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Tips To Pull Off A Gorgeous Eclectic Design

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Tips to Pull Off a Gorgeous Eclectic Design

Eclectic design is super attractive. It’s full of freedom, mismatched items and fun colors. However, because it’s so hard to define, creating a beautiful eclectic space is not an easy task, especially if you don’t want to end up with an overly kitsch home. Luckily, here are a few tips that will help you create a successful eclectic design that matches your lifestyle and feels just right!

Start from scratch

This is a trick that many interior designers swear by: every time you’re designing a new look, start with a blank canvas. Since the eclectic look is definitely in-your-face and very eye-catching, starting with a neutral background is a great idea to avoid creating an overwhelming space. While neutral colors like white, gray and beige instantly come to mind, you can also opt for various natural materials like wood and stone. They are eco-friendly and look neutral, but are also warm and inviting.

Coordinate your colors

Many people think that nothing is supposed to match in eclectic design. However, that’s not true! The key is in coordinating your colors that will allow you to create a successful design and a coherent space. For instance, choose a color that can be introduced in multiple areas in your home and use it on everything from textiles to art and paint. Opt for a variety of different prints and patterns in your chosen color to stay true to your eclectic design yet subtly pull the room together.

Add statement pieces

Every space needs a statement piece that will be the star of the show. No matter if you opt for an art piece or a furniture item, this is the element that will make your eclectic design come to life. So, don’t hesitate to make it bold and make it big. In this case, forget everything about coordination, because you want your statement piece to pop. Even your quirky collection of items can serve as a focal point. For instance, if you’re an avid comic book fan or someone obsessed with music, there are super cute bobbleheads in all styles and themes that can be grouped together. These figurines will look amazing when displayed on your shelf and will definitely start a few conversations. All in all, find something you like, make it stand out and you have your statement piece!

Find balance

The goal of every interior is to have balance in symmetry and scale. Even if you have furniture in different styles, textures or from different periods, you can still use similar lines and sizes to create a sense of harmony. Your space is meant to be lived in, so don’t sacrifice good layout and organization for forced diversity.

Mix textures

In order to add more interest to your eclectic home, try to invest in different textures. When you combine rough and smooth textures, you can opt for a simpler color palette and still have a fun and quirky space. For instance, think fluffy pillows, shaggy rugs, rough wooden furniture and smooth, polished finishes. Combine them and your home will be full of surprises.

Think outside the box

The eclectic look has no clearly defined rules, so take advantage of that and let your mind play with different ideas and solutions. Grab an item and find a new and unusual use for it or instead of throwing something away, repurpose it and give it new life. This process is super fun and will give your space character and interest—that’s what eclecticism is all about!

Creating a successful eclectic look is all about achieving balance. Don’t give yourself too many limits, but also don’t go crazy. Eclectic design can easily get out of hand if you’re not paying attention! So, keep these tips in mind, be moderate but let your imagination fly high.

 Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

How to Cut Down on Energy Waste

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How to Cut Down on Energy Waste

There are a few reasons a household should worry about energy consumption. First of all, reducing your energy consumption is a good way to save money because bills can add up, and by just changing your behavior slightly, you can have greater control over how much you’re spending.

However, there’s more to it than just being careful with money. Cutting down on energy consumption is also an eco-friendly thing to do and that’s something modern homeowners need to think about. Our actions in this regard matter more than you think and small personal changes could actually have an effect on global environmental issues.

LED Lights

Lights are probably the biggest source of energy waste in an average household. There are a few ways to cut down on energy consumption when it comes to lights and most of them don’t require any significant investment. Start by changing the light bulbs to LED ones. This might be a bit pricey, but you can do it in phases. This is definitely a smart investment because LED light bulbs can last for years.

It’s also a good idea to install a timer that will turn off the lights when you’re not using them. That means much more than you might think since we often forget to turn off the light.


Ordinary household appliances can waste quite a lot of energy, especially if they are old and not maintained properly. First of all, purchase the appliances that are designed to save electricity. They usually cost a bit more, but they are definitely worth it in the long run.

It’s also important to maintain your appliances on a regular basis, instead of waiting for them to break down. Having a local electrician on speed dial can help with this. Scheduling a visit with an electrician from Castle Hill in advance can prevent problems that might lead to energy waste.

Heating and AC

It’s a thin line when it comes to managing heating and AC in terms of energy waste. The goal should be to cut down on the wasteful spending, but it isn’t an area in which you should sacrifice your comfort. There are ways to have both, but you need to have your family’s needs in mind when making the decision.

Adjust the temperature based on the weather outside, instead of keeping the thermostat on a designated number. A similar effect can be accomplished by making sure that your AC system is in good condition. This can be achieved by changing the filters on a regular basis. This should be done every six months and it usually doesn’t require professional assistance.

Energy Providers

In the end, there’s a great saving tip that most homeowners tend to forget about. Changing the electricity provider can give you access to a variety of discounts or simply to a lower price that comes with negotiating a better deal.

Another option is to install solar panels that will cover a portion of your energy needs. This will also lower the bills since you’ll be using much less electricity directly from the grid. There are also ways to store solar energy that make the transition process easier than it ever was.

Cutting down energy consumption can usually be done just by changing your behavior slightly. It’s also important to rely on professionals to help you maintain your devices and let you make the most of them.

Guest Contributor, Amelia Atkins