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How 5 Home Decorating Updates Can Raise Your Home Value!

Rona Regan

Home Decorating Updates Can Raise Your Home Value

How 5 Home Decorating Updates Can Raise Your Home Value!

Your home is your sanctuary. It is the place in the entire world where you would want to settle down after a long tiring day at work. No matter if you are off to an adventurous trip, hanging out with friends, off to a business meeting or anything else; your home is where you want to return to and relax while spending quality time with yourself or with your family. Therefore; your home should be a place which should display maximum levels of comfort and luxury.

If you are thinking of selling your home in near future; chances are that you will be able to get a good price of it if you take care of some simple few home décor steps.

Moreover, a neat and organized home is always worth a thousand bucks no matter if you are planning to sale it or not. Check out these 5 amazing home décor updates that can increase the worth of your home without making much effort about it.

1.     Take Care Of Your Kitchen:

You might take it for granted but kitchen décor holds the key towards a valuable home in every sense of the word. Therefore, special attention should be given towards adding more beauty and style to your kitchen.

You can add delicate glassware in crockery items or a modern cooking ware to the kitchen décor. Moreover, small plants can be placed in the window of your kitchen to add a touch of freshness to its overall ambiance.

2.     Furniture Is Important: 

Your choice of furniture says a lot about how important your home décor is to you. Since furniture is something that would not be getting changed so often; you have to check its durability and efficiency before making any purchase.

Over the recent years; the trend of adding leather sofa sets is very much in fashion especially in the living rooms and study rooms. Therefore; you can also increase the value of your home by buying one pair today! 

3.     Add Colorful Beddings: 

Give your bedroom that extra edge of style and comfort by putting funky colored bed spreads, cushion sets and pillows.

Floral bedding sets and animal printed comforters are very much in trend therefore you should go for one as well. Moreover, you can purchase matching curtains and carpets or rugs with your beddings to create a perfectly balanced ambiance. 

4.     Focus On Outdoors:

 If you intend to make your home the best one in town; you got to take one step ahead. Generally, we focus on the interiors of our homes but forget to take care of the exterior ambiance.

Since, the outdoors is the first thing that your visitors will notice; you need to decorate it more. Paint the main entrance door, take care of your lawns and clean your terrace. You will love your home more.

5.     Magic Of Artwork:

The artwork that you put up in your home will make it look magical and fascinating. Try adding a few black and white portraits or beautiful abstract paintings in your living room and bedrooms.

Not only artwork and pictures give your home a more vibrant and chic look but they also make it look more aesthetically appealing and hence more valuable.

Author Bio: 

This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at



Why Don't They Have a Course in College on How to Properly Maintain Our Biggest Investment?

RH Business Marketing Solutions

Maintain Your Biggest Investment!

They teach us almost everything we need to know about life in school. The college I attended had an unlimited number of courses you could take. It was great, they taught me how to make money, how to manage it, but not how to manage my biggest investment. Since your home is one of the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime, they should have taught How to Maintain Your Biggest Investment.

You spend most of your life working. Working to buy a house, working to buy a car, working to pay off school, working to pay for your family’s necessities, working to pay for vacations, and working because unfortunately most of us aren’t Trust Fund Babies.

After working year after year, and saving your hard-earned money, you finally decide to purchase a beautiful home that will house your growing family. Time goes by and you realize it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. You are responsible for every single little thing in that house. Congratulations!

If you’re a handy man, everything might come easy to you, or you already know the right people to call. If you’re everyone else, you hate when something goes wrong in your home. “Why me? Why do the God’s hate me?” You must understand that there is a theory behind all of this: you didn’t maintain your house, you neglected your home dwelling. You were too busy working.

Did your house come with instructions? Mine didn’t. Nobody thought me what to maintain in my house. I just learned as things broke or decided to not function properly anymore.

·       Check your roof for leaks, water damage, mold, or anything that looks out of place.

·       Check your walls for leaks, water damage, or stains.

·       Check your gutters, they are probably filled with leaves, clean them.

·       Check your plumbing, inside and outside of the house.

·       Check your water heater, learn how it works and how to maintain it.

·       Check your furnace, learn how it works and how to maintain it. Please change the filter monthly.

·       Check your Central Air.

·       Check your vents. Yes, clean them.

·       Check your dishwasher, make sure the pipes are fine.

·       Check your garbage disposal, maintain it monthly. Stop putting everything done the disposal.

·       Check your washer/dryer. Gas line, drains, and electric.

·       Check your refrigerator, is your ice line hooked up correct?

·       Check your stove, is you gas line connected properly?

·       Check your Fuse Box, make sure it was installed by a Licensed Electrician.

·       Check your windows, walk around your house and make sure that they were properly installed. They need to be sealed around the edges.

·       Check your outlets, walk around your house and inspect every single outlet. Do you have kids? Make sure they are covered.

·       Check your sump pump, does it run/pump when it’s raining for proper drainage?

·       Check your ejector pump, if you have a bathroom in your basement, you should have an ejector pump. Make sure it’s not clogged, and it’s pumping.

·       Check your smoke detector, change the batteries when needed.

·       Check your carbon monoxide detector, change the batteries when needed.

·       Always make sure you have extra batteries around your house.

·       Always make sure you have extra light bulbs around your house.

This is just a basic list. You should know how to take care of everything or have the correct person ready to tackle the job.

Your home is your biggest investment, maintain it!

Increase The Value Of Your Home By Upgrading Your Backyard!

RH Business Marketing Solutions

Summer is here, everyone loves having a gorgeous outdoor area to host their friends and family. If you would like to add value to your home, upgrade your outdoor living area. Click on the link to get 25 Backyard Ideas To Increase Value & Lots Of Family Fun