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6 Things You Need To Do Before You Move Into A New Place

Rona Regan

6 Things You Need to Do Before You Move into a New Place

Starting a life in a new home can be exciting, but calls for certain precautions. While you may want to just lay down the furniture, create a unique layout of your favorite pieces in the house, and start enjoying your new home, you must check for leaks, breakage and clean up the house. However, there is a bit more to the entire pre-moving process.

Check the Leaks

Double-checking the plumbing in the house, as well as the potential fuse box malfunction is essential before you move into a new home. While your inspector should notify you about possible plumbing damages beforehand, they may overlook this step. That’s why you should be attentive and check if there are any broken pipes or damaged faucets. Better safe than sorry.

Pest Control

It’s vital that you check if there is any pest problem that needs to be solved. Therefore, if you have time, be sure to go to your new home a day or two before you move in, and contact the exterminator. Set a few bug bombs or have the exterminator spray the place before all the furniture is in the house. This way, it’ll be easier for you to catch the insects and rodents than when the entire place is fully furnished.

Change the Locks

When you’ve taken care of all the possible pests and checked the leaks, it’s time to secure the home against burglars. Changing the locks on the exterior doors is paramount; so, be sure to do it as soon as possible. What’s more, start building your security system by installing an alarm. No matter how safe the neighborhood is, a burglar will use any opportunity to break in and make your house a mess. 

Clean the House

Hygiene is vital in every home; so, before you move in, be sure that the place is spotless. No matter how clean the house may look, start from scratch and wash everything. Get the buckets, brooms, mops, and a vacuum ready, and clean the entire place up. When you’re done with sweeping, washing and vacuuming, don’t forget to check the garage as well. Maybe some of the rubbish has left there from the previous owners, so you should clean it and make room for your own workshop. It’s essential that everything is clean and tidy so that all the tools, screwdrivers and Allen key sets can be properly organized when you start moving in.

Paint the Walls

Once the house is cleaned up, you should also consider painting the walls. While the color of the walls might be the one you already like, you should still think about painting them altogether. Not only for the aesthetic reasons, but for the hygienic ones as well. What’s more, if the walls are slightly damaged somewhere, this will require some professional help. That’s why you should hire someone to help you with the remodelling, and speed up the process.

New Switch Plates

Dirty and discolored cover plates are common in many houses. What’s more, mismatched outlets and rusted or damaged air vent covers shouldn’t surprise you either. This is especially true if the house is old and it hasn’t been renovated for a while. Therefore, we suggest you change the outlets after you have painted the walls, and have a brand new home to live in.

Every house needs a few fix-ups before it becomes a home for a new family. Therefore, be sure to check for any pest problems, leaks, and electricity malfunction. What’s more, clean the place from top to bottom, paint it the way you like it, and secure it against burglars. Only then will you be able to live in a fabulous home, and have a peace of mind.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith