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Design Tips Perfect for Older Adults

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Design Tips Perfect for Older Adults

While not everyone can completely remodel their home to fit their aging needs, there are a few design tips that can ensure every older adult has a more pleasant and safer life. The best way to start your renovation is to look at senior homes and seek some inspiration for safe and stylish senior life. Let’s see what older adults need and prefer when it comes to interior design.

Practical entryways

Every house starts with a good entryway, so make sure to make it practical and safe. For instance, fumbling for keys while you hold grocery bags can cause you to get distracted and lose your balance. So, it can be smart to place a small table or bench next to your entrance. This addition will not only boost the practicality of your entryway but also increase its aesthetic appeal.


Safe bathrooms

Many falls at home happen right in the bathroom due to slippery showers, baths and floors. So, consider investing in practical grab bars you can find in many places in senior care facilities. These ensure a more practical and safer entrance and exit out of the bath. But, their stainless steel look can also boost elegance in your space. You can also place them next to your toilet for when you need extra support getting up. Additionally, consider ditching baths and investing in a practical step-in shower and hand-held showerhead. This combination will ensure the most practicality and style.


Good lighting

Any dark corner, poorly-lit room and shady stairway can result in a potential fall or a bump. This is especially important for stairs, hallways and entryways that usually hide the biggest number of obstacles, so it’s no wonder every modern aged care facility is well lit from the entrance to the last room. For instance, if you look at retirement living at Mark Moran Vaucluse you can see that the facility is filled with layered light, both natural and artificial. Their design experts chose to shower the rooms with light to prevent injuries and promote wellbeing. So, make sure to take inspiration from these respectable facilities and light up your space, especially those nooks that can hide sharp corners and other hazards.


Smart doors

In order to boost mobility between rooms, try to invest in pocket doors. They always stay out of the way when opened and they prevent them from getting caught on clothing or walking aids. Additionally, you can also replace all your doorknobs with more practical levers. These are easier to grip and handle, especially for seniors with arthritis and similar afflictions.


Easy-to-climb stairs

For older people, stairs are often a true nightmare. They are exhausting and dangerous, so make sure to equip any stairs in your home with handrails, preferably on both sides. Clearly visible and separate steps can also make your ascend and descend safer, even if your vision is impaired. There are cheap stickers you can get that will allow you to mark your steps and prevent trips and falls.


Anti-slip floors

Oftentimes, danger lurks under your feet. With age, you start to lose your balance and speed, so slips can end up with a serious injury. The easiest way to prevent slips yet keep your home stylish is to invest in nonskid mats under your rugs. If you use a walker or wheelchair to get around, it’s best to opt for a low-pile carpet that won’t get caught in your wheels and walkers. You can also ditch your area rugs and embrace the popular minimalist style that’s also very easy to keep clean.

If you follow these senior design tips, you’ll have a home that will allow you to age with grace, safety and style. You’ll get to enjoy your home for many, many years to come, but whenever you notice you can’t take care of your safety, make sure to find a good senior care facility.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

Ending Your Plumber Problems

Rona Regan

Ending Your Plumber Problems

Everyone is aware about the importance of a plumber. Whenever you face any discrepancy in your drainage system or sewerage you immediately look for a plumber to get it sorted. Life without water is an unwanted condition which calls for emergency attention and to ease this pain, the person you need remember is a plumber.

Yes, apparently it seems that there are many plumbers available but at the same time you also need to understand the seriousness of the situation. You will come across many mechanics but you just cannot trust anyone. You need to be certain about the quality of their work. And there are similar other stuffs that need to be addressed while choosing a plumber.

We are living in an age of advanced electronics and technology and using them you can get hold of anything you want or anything you need. Thus, go through the points and prepare yourself for your future search for plumber that suits both your house and your pocket.

Quality expected for this job

You can always negotiate about the price but make sure to never compromise with the quality of the work because a bad work will result in problems that will lead to repeated visits of the mechanic. Hence, hire someone who can trace and treat the problem right from the roots. So, before handling over the responsibility, test the person, be sure and certain about his endeavors. There are a certain important factors that need to be followed, in order to examine the plumber you called for help. In order get a good plumber, keep these following words in your head.

These are the few words of caution.

·       Always hire an insured and licensed person because this will guard your property if anything goes wrong. It is recommended to make sure that the plumber is licensed because then you won’t worry about taking or getting legal help.

·       Look for a person or company which asks for fair price instead of demanding a huge sum because it is your hard earned money that you are going to spend.

·       Another key feature required is experience because with this he can handle many tricky situations.

·       Call someone who understands your problems and responds within a short span of time thereby easing your tension.

·       Look if the plumber uses proper tools and materials of great quality. The better the ingredients, the better the final product.

·       Finally, ensure that the plumber is providing guarantee over the work done and will also give an estimate of the entire work beforehand to maintain transparency in dealings.

Where to trace them?

Since now you know what you are looking for, you will face certain problem in understanding the real nature of the people and can make a just decision. Ask your friends for recommendations of some good plumber or search the website and zero in an organization who addresses your needs. You will have a huge collection to choose from but it is better to go for someone who lives nearby. This saves both time and money.

A good plumber is a skilled artist who can solve any plumbing, drainage and similar problems with ease. Thus, the next time when suddenly your kitchen skin is creating a scene or the bathroom pipe is leaking, have patience and call an efficient and experienced plumber who knows the job well. If left untreated this can cause more serious problems in future and will lead you to spend more in the repair and replacement. The above mentioned information will help you to find the perfect plumber!

Guest Contributor, Molly Crowe