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How To Bring Your Poolside Back To Life

Rona Regan

How to Bring Your Poolside Back to Life

We can all agree: Having a pool is awesome! Still, there is a bigger picture. Your swimming pool can be the centerpiece of an area where you, your friends and family spend a lot of time. Just imagine spending days on end lounging about, bathing in the sun, relaxing, while in the evenings it becomes pool-party central. If you want to enjoy this lifestyle and bring your poolside back to life, here’s some advice on how to achieve it.

Create Multiple Lounge Areas

When planning the layout of your pool area look to create multiple hangouts. Think bar, lounge area, and even a couple of hidden nooks for some relaxing me-time. The more zones you create the more your poolside area will be able to accommodate different occasions. Make sure that at least one chill-out zone is beneath a roof, so you can continue enjoying your poolside area even in the rain.

Get a Daybed

Incorporating an outdoor daybed into your pool area is a great way to spend time out in the sun or beneath the stars. Contemporary outdoor daybeds come in a number of designs, which means they can easily fit the general style of your poolside area. When positioning your daybed, make sure that it is close to the pool. This allows you to enjoy the company of a good book as soon as you exit the pool.

Add Some Shade

In most cases, poolsides are open-spaced areas, which means the summer sun can be a problem. To avoid sunburn, it’s a good thing to add some shade around your pool. However, this doesn’t mean adding some tacky sun umbrellas. Get inspired by the latest pool shade designs, and you just might consider incorporating a streamlined shade sail, a modern pergola or a couple shade canopies for your poolside area.

Incorporate a Natural Design

A more natural take on your pool area can also add some much-needed shade, and create an oasis Mother Nature would be proud of. Instead of a timber deck, today’s hardscaping professionals can easily use natural rocks and stones to outline your pool. Similarly, a landscape architect can be commissioned to incorporate more greenery into your backyard that will merge with the existing plant life.

Add a Fire Pit

A fireplace isn’t reserved only for winter or your living room. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is one of the latest trends in poolside design. The contrast of fire and water adds a dramatic effect to the poolside area, which is both visually alluring and cozy. The flickering fire also adds warmth on chilly nights when you and your guests don’t have to move the party inside just because it suddenly got colder.

Illuminate Your Pool

Light up your poolside area with captivating swimming pool lights to create a magical evening atmosphere. The lighting designs come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional to colorful flatball LEDs and floating lighted pool fountains. Whatever you choose for your swimming pool, you can be sure that the lights will illuminate your entire backyard.

Choose Wooden Furniture

When thinking about deck or patio furniture, think comfort and natural materials. In recent years, wooden furniture is featuring more and more in poolside and backyard design. Choose wooden deck chairs, or set of yard chairs made from natural materials. You can also shouldn’t forget a decent coffee table, when friends come over or just to have a place for your drink next to your deck chair.

Get Some New Cushions and Pillows

The little time you won’t spend swimming you’ll probably want to spend it in comfort. This is why it is so important to update your cushions, regardless of the chairs you have. Outdoor cushions can give your patio furniture a fresh look at a low price. In case you don’t like cushions for some reason, you can opt for pillows instead. Create an Oriental-styled nook near your pool by getting some floor pillows.

All these ideas are just here to inspire you and breathe in some new life into your poolside area. The possibilities are endless, but remember, it is up to you to choose the final solution.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors