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5 Fun and Practical Tips For Moving

Rona Regan

5 Fun and Practical Tips For Moving

For you to move from your old home or apartment into a new one you must first take a lot of factors into consideration. If you make a detailed plan and stick to it, you should have no trouble with the whole process. But moving can be much more than simply lifting furniture and moving boxes from A to B, it can be a lot of fun as well. To help you have a safe and efficient move and have fun at the same time, we have singled out a couple of easy-to-follow steps.

1. How to pack your clothes

One of the most important items that we need to take care of while moving is our clothes. We are most concerned about keeping the clothes undamaged, therefore, consider placing your clothes in plastic bags along with the hangers so that you can easily take them out and store them in the wardrobe in your new home or apartment. Another great idea that will help you save more space while packing your clothes is to roll them. Make sure to explore different methods of packing your clothes the safest way possible.

2. Use smaller boxes

Believe it or not, smaller boxes can actually help you store more. Sometimes you don’t need that much space for your items. This way you won’t clog up unnecessary space in the moving truck, and unloading your items will be more efficient and practical. Don’t forget to label the boxes according to their contents, for example, paint the boxes that contain fragile items red. Don’t forget to cut out the handles so that you can carry the boxes more easily. For the safest and most efficient transportation of your possessions we recommend hiring skilful movers from the Moveage Group.

3. How to protect your fragile possessions

Another great idea for protecting your fragile possessions such as porcelain and ceramic dishes is to wrap them in old clothing that you don’t use anymore. This way you will protect them from sliding side to side in the moving truck and possibly breaking. Moreover, you can use old clothing to protect other fragile items such as vases and lamps. Another great way ofprotecting your dishes is to place a Styrofoam plate between plates while you stack them. This way the stack of plates will have stability during the transportation and they won’t get scratched.

5 Fun and Practical Tips For Moving Blog Post 4.jpg

4. Transportation of heavy items

 If you have a lot of heavy items, you have to think about transportation methods that include wheels. You should consider using suitcases with wheels since they are extremely practical at transporting small but heavy items. For larger items like bookshelves and wardrobes it is best to disassemble them if possible for easier transportation. If you don’t want bookshelves and heavy furniture to ruin the floor of your new home or apartment we suggest investing, or borrowing, carts. They won’t damage your floor and will ensure a time-efficient moving process.

5. Finding the right packing supplies

Getting packaging boxes can sometimes be quite stressful and difficult. You can try asking big retailer stores for some because they receive large shipments of merchandise daily, which means that there is chance that they will be willing to part with some. Another great place to look for boxes is furniture stores. These stores can probably give you boxes of various shapes and sizes which is good if you have a lot of

As we can see it doesn't take much effort to turn a difficult moving process into a fun activity. All it takes is careful planning and patience.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

Hiring Drain Cleaning Service Experts

Rona Regan

Hiring Drain Cleaning Service Experts

A lot of homeowners will suffer from common clogged drains. It is advisable to get all this repaired and cleaned at the earliest convenience. Just from minor trouble to one major nightmare, drain blockages will surely cause too much damage if left unattended. This is the reason you will have to start looking for professional plumbing service provider that can help you clean and repair the blocked drains in your property. Apart from that, you should know the cause of clogged drains. A few items that are mostly known to cause blocked drains are: plastic, garbage, toilet paper, and wet wipes are the biggest problems for blockage in the drainage system. Also, there is a big possibility that your drainage system gets clogged at the exterior part, and it mainly happens due to garden particles and tree roots. Therefore, by hiring a professional drain cleaner, they will identify the exact cause of your blocked drain and resolve the blockage.

Mentioned below are different blocked drain issues which you can get professional assistance for:

1.)    Blocked Sink Drain:

As everything manages their way down the drain, bathroom sinks and kitchen sinks are known to face the clogging problems very often. If you have encountered such a problem before and know that home remedies do not provide an instant solution, then hire an expert plumbing service.  You can also try out some DIY methods to clean the drain, you can pour hot water with cleaning solution into the drain. Or you can use a hanger to plug out the garbage from the drain. However, these are simple solutions for bigger problems, and you cannot fully clear the drain by trying these DIY methods. So, it is best to hire a professional and have them clear your drain.

2.)    Clogged Sewer:

Tree roots are said to be the biggest culprits of blocked drains and clogged sewer lines. One of the issues with tree roots in the line is finding out about the blockage, which, without a video camera inspection it will be very difficult to diagnose. When you hire a professional drain cleaner, you can be sure of the solution. Plumbers and Drain Cleaners have the knowledge and equipment to discover the root cause. Their machines include, rodders, jetters, video cameras, hydraulic root cutters and much more.

3.)    Blocked Toilets:

Managing blockage in toilets is very tricky and might also be difficult at times. Treating this as an emergency issue, is essential that you start looking for plumbing services providers who specialize in blocked drains. An emergency plumber who can pop open a blocked drain with a rod machine right away is always great. They will be able to give you a few pointers on how to keep it open and how to maintain the drain.

How Would You Hire A Professional Drain Cleaning Service Who Specializes In Blocked Drains?

Finding the perfect drain cleaning service provider who specializes in blocked drains will make a big difference. You don’t want a trainee to tackle all your plumbing issues, you want an experienced person. Always hire an experienced blocked drain cleaning service provided who can handle your complicated tasks within a short time.

  • If you choose to clean the blocked drain yourself, you might have to take off work of time away from your schedule and it will take you all day. If you don’t have the machines needed, you’ll need to rent them. But, if you hire a professional drain cleaning service provider you can stay relaxed. They will do all the work and will accordingly find a good solution for your needs.
  • If you do not know the exact plumbing problem, trying to learn as you go might not work for you. You will end up wasting your efforts and might end up causing damage to your property. With the help from an expert plumbing service provider, it will be easy for you to preserve the beauty of your property.

Looking for an expert blocked drains cleaning service is not a daunting task at all. You can refer to your local classifieds or look up on the internet to find the right service provider for your needs.

Guest Contributor, Adam Wilson

What Are The Various Services Provided By Commercial Plumber?

Rona Regan

What are the Various Services Provided by Commercial Plumber?

Be it a business owner, a restaurant manager, or commercial complex developer; a leaky tap or a clogged pipe can spell disaster and even force one to shut shop for several days, till the issue is resolved. Precaution is better than cure! Why not opt for Commercial Plumbing services that can help alleviate such worries.

What are Commercial Plumbing services?

They are companies either networked or have a dedicated team of specialist plumbers. They provide planning consultancies, installations, as well as maintenance and repairing of pipes and plumbing fixtures for residential as well as commercial offices/ complexes, etc.

Commercial Service Company vs. Local Plumber

There are a number of reasons why to opt for a Commercial service provider for your plumbing needs:

  • They are fully equipped with the right tools. Some tools are expensive, but make the job easier.

  • They have specialist plumbers, according to the nature of the requirement. Not everyone knows everything. Face it, sometimes even your handyman plumber for 15 years may not have the expertise to deal with new plumbing problem.

  • They are more organized, as they provide fixed or contractual quotations. Local Plumbers may start the service with a quote depending on the nature of the requirement.

  • They can help plan plumbing layouts or repairs efficiently, while maintaining municipal codes. Local plumbers may not be aware of many municipal codes and make violations or take risks cutting down the bill.

  • They have a fast response system to attend to emergencies. Individual plumbers may have long waiting times.

How to choose the right Commercial Plumbing Service Provider?

It is not just about getting the work done, but getting it done well. When it comes to such basic services required to keep your business up and running.  Keep these pointers in mind when looking for a suitable service provider:

  • Look for yellow-page listings and online/offline review

Check for approvals and proper licensing of the company you may be considering. Companies with proper listing are bound to be more trustworthy and will do a good job.

  • Look for establishments that have been around for a while

The credibility and trust in a company depends on the years of experience behind it. The reputation they have gained through years of satisfactory services. However, there may be a few exceptions of technologically advanced newcomers.

  • Look for the Big names in the business

Though, they may be slightly more expensive, they offer a wide range of services like: Installation of water savers, waterproofing, laying pipelines for the sewage/plumbing system, replacing toilets, Repair and fixing of fixtures like shower heads, screens, faucets, etc.

  • Look for convenience

There are many service providers, who are now available 24 X 7 and have a response window as small as 60 minutes to deal with emergencies.

  • Look for One Point Contact

Choose a company that deals with varied supporting services such as, gas fitting, air-conditioning, boilers, Heating systems, fire-sprinklers, etc. Getting most of your work done under one roof removes the need to chase five different people for different aspects of plumbing requirements.

  • Look for Support

Service providers that offer regular plumbing checks and maintenance contracts are always a good option. They help minimize losses at the times of emergencies. Some companies also provide advice on the types and brands of plumbing equipment to invest in to give better performance.

This may sound like a little too much for something as small as a plumbing job, but getting right Commercial Plumbing services is apt with the saying ‘A stitch in time saves nine!’

Guest Contributor, Amelie Lawrence

Tips To Follow Before Bathroom Renovations

Rona Regan

Tips to follow before Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom is considered as a space which freshens you up. It is thus important to ensure that your bathroom has all things you need to charge you up.  A drab and dull bathroom can play ‘spoil-sport’ to the total look of your home and could ruin your mood. Before you dive head-on to renovate your bathroom, it is wise to consider specific points. Think of planning a bathroom of your dreams by giving this renovation enough of thought and a little effort. In case you are ready to spend a bit more, you should think of taking the help of professional designer.

These tips can help you with bathroom renovation: 

Budget Considered

Keeping your budget in mind can be of a great help. You can choose the fixtures per this. Make sure you include the cost of labor when fixing your budget. There are multiple designs in bathroom renovations and choosing one in accordance to a fixed budget is advisable. By doing so, you can avoid over-spending. 

Modifications Required

Decide whether you are looking for a total renovation or are you interested in specific modifications. This can include changing the tub or the fixtures or only get the bathroom painted, or even changing the tiles. A small change here and there can make a lot of difference to this space. You can get a rough idea by going through the different bathroom design on display online.

Damage Internally

Water leakage and pipes which are cracked or broken can cause a disaster. Get this inspected before you opt for any modification. These hidden problems are most of the time overlooked by most homeowners.

Storage considered

A well-designed bathroom will have enough and more space for storing toiletries. This help in giving the bathroom a neat and tidy look. All your toiletries should be well organized and easily accessible.

Design and Style

The style of a bathroom depends on the choice of the home owner. You can opt for a totally different look as compared to the rest of your house or you can choose a design which complements the home. You can also opt for a traditional look which is unique.


Ensure you include the accessories in your budget. It does not make sense to get the whole bathroom renovated and leave the old accessories. This tends to spoil the look you have tried to create.


Proper lighting can enhance the remodeled bathroom. Not having enough lighting can cause problems when using this space. Make sure you have enough and more light in that bathroom especially if you have children or elderly people using the bathroom. 

Heating system

Placing the water heater in an unobtrusive way needs to be taken into consideration. Water heaters can become an eye sore in an otherwise beautiful bathroom.

Long-Term Arrangement

If you intend staying put in the same house for a long time, make sure to design your bathroom to accommodate the elders who are living with you as well as be of benefit to your growing children, especially to use the commode, step out of the bathing tub, walking independently to and from the bathroom door, etc.

Selecting a Contractor

A contractor who is well reputed and has the required experience needs to be chosen. Take your time and ask around. You can even conduct your search online as there will be numerous information listed about designers and contractors in your locality. Check out the reviews and narrow your choice in accordance with your requirement. Do not overlook the price factor. Compare three or more quotes before you settle for a specific contractor for bathroom renovation.

With the above-mentioned factors, you can, for sure, get the bathroom of your choice, well within your budget.

Guest Contributor, Emma Smith

5 Tips To Make Every Room In The House Stylish

Rona Regan

5 Tips to Make Every Room in the House Stylish

Stylish and nicely decorated home feels much better and is much more attractive than a home that’s filled with clutter. Thanks to the various interior design ideas, now you can turn your plain-looking home into a sophisticated living area you’ll enjoy every day. If you don’t really know where to begin and how to turn your living room, bathroom and the rest of the house into a chic place, check out the following suggestions.

Reduce Clutter

Clutter is the last thing you want in your home. Cluttered home represents a cluttered mind, so be sure to keep the house as neat as possible and you’ll see that you’ll feel both better and able to enjoy your home. Any garbage, leftovers, and knickknacks you don’t really need around should be disposed of. Just keep the necessities and either throw away the rest or give it to charity. Clutter tends to accumulate fast and if you don’t pay attention, you’ll easily end up with a pile of magazines next to your sofa and with too many little figurines cramping your shelves.

Keep Stuff Where it Belongs

In addition to removing the clutter, you should also make sure to keep things in their place. This means keeping the children’s toys in the toy crates or boxes, and kitchen accessories and utensils in the drawers or pinned to a wall. You can organize the kitchen supplies any way that it works for you as long as the kitchen counters and the rest of the room are neat. Use shelves in the living room to stack books, flowers or any decorative items you like and it will look chic and well-organized.


Decorating the living room will give it a special touch and add your trademark to it.  Adding a stylish rug to the space or putting a pair of fashionable curtains is a great way to make the room look sophisticated. Pieces of art, such as paintings and sculptures, bring out the best in a room, so feel free to decorate the area by hanging some paintings on the walls. Flowers and scented candles will be a perfect touch to your otherwise plain living room.

Redesign the Bathroom

Believe it or not, the bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that leaves the strongest impression on your guests. Therefore, it’s imperative that you add a bit of glam to it. A stylish mirror with built-in lights is a great way to make the bathroom look glamorous. Furthermore, you can find excellent shower screens in Brisbane that will hide the tub, and turn the bathroom into a pretty-looking space. Browse through several stores and pick those that are both affordable and trendy. Additionally, think about remodeling the entire bathroom by placing a new set of tiles, sink and toilet as well. White is the best choice, with a mixture of black or grey.

Lighting Makes a Difference

Lighting plays a huge role in your home design, so be sure your living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are properly illuminated. Go for LED instead of incandescent bulbs and have the gorgeous lighting in every room. What’s more, install a fashionable chandelier or vintage scones on the walls and transform the room entirely.  Just be careful ‒ always think about the size of the room first. You don’t want to end up with an enormous chandelier in a 10room.

Making the home look stylish has never been easier. If you get rid of all the clutter and keep things where they belong, you’ll create a comfortable home in no time. Be sure to dedicate some time to remodeling the bathroom and installing proper lighting, so that your home can look stylish and chic.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith


Introduction To Instant Hot Water Heaters & It's Benefits: Tankless Water Heaters

Rona Regan

A. O. Smith Tankless Water Heater

Introduction To Instant Hot Water Heaters & Its Benefits: Tankless Water Heaters

Instant hot water is of the latest products of advanced technology. Technology never fails to amaze people with the usefulness of new products that make our life better and convenient. These water heaters have changed the way people heat water, just like the introduction of how microwave changed things for the food industry. Instant water heaters are also known as tankless water heaters. They heat water on demand and also save energy required to heat water in your home. These tankless heaters are readily available on both power sources like the gas and electric. Many companies realized the benefit of these heaters and provide quality instant heaters for residential and commercial usage. 

People who follow tight schedule cannot afford to waste time waiting for the hot water to get their work done. They have other things which need to be attended to that gets hampered and delayed. For people who enjoy leisure showers, this concept will change their life as they don’t have to wait or face any kind of discomfort of hot water running out. These heaters are the one stop solutions for their problems. This heater come in various sizes and can also heat the water for the entire house. The size of your water heater will mostly depend on the requirement. 

There are many benefits of using tankless water heaters than the old tank heaters. These are more efficient and cost effective than the standard water heaters. The amount of energy they require is less than the traditional water heaters. Hot water is available as soon as you turn the tap on. Instant water heater ensures that you get a steady flow of hot water as long as you want to stay in the shower. They also come with a thermostat control with which you can set the temperature. If you have a big house with many bathrooms, you can install more than one tankless water heater to save yourself the trouble when every morning people in your family go for a shower at the same time, you need not worry about who gets the last drip of hot water from the tank. 

The place where you live and your geographic location also play an important part in the usage of these heaters. It’s pretty simple to understand that people who live in a colder climate will require hot water as a basic necessity to survive from the cold and also for carrying out their daily household chores like dish washing, laundry, bathing etc. The energy that will be required to heat up in a warmer climatic zone will be less as compared to colder climate. Before you make any purchase make sure you select the ideal water heater looking at your geographical zone. By carrying out this research you will come to know which type of water heater model is suitable for your location. 

These tankless water heaters are slowly gaining a lot of importance and popularity because they require less maintenance. They are the ideal option for houses which do not have a large amount of space as these heaters are compact and require less space. 

Many house owners prefer this instant hot water heater as they end up costing less in the long run. It is also environment-friendly. They are used both for commercial and residential applications. Make sure you do your part of research before you opt for instant water heaters. Also, keep in mind the budget. You will not only save money but also water if you introduce these instant hot water heaters into your home. Online stores may at times offer good discounts on these products making it cheaper.

Author Bio:

Joseph Webb is an excellent blogger and philosophers, His keen observation to provide useful information which helps readers to get more ideas. He can be found on Google+ and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.

**Our favorite tankless water heater brand to install is A.O. Smith. We have had a GREAT success rate with their Tankless products.

6 Things You Need To Do Before You Move Into A New Place

Rona Regan

6 Things You Need to Do Before You Move into a New Place

Starting a life in a new home can be exciting, but calls for certain precautions. While you may want to just lay down the furniture, create a unique layout of your favorite pieces in the house, and start enjoying your new home, you must check for leaks, breakage and clean up the house. However, there is a bit more to the entire pre-moving process.

Check the Leaks

Double-checking the plumbing in the house, as well as the potential fuse box malfunction is essential before you move into a new home. While your inspector should notify you about possible plumbing damages beforehand, they may overlook this step. That’s why you should be attentive and check if there are any broken pipes or damaged faucets. Better safe than sorry.

Pest Control

It’s vital that you check if there is any pest problem that needs to be solved. Therefore, if you have time, be sure to go to your new home a day or two before you move in, and contact the exterminator. Set a few bug bombs or have the exterminator spray the place before all the furniture is in the house. This way, it’ll be easier for you to catch the insects and rodents than when the entire place is fully furnished.

Change the Locks

When you’ve taken care of all the possible pests and checked the leaks, it’s time to secure the home against burglars. Changing the locks on the exterior doors is paramount; so, be sure to do it as soon as possible. What’s more, start building your security system by installing an alarm. No matter how safe the neighborhood is, a burglar will use any opportunity to break in and make your house a mess. 

Clean the House

Hygiene is vital in every home; so, before you move in, be sure that the place is spotless. No matter how clean the house may look, start from scratch and wash everything. Get the buckets, brooms, mops, and a vacuum ready, and clean the entire place up. When you’re done with sweeping, washing and vacuuming, don’t forget to check the garage as well. Maybe some of the rubbish has left there from the previous owners, so you should clean it and make room for your own workshop. It’s essential that everything is clean and tidy so that all the tools, screwdrivers and Allen key sets can be properly organized when you start moving in.

Paint the Walls

Once the house is cleaned up, you should also consider painting the walls. While the color of the walls might be the one you already like, you should still think about painting them altogether. Not only for the aesthetic reasons, but for the hygienic ones as well. What’s more, if the walls are slightly damaged somewhere, this will require some professional help. That’s why you should hire someone to help you with the remodelling, and speed up the process.

New Switch Plates

Dirty and discolored cover plates are common in many houses. What’s more, mismatched outlets and rusted or damaged air vent covers shouldn’t surprise you either. This is especially true if the house is old and it hasn’t been renovated for a while. Therefore, we suggest you change the outlets after you have painted the walls, and have a brand new home to live in.

Every house needs a few fix-ups before it becomes a home for a new family. Therefore, be sure to check for any pest problems, leaks, and electricity malfunction. What’s more, clean the place from top to bottom, paint it the way you like it, and secure it against burglars. Only then will you be able to live in a fabulous home, and have a peace of mind.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith


Understanding Blocked Drains and Ways To Prevent Them

Rona Regan

Understanding Blocked Drains And Ways To Prevent Them

The familiar sound of gurgling from the drain and overflowing is taxing for everyone, especially for the residents. Blocked drains are frustrating plumbing problems for residents and can occur in various places including toilets, storm water lines, kitchens, and bathrooms. These blocked drains are often caused because of negligence and disposal of waste in the wrong way. However, as they say, old habits die hardly and thus it is a serious concern leading to over clogging, blockage of pipes creating havoc in your bathroom, kitchen and other areas of the house too. So, here is a guide to handle these issues.

Understanding causes of blocked drains

The little things add up to drainage issues rather than short-term problems. Here are some of the most common ones. If your answer checks the yes in most cases, then you are also the victim to this issue-

  • Throwing waste right down the drain is perhaps one of the biggest issues that most people face with clogging of drains. In this case, bigger chunks of foods and other particles block your drains.
  • Another common cause of these blocked drains would have to be the use of grease or animal fat that goes down the drain. These butter, oil, etc. eventually sticks to the side of the pipes. In such cases it causes other particles to stick there thus clogging the drains more.
  • Last, but not the least do remember that hair particles, throwing little plastic things into your drain, etc. too leads to clogging. Another aspect here is that many people do throw sanitary napkins into the drains, which causes clogging. So beware of these.

Managing blocked drains

There are different ways to manage and care your drains. You can manage blocked drains in the following ways. Here, are some ideas that can be helpful.

Think of preventive measures

One of the best thing you can do is, try to prevent the clogging of these drains bystop throwing things into them. So as a rule of thumb, rather than disposing grease directly into the kitchen pipe, use a bin. In addition, for the bathroom use the drain covers that covers properly and allow only water to flow thus, preventing your hair and other such elements from going into the pipe and causing blocked drains.

Do regular cleaning

There is no doubt that regular maintenance is something that will improve the life of your drain and help you to ensure that your drains don’t clog that easily. So, the first step to keep in mind here is that you should opt for simple and regular cleaning methods. There are a few effective methods. Some of them are:

  • Draining down hot water every night or every 2-3 days through the drain is known to prevent blocked drains. It helps in getting rid of stubborn fat and other greasy elements.
  • You can also make a solution using baking soda, hot water, and vinegar and pour it down the lane. Just make sure that you don’t use the drain for the next few hours or so after doing this.
  • Beside these, there are also a lot of regular drain cleaners available in the market. These are simple commercial ones available at grocery markets or departmental stores. Get one of these and use as instructed to prevent the blocked drains.

Do keep in mind that rather than calling a plumber, these measures to fix and prevent clogging of drains are more effective. Not only will you be able to save time and drainage hassles, but also prevent wastage of money, which a plumber would charge for cleaning up your drain.

Guest Contributor, Amelie Lawrence 


Several Splendid Bathroom Window Treatments

Rona Regan

Several Splendid Bathroom Window Treatments

One thing is certain, the bathroom is a private sanctuary designed for relaxing experiences and coming up with ground-breaking inventions while on the throne. So, it goes without saying that bathroom windows should give you a feeling of privacy and security without the risk of giving the neighbors something to talk about. Unless you are a complete extrovert and a bit of an exhibitionist, that is.

Either way, your bathroom windows should complement the bathroom with their own style and décor, and that is why you should read the following ideas for some wonderful window treatments that will brighten up the room and create a feeling of comfort, privacy and relaxation.

A Classic Shade

You can create a feeling of a hot relaxing day at the beach by hanging roman shades on the windows. Their shorter style and checkered patterns will complement the brightness of the day and produce just enough shade so that you are not blinded by the sun, while the color patterns can go with almost any type of bathroom décor.

You can also lower the shade if needed but it’s mostly suited for fixed treatments. These shades usually come in a warm brown color tone and the fabric complements the tones found throughout the rest of the bathroom in both tiles and cabinetry.

A Paris Café Curtain

A mid-window café curtain perfectly complements and gives a finishing touch to an elegant bathroom. Place the curtain on the lower half of the window so that it ensures privacy and gives that cute café window feeling while you’re taking a relaxing bath. This option also enables plenty of sunlight to penetrate the bathroom, giving it a vivid look.

You can choose from a range of patterns and colors that best fit your bathroom décor, so opt for a curtain that will complement the furniture as well as the tiles. Try breaking the monotony of the bathroom by using interesting patterns and subtle colors that will break the conventional white colors of the elements like the bathroom and the toilet.

An Earthy Feel

If you’re someone who loves nature and the feeling of the outdoors, then try treating your bathroom windows with some woven window shades that give the room an earthy and organic feel and come in beautiful wooden patterns that will not only provide privacy but also enable you to control the amount of light coming in.

These shades work with almost any design scheme and combined with some beautiful flowers and plants, they will give a finished look to the room. You can also control the level of privacy by lowering the black-out fabric that most of these shades have.

Floor-length Curtains

Floaty and wave-like curtains come in many colors and patterns and you can use them a number of ways. In order to make the room feel like a beautiful personal oasis, a bright white color is the best choice. You can tie them up or let them hang freely, either way, they will provide complete privacy while letting in loads of sunlight.

Wooden Blinds

A classic solution for bathrooms with privacy issues, especially those situated on the ground level, are the wooden blinds. Usually, these blinds come in plain white, various types of brown colors and even black. They are very easy to operate and provide plenty of privacy with the turn of the wand. They can also provide plenty of sunlight so you have options to choose from. The added benefits are their resistance to moisture when you apply a good finish, and that they are cleaned easily.

Window Films

This is a relatively inexpensive solution to both privacy and protective issues in terms of sunlight protection, heat accumulation and glare reduction. Window films can provide the privacy you need without compromising sunlight and they are a very popular option among homeowners and people whose windows are situated at ground level.

Because of their protective features from sunlight and unwanted glare, a solar control window film combined with double glazing will ensure you have a private environment with all the benefits of full natural lighting, but without the downside heat accumulation.

A Matching Chevron Shade

If you don’t have privacy issues, either because your bathroom is positioned in such a way or it’s your personal choice, you can choose to install a valance or a flat shade that you won’t have to lower too often. Use the same window fabric as the shower curtain to promote cohesion and color patterning in the bathroom.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors


Dishwasher: How To Put Your Name On It!

Rona Regan

Dishwasher: How to Put Your Name on It

So you have decided it’s high time you went shopping for a new dishwasher after the old one finally broke down, but not before flooding the floor, because it had to go out guns blazing. Well, you’re in luck, because modern dishwashers do pretty much anything along with dishwashing. If you manage to find one that has the morning coffee ready when you wake up, let us now. Until then, with so many choices to choose from on the dishwashing market, let’s take a look at how to choose the perfect one for you.

The Aesthetics

There are plenty of models to choose from and you can opt for a modern, drawer dishwasher or a more traditional look that opens from the top down. A drawer dishwasher can usually be installed at various heights depending on your choice and preference.

Traditional dishwashers are still the most popular and they come in all shapes, colors and sizes, much like the drawer ones, but their doors open from the top. These conventional devices can be installed in accordance of the décor of the room, giving it a clean, complementary look all around.

How Many Tiers

Many modern dishwashers have a third rack built in for storing utensils, which makes them a bit cleaner and easier to unload. Still, plenty of people prefer the adjustable rack rather than a third one as it allows them to adjust the space according to the washing loads. This way you can move the rack to accommodate large pots and pans and the other, to place plates and utensils.

The Performance

Typically, drawer dishwashers can be loaded a bit easier and can handle lighter loads more efficiently, saving time and resources. But that ultimately boils down to the dishwasher itself and you can find more traditional models that are optimized for the exact same type of performance.

However, if you have a family and constantly have large loads of dishes to wash, then a traditional high-top dishwasher would be best suited for your needs. Try to find one that works quietly, so you can keep your sanity while spending time in the kitchen.

On the other hand, when you live in a small place, either alone or with one other person, you would be best off with a smaller, portable dishwasher designed for smaller loads that won’t consume as much energy and water. These options are not only eco-friendly, but also very budget-friendly.

Choosing environmentally-friendly appliances is very important nowadays, not only because it’s a worldwide trend, but because the earth needs your help. A good example of a modern, eco-friendly model is the latest Viking dishwasher that uses small amounts of resources and is silent in the process, as well. With the growing scarcity of natural resources like energy and clean water, you should do your best to contribute to the preservation of the environment by choosing dishwashers that conserve resources and utilize only as much as needed.

The Material

Always opt for a stainless-steel dishwasher; it will be a good long-term investment. Also, be sure to check the arms on the bottom of the dishwasher to check the material – the stainless-steel ones are generally sturdier; they generate better water pressure and have bigger holes. All of this contributes to the amount of water the dishwasher needs to use in order to get the dishes clean. And in this case, it’s far less than models made of different materials.

Think of the Future

Don’t think of the dishwasher as a short-term investment, it’s actually supposed to last you nine to twelve years. If you want your new dishwasher to last as much as the old one did for your parents, then you’ll have to take good care of it, but also opt for a high-quality model that will prove to have been worth the cost. The fact that it will last you for years to come gives you plenty of time to return your investment.

Choosing the right dishwasher can be a rather simple process, if not an enjoyable one, provided you have valuable tips such as these to guide you. Be sure to take your time in finding the perfect match for your home and you can enjoy your sparkling new dishwasher for years to come.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors