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Several Splendid Bathroom Window Treatments

Rona Regan

Several Splendid Bathroom Window Treatments

One thing is certain, the bathroom is a private sanctuary designed for relaxing experiences and coming up with ground-breaking inventions while on the throne. So, it goes without saying that bathroom windows should give you a feeling of privacy and security without the risk of giving the neighbors something to talk about. Unless you are a complete extrovert and a bit of an exhibitionist, that is.

Either way, your bathroom windows should complement the bathroom with their own style and décor, and that is why you should read the following ideas for some wonderful window treatments that will brighten up the room and create a feeling of comfort, privacy and relaxation.

A Classic Shade

You can create a feeling of a hot relaxing day at the beach by hanging roman shades on the windows. Their shorter style and checkered patterns will complement the brightness of the day and produce just enough shade so that you are not blinded by the sun, while the color patterns can go with almost any type of bathroom décor.

You can also lower the shade if needed but it’s mostly suited for fixed treatments. These shades usually come in a warm brown color tone and the fabric complements the tones found throughout the rest of the bathroom in both tiles and cabinetry.

A Paris Café Curtain

A mid-window café curtain perfectly complements and gives a finishing touch to an elegant bathroom. Place the curtain on the lower half of the window so that it ensures privacy and gives that cute café window feeling while you’re taking a relaxing bath. This option also enables plenty of sunlight to penetrate the bathroom, giving it a vivid look.

You can choose from a range of patterns and colors that best fit your bathroom décor, so opt for a curtain that will complement the furniture as well as the tiles. Try breaking the monotony of the bathroom by using interesting patterns and subtle colors that will break the conventional white colors of the elements like the bathroom and the toilet.

An Earthy Feel

If you’re someone who loves nature and the feeling of the outdoors, then try treating your bathroom windows with some woven window shades that give the room an earthy and organic feel and come in beautiful wooden patterns that will not only provide privacy but also enable you to control the amount of light coming in.

These shades work with almost any design scheme and combined with some beautiful flowers and plants, they will give a finished look to the room. You can also control the level of privacy by lowering the black-out fabric that most of these shades have.

Floor-length Curtains

Floaty and wave-like curtains come in many colors and patterns and you can use them a number of ways. In order to make the room feel like a beautiful personal oasis, a bright white color is the best choice. You can tie them up or let them hang freely, either way, they will provide complete privacy while letting in loads of sunlight.

Wooden Blinds

A classic solution for bathrooms with privacy issues, especially those situated on the ground level, are the wooden blinds. Usually, these blinds come in plain white, various types of brown colors and even black. They are very easy to operate and provide plenty of privacy with the turn of the wand. They can also provide plenty of sunlight so you have options to choose from. The added benefits are their resistance to moisture when you apply a good finish, and that they are cleaned easily.

Window Films

This is a relatively inexpensive solution to both privacy and protective issues in terms of sunlight protection, heat accumulation and glare reduction. Window films can provide the privacy you need without compromising sunlight and they are a very popular option among homeowners and people whose windows are situated at ground level.

Because of their protective features from sunlight and unwanted glare, a solar control window film combined with double glazing will ensure you have a private environment with all the benefits of full natural lighting, but without the downside heat accumulation.

A Matching Chevron Shade

If you don’t have privacy issues, either because your bathroom is positioned in such a way or it’s your personal choice, you can choose to install a valance or a flat shade that you won’t have to lower too often. Use the same window fabric as the shower curtain to promote cohesion and color patterning in the bathroom.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors