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Bathroom Design Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

Rona Regan

Bathroom Design Mistakes You Don't Want to Make

Bathrooms are often neglected when it comes to redecorating and renovating – they’re usually seen as nothing but necessary while, in fact, a bathroom can be one of the best places in the house. It can be your private oasis but, unlike your bedroom, is easily accessible to your friends and household members and therefore it should be spotless and thoughtfully designed. In all that mess about the renovation, it’s easy to make a design mistake you’re going to regret, so here are the most common ones when it comes to bathrooms.

Layout issues

In order to avoid mistakes in bathroom layout, you should have a detailed plan about how your bathroom should look. Messing up the electrical outlets and light switches is pretty common and that’s how you end up with a lack of outlets close to the sink and a light that can be turned only from the inside of a bathroom. The same goes for the layout of bathroom fixtures. Ask any interior designer and they’ll tell you the same thing – a toilet shouldn’t be the first thing you can see when you open the bathroom doors nor should it take the spotlight. Furthermore, keeping the toilet and the shower separated can be even better – especially if there’s a line in front of your bathroom in the morning when everyone’s getting ready.

A lack of storage

Although it might not seem like that, bathrooms require a lot of storage space. This depends on your lifestyle, of course, but you’ll definitively need room for hair styling products and tools, makeup, towels, medicine, and other bathroom necessities. If you give it some thought, you’ll see that everything in a bathroom can serve as a storage space – behind the mirror, under the sink, on the walls. Make use of baskets, stylish shelves, hooks and get creative with bathroom storage space. Having enough storage can help the bathroom look nicer, as well – having too many knickknacks lying around will make it look cluttered and messy.

Size matters

It’s true that size matters, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that bigger is always better. On the contrary, many people make this mistake and then end up with a huge bathroom space they don’t know how to fill. Regardless of its size, a bathroom needs to be functional and balanced and that’s not always easy to figure out on your own. That’s why letting professionals who have experience with complete custom bathroom renovations do the job might be a good idea – they can offer you initial consultations using 3D modeling technology and thus help you design the bathroom you have always dreamed of.

Not lighting it properly

All interior designers agree on one thing – bad lighting is the number one enemy of the good design. Besides, getting the light right in the bathroom is of utmost importance since that’s the place where you probably do your makeup and freshen up.  To illuminate the face, for example, having one ceiling light is not enough – you’ll need task lights around the mirror. Make sure they’re on all sides of the mirror, to avoid any shade on the face. Besides artificial, natural lighting matters, too, so having at least one window is a must. Daylight will make your bathroom look airy and spacious, not to mention how much easier it will be to keep it fresh. It’s also important for keeping the mold at the bay, so make use of windows if you have the chance.

Having a bathroom renovation is a great chance to show off your creative potential and have some fun along the way. Keep these common mistakes in mind and make sure you think everything through and, soon, you’ll have the bathroom of your dreams.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors

Tips To Follow Before Bathroom Renovations

Rona Regan

Tips to follow before Bathroom Renovations

A bathroom is considered as a space which freshens you up. It is thus important to ensure that your bathroom has all things you need to charge you up.  A drab and dull bathroom can play ‘spoil-sport’ to the total look of your home and could ruin your mood. Before you dive head-on to renovate your bathroom, it is wise to consider specific points. Think of planning a bathroom of your dreams by giving this renovation enough of thought and a little effort. In case you are ready to spend a bit more, you should think of taking the help of professional designer.

These tips can help you with bathroom renovation: 

Budget Considered

Keeping your budget in mind can be of a great help. You can choose the fixtures per this. Make sure you include the cost of labor when fixing your budget. There are multiple designs in bathroom renovations and choosing one in accordance to a fixed budget is advisable. By doing so, you can avoid over-spending. 

Modifications Required

Decide whether you are looking for a total renovation or are you interested in specific modifications. This can include changing the tub or the fixtures or only get the bathroom painted, or even changing the tiles. A small change here and there can make a lot of difference to this space. You can get a rough idea by going through the different bathroom design on display online.

Damage Internally

Water leakage and pipes which are cracked or broken can cause a disaster. Get this inspected before you opt for any modification. These hidden problems are most of the time overlooked by most homeowners.

Storage considered

A well-designed bathroom will have enough and more space for storing toiletries. This help in giving the bathroom a neat and tidy look. All your toiletries should be well organized and easily accessible.

Design and Style

The style of a bathroom depends on the choice of the home owner. You can opt for a totally different look as compared to the rest of your house or you can choose a design which complements the home. You can also opt for a traditional look which is unique.


Ensure you include the accessories in your budget. It does not make sense to get the whole bathroom renovated and leave the old accessories. This tends to spoil the look you have tried to create.


Proper lighting can enhance the remodeled bathroom. Not having enough lighting can cause problems when using this space. Make sure you have enough and more light in that bathroom especially if you have children or elderly people using the bathroom. 

Heating system

Placing the water heater in an unobtrusive way needs to be taken into consideration. Water heaters can become an eye sore in an otherwise beautiful bathroom.

Long-Term Arrangement

If you intend staying put in the same house for a long time, make sure to design your bathroom to accommodate the elders who are living with you as well as be of benefit to your growing children, especially to use the commode, step out of the bathing tub, walking independently to and from the bathroom door, etc.

Selecting a Contractor

A contractor who is well reputed and has the required experience needs to be chosen. Take your time and ask around. You can even conduct your search online as there will be numerous information listed about designers and contractors in your locality. Check out the reviews and narrow your choice in accordance with your requirement. Do not overlook the price factor. Compare three or more quotes before you settle for a specific contractor for bathroom renovation.

With the above-mentioned factors, you can, for sure, get the bathroom of your choice, well within your budget.

Guest Contributor, Emma Smith

Some Do’s and Don’ts While Bathroom Renovations!

Rona Regan

Some Do’s and Don’ts While Bathroom Renovations!

Bathroom renovations are considered to be one of the smartest home enhancements. This is because such kind of renovations can help in gaining around 70% of returns on the investment made. Bathroom is not just an ordinary room and so proper care needs to be given. It involves a lot of complicated things which includes plumbing needs, special lighting and managing several things in restricted space. This makes renovation task as one of the challenging things and it is not as simple as a living room or bed room.

In case you want to make bathroom renovations simple for you then there are some of the top things that you need to keep in mind. When you know the dos and don’ts of this kind of renovations you will not face much complexity. It will also help you in making the renovation successful.

Some Do’s of Bathroom Renovations

  • It is best to hire a builder for managing the renovation project. The builders have the experience of carrying out such work and so can properly manage the project considering every detail. Keep one thing in mind that a small mistake can prove to be expensive and so it is better to hire a builder. They are professionals and can make sure that you get the best results.
  • Do choose a proper finish. Bathrooms are rooms that become outdated very soon. Hence, in case you want to have a long lasting design then make sure that you choose timeless finishes rather than going for trendy stuff. In order to have timeless look make sure that you select high end and neutral finishes.
  • Do try maximizing your storage options in the bathroom. There are chances that you might be considering to keep linens, towels, cleaning supplies and toiletries in your bathroom. In such cases, you need to make sure that you consider having wall shelves or ceiling storage. When you consider having such options installed you will be able to maximize the storage space in the bathroom.

Some Don’ts of Bathroom Renovations

  • Don’t think about doing it on your own. This project comprises of many complex things like waterproofing which is tough to handle on your own. There are lots of people who purchase waterproofing gears from the stores and do it on your own. However, down the line fixing the problem of leakage can prove to be expensive. Also, it involves installation of different appliances and if this is not done in the right manner then it can be a complete disaster and waste of money.
  • Don’t fail to pay attention to the overall design of the home. It is crucial that your bathroom design compliments your overall design of the home. You should never consider expensive renovation ideas that are completely different from the rest part of the home. If the bathroom design is different, then your home becomes tough to sell. Rather than this, pay attention to safety, storage and functionality of the bathroom.
  • Don’t consider changing ventilation and plumbing. These are actually the two significant aspects of the bathroom. You need to know that making drastic changes to the plumbing can prove to be expensive. Rather, if you are doing renovations near the already existing plumbing it can be economical. Also, ensure that you do not block the source of ventilation. In case there is already existing ventilation then make the best use of it as it helps in preventing mold.

These are some of the things that you need to take care of when you are considering to remodel your bathroom. If you would like to know more then click here and get some more useful information.

Author Bio:

Joseph Webb is an excellent blogger and philosopher, His keen observation to provide useful information which helps readers to get more idea. He can be found on FacebookGoogle+ and on Twitter as @aussiesmag.