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5 Fun and Practical Tips For Moving

Rona Regan

5 Fun and Practical Tips For Moving

For you to move from your old home or apartment into a new one you must first take a lot of factors into consideration. If you make a detailed plan and stick to it, you should have no trouble with the whole process. But moving can be much more than simply lifting furniture and moving boxes from A to B, it can be a lot of fun as well. To help you have a safe and efficient move and have fun at the same time, we have singled out a couple of easy-to-follow steps.

1. How to pack your clothes

One of the most important items that we need to take care of while moving is our clothes. We are most concerned about keeping the clothes undamaged, therefore, consider placing your clothes in plastic bags along with the hangers so that you can easily take them out and store them in the wardrobe in your new home or apartment. Another great idea that will help you save more space while packing your clothes is to roll them. Make sure to explore different methods of packing your clothes the safest way possible.

2. Use smaller boxes

Believe it or not, smaller boxes can actually help you store more. Sometimes you don’t need that much space for your items. This way you won’t clog up unnecessary space in the moving truck, and unloading your items will be more efficient and practical. Don’t forget to label the boxes according to their contents, for example, paint the boxes that contain fragile items red. Don’t forget to cut out the handles so that you can carry the boxes more easily. For the safest and most efficient transportation of your possessions we recommend hiring skilful movers from the Moveage Group.

3. How to protect your fragile possessions

Another great idea for protecting your fragile possessions such as porcelain and ceramic dishes is to wrap them in old clothing that you don’t use anymore. This way you will protect them from sliding side to side in the moving truck and possibly breaking. Moreover, you can use old clothing to protect other fragile items such as vases and lamps. Another great way ofprotecting your dishes is to place a Styrofoam plate between plates while you stack them. This way the stack of plates will have stability during the transportation and they won’t get scratched.

5 Fun and Practical Tips For Moving Blog Post 4.jpg

4. Transportation of heavy items

 If you have a lot of heavy items, you have to think about transportation methods that include wheels. You should consider using suitcases with wheels since they are extremely practical at transporting small but heavy items. For larger items like bookshelves and wardrobes it is best to disassemble them if possible for easier transportation. If you don’t want bookshelves and heavy furniture to ruin the floor of your new home or apartment we suggest investing, or borrowing, carts. They won’t damage your floor and will ensure a time-efficient moving process.

5. Finding the right packing supplies

Getting packaging boxes can sometimes be quite stressful and difficult. You can try asking big retailer stores for some because they receive large shipments of merchandise daily, which means that there is chance that they will be willing to part with some. Another great place to look for boxes is furniture stores. These stores can probably give you boxes of various shapes and sizes which is good if you have a lot of

As we can see it doesn't take much effort to turn a difficult moving process into a fun activity. All it takes is careful planning and patience.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith