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Introducing Hi-Tech Solutions To Your Bathroom

Rona Regan

High Tech Toilet

Introducing Hi-Tech Solutions to Your Bathroom

When it comes to increasing the value of your property, most homeowners know that kitchen and bathroom upgrades usually create the best return on investment. Still, even if you’re not looking to sell your home any time soon, the benefits of sprucing up some of the rooms will reflect in the improved quality of life.

Since technology has penetrated almost every aspect of our lives, there’s no reason why we shouldn’t use it to improve the conditions in one of the rooms which we use several times each day. Yes, our bathrooms can also enjoy the progress brought about by the latest technology advancements.


You might not expect it, but toilets have become quite smart. Some don’t even require from us to use our hands or paper, since they come equipped with temperature-controlled water, spritzing wands and automatic dryers, while others feature seat warmers, for example.

If you can’t stand germs or simply loathe the idea of having to clean the toilet, fear not. Some state-of-the-art toilets are self-cleaning and feature antimicrobial seats. Speaking of the seats and lids, the latest generation of toilets come with motion sensors, which trigger raising and lowering of the lid.

Generally, the trend is to make the toilet as smart as possible. This is usually achieved by automating as many operations as possible, with a particular focus on eliminating the need for touching anything, including a handle or button for flushing.



Although most people associate faucets only with the aesthetic component, it has to be said that modern models are also very eco-savvy. They help us save both water and energy, while at the same time adding to the overall design of the bathroom.

Some models come with a reduced tap flow and digital temperature-control settings, while others focus more on touchless technology or programmable features, such as those for taking a shower or brushing your teeth. That allows us to use only as much water as necessary, thus also saving money.


The chances are you’re familiar with the concept of chromatherapy, i.e. use of colour lights to affect our mood. If so, you’ve probably been tempted to introduce it to your shower booth. Even though it’s generally recognised as pseudoscience, it most certainly has its appeal, which is why many people like it.

In terms of other improvements to your shower, there are powerful, sleek and water-resistant speakers that provide excellent sound quality, which means you can enjoy your music while showering. Finally, a great touch of luxury can be achieved by an in-home steam room, which uses moist heat to help you relax both your body and mind.

Hi Tech Tubs


The days of huge tubs are long gone in case you were wondering. The latest trends suggest that the best options are stand-alone tubs or small Japanese-style soaking tubs. If you’re ready to step it up a notch, you can also opt for an air-bath, which uses streams of warm massaging bubbles.


Now, this is where hi-tech makes a difference. Who wouldn’t appreciate having refrigerated bathroom cabinets, which help our medicines and/or drinks stay cool or a waterproof TV, which eliminates the need to bring in your tablet with you to the bathroom. These Brisbane-based TV wall mounting pros can install aTV in your bathroom and help you create a perfect entertainment environment.

Naturally, having a state-of-the-art, hi-tech bathroom is not the cheapest investment you can make, but there are a few improvements that you can make to your home that can bring more satisfaction and joy. Also, the fact that most new homeowners are looking for smart upgrades and features in their prospective new homes means that the property is quite likely to increase its value enough to justify the investment.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors