleanest way of heating the water. When you compare this way of heating the water with any other method, you will find that there are no or very few emissions. Thus, there is not much impact on the environment. This system of heating the water leads to lesser air pollution. Hence, you can confidently invest in this technology.
  • Saves Energy Bills: The costs of electricity bills are increasing and you will not want to add up to the expenses. With a tankless water heater, you will not need to worry about the power bills. A gas system is much cheaper than the electricity or any other source of heating the system. Hence, if you have been complaining about increasing power bills, then you should be switching to a tankless water heater.
  • Fitting Options: When you choose the gas hot water systems to heat up the water, you can choose to get it fitted in the indoors or the outdoors. Depending on the space available to you for getting the system, you can easily pick on the spot. Unlike the other systems that have to be installed at specific locations, you will not have to worry about any such specifications with a tankless water heater.
  • Safety Settings: The user can access the system controllers to ensure that temperatures are just about right. One can use them for getting the desired temperature. The gas system comes with settings to help you not just control the temperatures but also manage other safety features. Additionally, you do not have to worry about leakage or corrosion when you have this system.

You can also access the gas system along with the solar heating system if you wish to. And, if you invest in the right brand, then you will not have to worry about replacing it for next 15 or 20 years.

Guest Contributor, 

Author Bio: Evan Javier

I am professional blogger specializing in all king of blogger such as health, travel, business, home and a lot more. Follow me on google+ and twitter.


Benefits of Hiring a Licensed Emergency Plumber

Rona Regan

Benefits of Hiring an Emergency Plumber

Plumbing issues are very unpredictable and can occur at any time especially when you are not expecting it. The worst time that it happens is when you are away from home and it just destroys everything. It pays to hire plumbers from time to time to check the home’s plumbing, but not all of us do it right! For those who haven’t experienced a plumbing emergency yet ask the ones who have and in addition consider the benefits of emergency plumbers discussed in this article. In such plumbing emergency scenarios, an emergency plumber can be a lifesaver. They not only can help you with any emergency plumbing problems but can also offer other benefits.

Plethora of Emergency Plumbing Services

In addition to being available in case of a plumbing emergency, emergency plumbers offer a plethora of other services too. They need to be equipped for any situation that may arise, be it a water heater breakdown, blocked drainage or a burst pipe. They need to have the expertise and tools to repair these in no time and you can be sure that an emergency plumber can come with the necessary skill set to tackle any tricky situation.

Customer-Oriented Service

Emergency plumbers keep their services available 24/7. They do not have fixed timings and adjust themselves to the needs of the customer. Their services are more customer-oriented and can deliver at even odd hours rather than insisting to their time slots. Despite this exclusive service their rates are quite nominal and almost at par with the regular plumbers. So, all you get is quality and reliable service.

Stress Free

This is probably the greatest benefit of hiring an emergency plumber form the perspective of the customer. Getting a plumbing emergency at odd hours can really be stressful and emergency plumbers understand that. Thus, they make their services available to you 24/7 so that you can relax with the thought that there is someone keeping your back. An emergency plumber usually comes insured and licensed so you can be again stress free that the job is being done by a professional.

Licensed and Insured

Emergency plumbers usually go through rigorous training to be well equipped, calm and composed in stressful situations. They get a licensed certificate as well as are insured so that you are not liable to any injury caused to the emergency plumber while you have hired their service. So, a licensed and insured emergency plumber means that you will receive the highest quality work and quick solution to your problem without any liabilities.

Regular Plumbing

 Emergency plumbers offer regular preventive plumbing services. So, you can hire their expertise to make sure that your home is free of any potential plumbing dangers. All their services come with a guarantee or warranty so you can be assured that their regular checkup is reliable and you will not face any issues in the future. Even their post plumbing emergency service comes with a warranty so you can be sure of a permanent solution to your problem.

With all these 24/7 benefits an emergency plumber can certainly prove to be a lifesaver. However, when opting for one, ensure that he has an appropriate license and insurance. Also, go through reviews or customer recommendations to know the quality of his work. All of this should be handled well in advance before a plumbing emergency arises rather than later when you are in a stressful situation. Use the services of an emergency plumber to carry out regular checkups and maintenance that can help avoid a plumbing emergency in the future. So, keep an emergency plumber’s contact handy and be stress free.

Guest Contributor, Melissa Hamler


How to Choose The Perfect Lighting for Your Bathroom

Rona Regan

How to Choose The Perfect Lighting for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are usually overlooked when it comes to design. Details, like lighting, are probably the most neglected part. People tend to choose the least expensive option, or the one that’s the easiest to install. However, bathrooms are an important part of our daily routines. Therefore, choose your lighting solutions meticulously, and you will immediately notice a difference in the overall ambiance.

Main light source

The best light source for any room is always natural light. It isn’t an option for many, but try to have as much of it as possible. If there is no chance to introduce natural light to your bathroom, think about installing a nice chandelier which will make the room appear spacious and inviting. However, with all that water running around this can be a bit dangerous if not done properly. Therefore, make sure you place it at least 3 feet away from the tub. Also, add a dimmer to this solution as you might want to dim the light by about 20 percent during the day.

Task lights

It’s important to have proper lighting for mundane bathroom tasks (like applying makeup, flossing or shaving). Mirror and vanities are the best places to hide a couple of stronger (75 to 100 watt) light bulbs. Put one light on each side of the mirror at about face level. If you place it higher than, you might not like the results. Use LED lights because they are much easier to control and dim. Don’t forget to place a small light above your storage area as well – it might come in handy.

Bathtub and shower

Bathtubs can be a bit tricky to properly illuminate. Aside from the various technicalities you’ll need to consider, this area is very private so keep that in mind as well when choosing the best lighting option. Furthermore, putting fixtures too close to the tub can be pretty dangerous. Most people decide to usewet location downlights, but those who have big bathrooms may also install spotlights. Trim lights which are pretty bright and cast a large shadow are the best solution for open showers. Since these come in direct contact with water, you should maybe consider having an electrician 24 hours at your disposal

Light bulbs

When choosing the right light bulbs, your primary concern should be the way their light affects your skin tone. Also, you should consider the impact they have on the environment and the amount of electricity they consume. Halogen bulbs are definitely a smart choice, but they are a bit pricey. On the other hand, you won’t have to change them very often which means that you might even end up saving some money in the long run. Fluorescent light bulbs are a close second when it comes to tone, and they consume 10 times less energy than other bulbs. It’s also important to check if the new light bulbs fit the traditional fixtures.

A new ambiance

It’s important to note that by changing the lighting, you might feel the need to change some other things in your bathroom, as well. This change may expose a problem with your paint, or make the old paint feel inadequate. Also, by introducing a different light a room can seem more spacious, so you might want to add mirrors or a couple of other smaller decorative items.

Choosing the right lighting solution for your bathroom is much more art, than it is science. It’s good to have an overall vision of the atmosphere you wish to create, but unless you try a few ideas out, you won’t be sure which of them actually work.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

How To Bring Your Poolside Back To Life

Rona Regan

How to Bring Your Poolside Back to Life

We can all agree: Having a pool is awesome! Still, there is a bigger picture. Your swimming pool can be the centerpiece of an area where you, your friends and family spend a lot of time. Just imagine spending days on end lounging about, bathing in the sun, relaxing, while in the evenings it becomes pool-party central. If you want to enjoy this lifestyle and bring your poolside back to life, here’s some advice on how to achieve it.

Create Multiple Lounge Areas

When planning the layout of your pool area look to create multiple hangouts. Think bar, lounge area, and even a couple of hidden nooks for some relaxing me-time. The more zones you create the more your poolside area will be able to accommodate different occasions. Make sure that at least one chill-out zone is beneath a roof, so you can continue enjoying your poolside area even in the rain.

Get a Daybed

Incorporating an outdoor daybed into your pool area is a great way to spend time out in the sun or beneath the stars. Contemporary outdoor daybeds come in a number of designs, which means they can easily fit the general style of your poolside area. When positioning your daybed, make sure that it is close to the pool. This allows you to enjoy the company of a good book as soon as you exit the pool.

Add Some Shade

In most cases, poolsides are open-spaced areas, which means the summer sun can be a problem. To avoid sunburn, it’s a good thing to add some shade around your pool. However, this doesn’t mean adding some tacky sun umbrellas. Get inspired by the latest pool shade designs, and you just might consider incorporating a streamlined shade sail, a modern pergola or a couple shade canopies for your poolside area.

Incorporate a Natural Design

A more natural take on your pool area can also add some much-needed shade, and create an oasis Mother Nature would be proud of. Instead of a timber deck, today’s hardscaping professionals can easily use natural rocks and stones to outline your pool. Similarly, a landscape architect can be commissioned to incorporate more greenery into your backyard that will merge with the existing plant life.

Add a Fire Pit

A fireplace isn’t reserved only for winter or your living room. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is one of the latest trends in poolside design. The contrast of fire and water adds a dramatic effect to the poolside area, which is both visually alluring and cozy. The flickering fire also adds warmth on chilly nights when you and your guests don’t have to move the party inside just because it suddenly got colder.

Illuminate Your Pool

Light up your poolside area with captivating swimming pool lights to create a magical evening atmosphere. The lighting designs come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional to colorful flatball LEDs and floating lighted pool fountains. Whatever you choose for your swimming pool, you can be sure that the lights will illuminate your entire backyard.

Choose Wooden Furniture

When thinking about deck or patio furniture, think comfort and natural materials. In recent years, wooden furniture is featuring more and more in poolside and backyard design. Choose wooden deck chairs, or set of yard chairs made from natural materials. You can also shouldn’t forget a decent coffee table, when friends come over or just to have a place for your drink next to your deck chair.

Get Some New Cushions and Pillows

The little time you won’t spend swimming you’ll probably want to spend it in comfort. This is why it is so important to update your cushions, regardless of the chairs you have. Outdoor cushions can give your patio furniture a fresh look at a low price. In case you don’t like cushions for some reason, you can opt for pillows instead. Create an Oriental-styled nook near your pool by getting some floor pillows.

All these ideas are just here to inspire you and breathe in some new life into your poolside area. The possibilities are endless, but remember, it is up to you to choose the final solution.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors

Tips On Repairing And Installing Colorbond Guttering 

Rona Regan

Tips On Repairing And Installing Colorbond Guttering

The colorbond guttering system deteriorates much faster than expected. So it is essential to have the proper materials as well as workmanship to create an efficient gutter. The gutters that are made of aluminium are of top quality and are steady. It is also resistant to rusts and leaks. The modern guttering system and downpipes is a perfect complement of the roof. It also guarantees a premium finish to your home that is considered to be ideal. The experts use high quality materials for gutters to match the roof of the house. You can find a variety of colors to create modern gutters.

What Is Colorbond Guttering? 

The steel gutters are found to be resistant, durable as well as stylish, and these are their basic characteristics. You can choose from the various options available, if you want to create a stylish gutter. You can find them in a wide range of colors and they can be installed very fast and have a strong exterior coating. This protects the gutter from damage that is derived from flaking and peeling. If you compare steel gutters with that of aluminium, the former is much more affordable. The colorbond gutters as they are called are very durable and resistant to leaks and rust over a period of time.

The colorbond guttering system primarily takes away the waterfalls from the front door. The top-quality gutters are installed to get the best results you need. The manufacturers of gutters have products that will have a weather-resistant finish. The gutters that are painted are available in different ranges of gloss. You can choose either attractive colors or just plain steel gutters. The selection can be done as follows:

·       The Ace Nu-line is one kind of gutter that is a combination of gutter and fascia. This can be installed directly on the roof rafters without the use of timber fascia.

·       Ace Mini-line is a small version of gutter that is attached to the fascia through brackets. It has a certain amount of water capacity containing overflows at the front. This is ideal for areas that have heavy downpour.

·       The square line is the third type of gutters ideal for car ports and garages. This is folded at the corners so that the need for brackets is eliminated. The external angles are also not in use. It has special features like the overflow, so works wonders in areas with heavy rains.

·       The gutters that are semicircular in shape are common type of gutters. This shape is highly advantageous with respect to water capacity and travel speed. It is much better than the conventional gutters that can be self-cleaned.

·       The round line gutters have the features of a cylindrical shape but as a flat back that does not need brackets. This also can be self-cleaned.

How Are Gutters Repaired?

·       The gutters will definitely deteriorate after a period of time. They rust from inside out particularly around corners. The rust is also seen where the water accumulates due to lack of fall in the gutter system. The water is eventually directed towards the downpipes.

·       The gutters therefore should be repaired which is a straight forward process. You can then either cut out or replace the sections that are affected. You can even treat and address the issue from within the gutter.

·       The last option is to apply an anti-oxide paint which may be a temporary solution.

·       The last solution is the replacement of colorbond guttering but not repair. This is cost effective to the homeowners and can be installed by a license plumber.

The most chosen of them is the aluminum gutters by homeowners. This is because it will not rust and are long lasting. This is the best and ideal solution for replacement of gutters.

Guest Contributor, Amelie Lawrence

Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen During a Super Bowl Party

Rona Regan

Top Ten Worst Things That Could Happen During a Super Bowl Party!!!

  1. Running out of food
  2. Running out of beer
  3. Allergic reaction to food
  4. Someone taking the game to serious and ruining everyone else's fun
  5. Double dipping
  6. Not enough appetizers
  7. TV not working
  8. Toilet backing up
  9. Your team losing the game
  10. Your child is not letting you watch the game

Top Ten Foods For Super Bowl Parties

  1. Chili
  2. Pizza
  3. Chicken Wings
  4. Tacos
  5. Nachos
  6. Italian Beef
  7. Meatball Subs
  8. Hamburgers
  9. Hot Dogs
  10. Loaded Fries

To get into Super Bowl spirit we made our own home made chili. Watch it and enjoy.