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Reasons Why Drain and Sewer Video Camera Inspections Must Be Undertaken

Rona Regan

Reasons Why Drain and Sewer Video Camera Inspections Must Be Undertaken

There could be several reasons behind blocked drains. To find the blockage or crack in the pipes most people feel that there is a need to dig them up. This means too much of effort, time and money along with creation of mess. However, these days drain and sewer video camera inspection is one of the most common procedures that most advanced plumbers opt for. The survey involves putting a drain camera into the sewer drainage or storm water pipeline to assess the condition internally. This is a non-invasive testing method which allows drainage line deep inside the ground to be inspected very easily.

There are many drain cleaning companies in the area that offer the drain and sewer video camera inspection services the customer. They have a full range of video camera equipment to carry out the examination of the pipes. Drainage pipes of diameters between 50 mm to 3 meters could be ideal for inspection using the camera equipment. Usually the cameras have zoom capabilities and pan and tilt features that allow you to detect any minor damage or crack in the pipe. The technology can be used to take right decisions on cleaning or repairing decisions related to drains and pipes. It is possible to clean or repair only the damaged or clogged section of the pipe which is detected to be defective.

Why to choose technology over traditional methods?

·       The drain and sewer video camera inspection is high on technology that is cost effective compared to the traditional process. A lot of time and money is wasted in identifying the cause by digging the area which also needs lot of recovery process. The traditional methods could lead to the misdiagnosis which can be troublesome. Multiple visits can be expensive and time consuming. Hence, using this technique you can save money as well as time.

·       The drain and sewer video camera inspection survey method is what allows you to get faster results unlike the traditional techniques used till date. There is no requirement of wasting time in full excavation to find out the actual problem with this procedure. The plumbers can use this technology to quickly diagnose the real problem to offer the right solution to it.

·       Technology can help not only to solve the existing problem but it also helps prevent a lot of issues as well. The video camera inspection survey technique also help to address the problem from exaggerating which in-returns help you save money on the long run. You can solve the defect or clog from turning nasty by identifying easily as early as possible. 

Benefits of this technology

The above mentioned reasons are the major benefits of the CCTV drain inspection technology used to identify the source of the problem. But apart from them some general benefits of using this technique for both parties are:

·       The video camera inspection does not require any excavation of the grounds for the pipes. Thus, there is no damage done to the property and the landscapes around. 

·       Because of the no requirement of the digging for the method, the pipe traffic is not at all disturbed. As a result, you get the best results of the understanding where and what is the exact problem.

·       Any situation whether there is a leak or broken pipe or blockage can be identified quickly and easily with the survey. Thus, time and energy is saved when they use this procedure to access the situation.

·       Repairing leaks can be hectic work, and until the right spot is detected complication can never be solved. Using the small camera with high features it is possible to detect the actual spot to repair it properly.

·       All the process is recorded and the report is submitted neatly to the owner for them to understand. 

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you understand the importance of drain and sewer video camera inspection for cleaning rather than traditional method of plumbing.

Guest Contributor, Mary Mathis