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How To Successfully Link An En Suite Bath And Bedroom

Rona Regan

How to Successfully Link an En Suite Bath and Bedroom

If you are wondering how to make the optimal synergy of bathroom and bedroom, with corresponding colors and ambiance that will make that Feng Shui friend of yours very hard to get rid of, you have come to the right place.

In the following article, you will learn the dos and don’ts of en suite linking and how to turn your vision into reality. 

Complementary, but Different

Use the technique of reversing the scheme of the en suite, creating a link between the bedroom and the bathroom. If you have light colors in your bedroom, go for darker tiles in the bathroom with lighter furniture to complement and connect the schemes of the two rooms. Conversely, dark hues in the bedroom correspond with lighter tiles and darker furniture in the bathroom.

Bare the Floor

A great way to add a sense of space to any room is by applying wall-hung fittings to it. Things like vanity units or more modern style designs with shapely legs that will allow you to still see the floor will work perfectly. In order to achieve perfect synergy, equip your bathroom only with furniture that compliments the pieces in your bedroom, by choosing similar finishes and materials.

Design a Smart Storage Solution

Do your best to declutter the space by devoting a bathroom wall to some storage solutions that will free up space and keep all of your essentials nicely packed, leaving the room looking tidy. Also, try implementing various design solutions to create a cozy feel, like displaying decorative items such as shelves, flowers, or figurines.

Use any additional space for storage. For instance, you can put your bathroom essentials in decorative boxes or storage ottomans. Instead of using those stylish shelves to stuff bathroom utensils, put books on them - this will create an intimate feeling and also entice you to catch up on your reading while taking a relaxing bath.

Make Both Rooms Look Bigger

Implementing small changes into the setting, quite literally, can make both rooms seem more spacious and comfortable. The same way you would choose the en suite furniture to match your bedroom furniture, consider making small adjustments to your bedroom as well. Try investing into some DIY shelves and additional storage solutions like decorative boxes, or hanging open nightstands and add a chest at the base of your bed.

Additionally, opting for a bed that perfectly fits your needs will not only accentuate the spaciousness of the room but it will also look amazing. Make sure to invest in a quality mattress that will work wonders for your sleep. And if you don’t have too much space in the sleeping segment and you’ll be the only person using it, deciding on a bed with spacious super single mattress could be a great way to create some additional space and sleep on a bed that perfectly fits your needs. 

Combine Complementary Colors

Color coordination is very important if you want to make two rooms feel like two halves of a whole. En suites are often small but practical rooms designed to offer everything a big bathroom does, so in order to make it feel as spacious as possible, you need to introduce lots of light to it.

Try combining a neutral carpet from your bedroom with porcelain floor in the bathroom; also choose styles that are similar both in tone and color. A good, waterproof floor in the bathroom directly complements a soft, fuzzy carpet in the bedroom.

Choose the Right Finishes

Choosing the right finishes can be a bit tricky and if not done correctly, it can ruin the entire concept of the room. Try to use complementary, yet different upholstery, colors, tiles, fabrics and patterns in order to let the rooms speak their own story but give a feeling that they absolutely need each other. If you do the opposite, the rooms will look forced and distasteful.

Finally, details are the ones that can make or break your overall design. Use an accent color from your bedroom, and implement it in your bathroom through shelves, blinds and other accessories.

When you think about it, designing and successfully linking your bedroom with your en suite can be fun. By following these tips and tricks, you won’t go wrong.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors