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Equipping Your Dressing Room

Rona Regan

Equipping Your Dressing Room

A good, quality dressing room can tell a lot about someone as a person, in addition to being a wonderful sight. Easy as it may seem, designing a perfect room isn’t that simple, which is why we’ve come up with a list of ideas that you can use to come up with a gorgeous dressing room.


Dressing room color hugely depends on its size – some are pretty big, other are pantry-sized. If you’re blessed with a large dressing room, coloring the walls completely white and getting a black bed and black furniture is a fantastic idea. Now give your sleek dressing room a black closet for maximum luxury.

On the other hand, if your dressing room is pantry-sized, you should avoid painting it in black – even though it does evoke a feeling of prestige, if you do so, it will feel dark and dingy; think white, light blue instead.


Regardless of how large your dressing room area is, it’s still going to be a smaller room in your home and mirrors can go a long way in making an indoor space appear significantly larger than it really is. Besides, having a mirrorless dressing room doesn’t really make sense – you have to be able to see how you look before leaving the room designed for dressing. Now, placing the mirror (or mirrors) strategically is crucial, so you should do it in a way that makes the room feel longer, rather than wider. If you have a lot of space on your hands, you can install several mirrors, for various angles.

Pro tip: buy a dressing room mirror that will display the true representation of yourself, without making you fatter, thinner, taller or shorter – its purpose is giving you a clear picture of how you look.


The mirror you’ve bought excels at reflecting light, but it won’t do you too much good if there’s not enough light around to begin with. Although this issue is present in every room in the house, poorly-lit dressing rooms will make it easy for you to mismatch your colors and types of clothes and you’ll spot a stain on your clothing once you’re already out.

Now, natural lighting is always the best choice, but supplying your dressing room with it isn’t really easy, in fact, it is often completely impossible. Browsing for lighting online will help you find great deals!

Pro tip: buy LED, although these bulbs are more expensive, they will save you money if you are patient enough.

Clothing Assignment and Storage

Designing your dressing room has a lot to do with your clothing storage and assignment – it’s the whole point of the room to begin with! Aim at arranging your clothing from top to bottom, just as you wear your clothes – this will help you imagine how different pieces of clothing will work together, without having to arrange the items on your bed. If you are a watch enthusiast, having a drawer in which to store them is a fantastic idea; it will make you feel like James Bond!


If the ‘room’ part of your dressing room is more than just a part of its name; in other words, if it’s really a medium-sized room, you’ll want to equip it with some furniture. Choose the central island as a place for accessory, jewelry and toiletry storage and get a backless chair that will only serve as a place to sit when trying on stuff.

Arranging your stuff in a particular order is the whole point of a dressing room, but doing so without proper lighting, a mirror and clothing storage isn’t a good idea – it will make you leave your stuff all over the place! A large mirror (or mirrors), some quality lighting and a sleek color scheme are the very essentials of a good dressing room.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith