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Water Heater: How to Put Your Name on It

Rona Regan

Water Heater: How to Put Your Name on It

Before making a decision about the water heater for your home, you first need to define your needs. This means determining exactly how much water you use on a daily basis and how much of it needs to be heated. Then, you should start researching various types of available fuels, costs of installation and maintenance and how energy efficient the device is. In order to help you with making this major decision, here are some tips and valuable information.

Available Types

Honestly there are plenty of types of heaters. There are the traditional water heaters with a tank of hot water. Also, there are the ones with no tank, but with direct water heating. Additionally, there are the types of water heaters that use ambient heat or the heating system of your home to heat the water, or you can use solar and any other indirect water heaters. However, your choice of water heaters will depend on the system you already have installed or the space you have available for the tank.

How to Choose the Best?

The first step towards making a good decision is considering the fuel type. The type of fuel of the heater will further determine the type of heater, its cost of installation, maintenance and running. Also, the fuel will determine the size of the heater. Additionally, the size and type will be determined according to the amount of hot water it can produce for your whole family, but it shouldn’t produce way too much of it. What’s more, you want to choose an energy efficient water heater. Make a list of heaters you’re taking into consideration. Then, compare them and finally choose the one that requires the least energy, but make sure it meets all of your demands. However, don’t forget about your set budget, because you have to bear in mind the operating costs.

Gas Heaters

Natural gas heaters are widely available and you can use them according to your available space. If you have enough available space and your hot water demands are high, you can easily opt for Rheem gas hot water heater unit. However, if you are running short on space there are tankless ones as well. Another alternative is using the space heating system you already have installed to heat the water.

Electrical Heaters

Just like gas water heaters, electrical ones are popular and available even in remote areas. Traditionally, these heaters feature a tank, but there are types without it, too. However, if you don’t have enough space for the tank, but you don’t need it to run for hours every day, you should opt for a tankless option. Even though they can consume plenty of energy when running, you will use them only when needed, which automatically means you won’t be wasting energy. In the end, you should consult with a professional about the capacity and power supply, since these appliances have some special requirements.

Other Sources

Besides electricity and natural gas, there is geothermal energy as another source. This method of providing energy is increasing in its popularity, but you can use it only if you already have a geothermal heat pump installed to control the temperature in your home. If you consider installing it only for water heating purposes, you probably shouldn’t do so, since it’s not economical. Another option is the solar energy and this source is perfect for the areas with a lot of sunshine.

The type of fuel and your budget are the biggest factors that will affect your choice of the water heater. You ought to do your research first, thoroughly, and then make a decision. Buying a cheaper heater my save you money, but it might not be as energy efficient as the more expensive ones; but then again you shouldn’t buy the most expensive ones because you have to think about the maintenance, installation and operating costs.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors

Winter Plumbing Tips

Rona Regan

Winter Plumbing Tips

Now that winter is upon us, these Winter maintenance tips will help keep your home safe, warm and dry during winter and the holidays.

·       Begin by inspecting your pipes to ensure there is no frost or ice built up or cracks. Applying weather stripping to your doorways, windows, crawl spaces, attics, garage, under kitchen and basement cabinets, and basement openings is a smart way to conserve energy, save money on your energy bill, and keep your home warm during the colder months.

·       Insulating pipes including those is a great way to prevent pipes from freezing and while having your pipes professionally insulated is the best long-term solution you can also wrap them with blankets or rags during extremely cold weather to help keep them warm. You could also purchase insulating tape or foam padding sleeves from your local home center.

·       To prevent a pipe from freezing you should run the faucets in your home each day which prevents ice from building up.

·       If you have a pipe that is already frozen you can use a non-flammable heat source such as a hair dryer or a space heater (heat lamp). If have a pipe is completely frozen having just a trickle of water running through it for a few minutes will cause it to burst when it reaches above 3,000 PSI.

·       Outdoor plumbing will be the first to freeze so it's important to shut off the main supply valve, drain the hoses, and disconnect them so they don't trap water and crack.

·       Allow heat to distribute by keeping kitchen sink doors and cabinet doors open and keep the temperature in your home at 61°F if you leave on vacation.

·       Prevent freezing by running the water from all of the valves in the household from time to time throughout the winter.

·       Professional interior or exterior basement waterproofing is a terrific option to consider should you want the best, long-term solution to prevent water damage and flooding in your basement.

Holiday Plumbing Tips

·       Using the dishwasher or washing machine during in the evening will help conserve water and maintain water pressure for the guests in your home.

·       Prevent flushing food down the drain that will expand such as rice in order to help prevent them from becoming clogged.

·       Spread out showers during the day with at least ten-minute intervals and you will maintain water pressure as well as ensure everyone gets a hot shower.

·       Educate house guests not to flush unwelcome products down the drain such as facial scrubbers, hair, or feminine products.

·       Don't pour fats, oils, or grease down the drain in the kitchen because they solidify which clogs the pipes.

·       Don't place bones, peels, or anything that is tough to grind such as stringy or fibrous materials down the garburator because they will damage the device.

·       Increase the water pressure to your shower head by holding a plastic bag over it containing vinegar for the night with a twist tie which will loosen any mineral deposits which have built up so they can be gently scrubbed off with an old toothbrush.

Anytime you'd like professional plumbing assistance, call your local plumbers at to help weatherproof your home so that you can be sure that your family is kept warm and dry during extreme winter weather. We will be glad to help!

Guest Contributor, David Scott

The Essentials of Rainwater Harvesting

Rona Regan

The Essentials of Rainwater Harvesting

The idea behind rainwater harvesting is pretty simple: rain falls, it is collected, stored and used at a later date. With the advent of new technology, new filters and purification systems, there is a great opportunity for wide-spread daily application of rainwater harvesting. Not only is it used as a sustainable way of irrigation, but it is also used in industry, as well as for our daily needs at home. To truly understand how it all comes together, here is the essential lowdown on rainwater harvesting.

Where to Collect

Collecting rainwater can be achieved from almost any surface, but roofs are by far the best catchment option. Roofs turnout the largest amount of quality water in an efficient and cost-effective way. The quality of water, however, depends on the type of roofing material, and the amount of debris. Inert roofing materials, like terra cotta and stone tiles, and elastomeric membranes, together with a pre-filtration system, churn out water that is fit for irrigation and external usage. Suitable filtration and a post treatment system are a necessity when collecting rainwater for internal use, like drinking, and washing.

How to Harvest

The actual harvesting process of rainwater depends on the transfer system. The water is transferred to the usual drainage installations of your facility. The most cost-effective harvesting systems use available gutters and downspouts to collect rain into a container. With an addition of a gutter cap system, they also serve as pre-filtration, which can reduce maintenance costs.

Storage Considerations

When harvesting rainwater, you need strong and capacious water cartage tanks, which are able to store large amounts of water. These containers can range from 55 gallons to 10,000 gallons, but all of them need to be structurally strong in order to support the weight of the water. To maximize efficiency, the downspout needs to be directed to a central location, where the cartage tanks are placed. However, the tanks should never be placed near utility services or septic tanks, as not to contaminate the water.

How to Make Rainwater Fit for Drinking

Before you are able to drink water from a water harvest tank, it first needs to pass through several levels of filtration. The first one is the pre-filtration system which gets rid of the largest debris before exiting the downspout. Before entering the storage unit, it passes through a second, finer filter, which further cleans the water of contaminants. The final step includes a chemical, filtration treatment. Even though it goes through the filtration system, you should always measure and inspect the quality of water before using it.

Key Benefits

The advantages of rainwater harvesting are numerous. In places like India, rainwater is propagated as the best alternative to ground-water irrigation, aiding farmers during dry seasons. Both in agriculture and industry, it provides access to an available and regulated water supply that is more cost effective and better for the environment than other, more conventional sources. Depending on the size of your home and storage tank, rainwater can also provide you with enough water to supply your annual demand at home, as well. Although the initial investment comes at a big cost, the later filtration and maintenance costs are only a fraction of the conventional method of water supply.

In the end, we need to remember that, for a long time, people have been collecting rainwater in areas of the world where water was scarce. Only now, when we are constantly reminded of our impact on the planet, do we realize its full potential. Providing us with a sustainable and renewable supply of water that can minimize our environmental footprint for a fraction of the cost of alternative sources, harvesting rainwater is a smart and conscious choice to make.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors


Causes Of Plumbing Emergencies And What To Do When They Occur

Rona Regan

Causes of Plumbing Emergencies and What to do When They Occur

The worst nightmare of any homeowner is having a plumbing emergency. They can create havoc at your home and you may not know what to do at that time. You can take certain steps to minimize the problem or call and emergency plumber at the earliest to help you. 

Causes of Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies are caused due to a variety of reasons. Some of them are listed below to help you realize that you need to do something about it, or call the emergency plumber ASAP:

a)    Clogged sinks or drains: When the drain or the sink refuses to drain out or drains out slowly, it could result in you having to call an emergency plumber. This is due to the fact that if the drain is clogged severely, the water flow may stop completely.

b)   Clogged toilet: When the toilet makes strange noises, refuses to flush or leaks, there is a possibility that an emergency plumber will be required.

c)    Clogged bathtubs and shower drains: These result in water rising to the ankles and in some cases there may be strange gurgling sounds heard. This is due to the buildup of hair and soap scum.

d)   Leaky faucets and toilets: These not only are annoying but they also increase the water bills, cause rust formation and foster the growth of mold.

e)    Leaking water heaters: When there is a leak to the hot water supply not only will you waste a lot of power on water heating but also it could cause property damage. In such cases, the valves can be replaced easily but if the valves of the heater have rusted, then a new water heater will be needed.

f)    Leaking washing machine hose: These sometimes crack or bulge behind the washer. If they are not attended to, it could lead to rust and mold.

g)   Burst pipes: Due to freezing and thawing, the pipes that are exposed burst in time and this would need the pipe to be replaced.

h)   No hot water: This happens when the heater malfunctions or there are issues with the electrical circuit or even plumbing leaks.

i)     Sewer system backup: These cause bad odors from clogged drains, toilets that gurgle and water which pools on the basement floor drains.

What to do During a Plumbing Emergency

The first step you could take is to call an emergency plumber at the earliest. However, you too could take some steps to minimize the damage done to your home. Here are tips and steps you could follow in addition to calling an emergency plumber, when you have a plumbing emergency:

a)    The main valve should be shut off in cases of leaks.

b)   The water heater should be turned off by switching the gas water heater switch to a pilot position.

c)    The isolation valves will stop the water flowing to the particular fixture while allowing the water to service the rest of the house when the leak is being attended to.

d)   If a supply tube has broken and is the problem which is causing the leak, a blind cap should be screwed in so the leak can be sealed off till it is fixed.

e)    When the ferrules in the supply tube are dented or scratched, there will be water leakage. In such cases, Teflon tape should be used till permanent repairs are undertaken.

f)    Duct tape or sealing tape for pipes can reduce the leak in the crack of a pipe. This however is a temporary measure.

g)   A cup plunger can be used for unclogging bath tubs, showers as well as sinks. Forced cup plungers are good for toilets or kitchen sinks.

h)   When the kitchen sink is unclogged, a second plunger should be used to cover the other drain and so more force is obtained to remove the clog.

i)     Toilets can be unclogged using a forced cup plunger.

Bathtub clogs can be removed by removing the chrome cap. When this is done the drain is visible and you can see the clog. Then you need to use the plunger to unclog, and the second plunger is used to plug the overflow of the tub.

These steps can be carried out when there is an emergency and when you cannot wait for the emergency plumber to arrive. However, meanwhile contact the emergency plumber so that he can check the plumbing for further issues and resolve it permanently and you can be care free.

Guest Contributor, Mary Mathis

Points To Ponder While Opting For House Renovation Plumbing

Rona Regan

Points to Ponder While Opting for House Renovation Plumbing

House renovation can get more than scary if it is not done with thorough preparation and careful planning. All those DIY projects available online now a day may not give you expected results when done single-handedly. In the end, you will realize it would have been better if you had considered expert’s advice in the matter that is as big as house renovations. Bathroom, kitchen and living room are the most essential parts of your beautiful house that need special touch and personal care to achieve a dream-come-true design.

However, most of the time bathroom is often gets a blind eye from homeowners who tend to give much importance to enhancing the look and feel of living room. They are forgetting that house renovation plumbing is the job that eventually adds elegance and charisma to your house. Fixing up a bathroom, they don’t consider, is not just some makeover effort. A lot of thinking and practical feasibility go into creating the perfect shape of your bathroom especially if you are a first timer.

Here we have compiled some of the significant points of how to approach the idea of bathroom renovations that entail meticulous side of plumbing endeavors.

Plan for the long-term future

Budget and time are the most important aspects of any home renovation project. So before you set eyes on a specific bathroom design, you need to do your research in advance. To begin with, you need to know what exactly you want out of the entire project and determine what areas of your house need plumbing efforts.

Knowing what you want will help you avoid all the impractical ideas and keep overall cost of house renovation plumbing to an optimal level. Blueprints will come in handy to find out all about water flow system in your house. If things get complicated, you may ask a professional plumber to figure it out for you.

Bathroom features you desire

Some bathroom features are not suitable for homeowners living a unique lifestyle. For instance, you may need a bigger water heater if you have installed more accessories with multiple water outlets like a big soaking tub and multi-head shower.

Having people who use wheelchair to move around again generates special needs for you. You can increase the accessibility of bathroom for them and optimize it to their limited mobility. Tub not used for a long time can be removed to place a pleasant shower, creating more bathroom space.

Here comes the plumbing project

There are certain things that only strike your mind when the project of house renovation plumbing begins such as budget flexibility, labor cost, materials and scope of work expanding a little more than predicted.

To optimize your expenses on the plumbing project, you should reserve minimum 10% of your overall budget to meet unknown design implementations. Certain structural changes and creativity will eat a little more of your budget slice, which will not be regrettable considering the fact that renovation plumbing initiative is executed to last for 30-50 years.

How a licensed plumber is your fruitful resort

If your house hails from the classic era of 50’s or 60’s, you should better think of changing the old plumbing. Old pipes might have degraded or eroded, which increases the chance of subtle damages, blockages or water leaks.

No matter how knowledgeable you are with plumbing process and tools, you can’t still do what a licensed plumber can for your house. They can:

·       Save you a lot of money by performing precise techniques

·       Do more than just sealing, patching and drilling

·       Use their tools skillfully, giving you exact solution

·       Diagnose the problem efficiently with minimal disruption

·       Handle the whole plumbing with fast turnaround time

·       Recommend you modern house renovation plumbing ideas

Quote it right

Low-price bid may sound tempting, but in the end as you go along the path of home renovation, you will realize it might turn out to be a pricy deal. If the existing plumbing problems are not fixed by low-cost plumber, you will have to be prepared to pay more for complicated renovation situations.

After all, there is also the factor of time to consider. If plumbing takes two or more revisions and much efforts are wasted in focusing on just one aspect of renovation, you will end up not being able to perfect other equally essential elements of grand house renovation.

Guest Contributor, Amelie Lawrence

Getting Relief From Messy Situations With The Help Of An Emergency Plumber

Rona Regan

Getting Relief from Messy Situations with the Help of An Emergency Plumber

You never know when your toilet starts leaking creating a total mess in your home. A leaky toilet means accumulation of water in the bathroom. In some cases, water might even start overflowing and reaching other rooms in your home. Along with that, is the germs and foul smell the toilet water carries! Considering these situations, it is crucial to find an effective solution for the situation. Not only will this result in affecting the health and hygiene of your home, but also cause huge wastage of water. Moreover, you will not be able to use the leaky toilet unless you fix the situation. Instead of calling a regular plumber, you will have to give a call to an emergency plumber. As the name implies, he will handle and fix any plumbing issue that needs an urgent fix.

Important Functions Performed

When you call a plumber to work in emergencies, he will carry out some important functions. Some of the major functions of an emergency plumber in the event of a toilet leak include:

  • A leak test to get an idea of the nature of the leak.
  • On detecting a leak source, they will immediately fix it. At the same time, they will make efforts to prevent the cause of any such leaks in the future.
  • They will give you valuable tips and suggestions so that you can get rid of those problems in the future.

Common Emergency Situations

Apart from your leaking toilet, there are several other conditions when you might have to call an emergency plumber. This is applicable even at wee hours. Some of the most common conditions include:

  • Frozen or broken water pipes, especially during the harsh winters,
  • Blocked and clogged drains and pipes,
  • Sewage backup,
  • Dripping taps,
  • Leaky roofs
  • Leaks and bursts in gas pipes
  • Broken water heaters
  • Any other kinds of leaks in the entire plumbing system.

These are some of the most common conditions that you cannot expect to fix by yourself. Moreover, it is also not a good idea to try handling the problem by yourself because you might ruin the condition all the more. At the same time, it is a wise idea to get in touch with the emergency plumber as soon as you detect the problem. Otherwise, in the course of time, the problem will not only worsen, but also create a huge burden on your pocket. Hence, you should avoid such a situation by getting in touch with the plumber right away. There are many emergency plumbers who can help you in the best way.

Finding the Right Professional

Not all plumbers offer their services during emergencies. At the same time, it is true that emergencies can occur all of a sudden. Hence, only an emergency plumber can help you get respite from a messy situation. They are available 24/7, and they are able to handle most of the faulty plumbing issues. Regardless of whether you have an old or updated plumbing system, they can readily handle your problem and fix it within a short time. Consequently, you can be relieved and start using your toilet, sink or shower once again. An experienced and qualified professionals will ensure that you don’t have any complains with the services offered. Apart from that, the plumber will give you valuable tips and suggestions by means of which such emergencies can be prevented in the future. Hence, make it a point to follow those instructions and get relieved from hassles.

Guest Contributor, Evan Javier

Reasons Why Drain and Sewer Video Camera Inspections Must Be Undertaken

Rona Regan

Reasons Why Drain and Sewer Video Camera Inspections Must Be Undertaken

There could be several reasons behind blocked drains. To find the blockage or crack in the pipes most people feel that there is a need to dig them up. This means too much of effort, time and money along with creation of mess. However, these days drain and sewer video camera inspection is one of the most common procedures that most advanced plumbers opt for. The survey involves putting a drain camera into the sewer drainage or storm water pipeline to assess the condition internally. This is a non-invasive testing method which allows drainage line deep inside the ground to be inspected very easily.

There are many drain cleaning companies in the area that offer the drain and sewer video camera inspection services the customer. They have a full range of video camera equipment to carry out the examination of the pipes. Drainage pipes of diameters between 50 mm to 3 meters could be ideal for inspection using the camera equipment. Usually the cameras have zoom capabilities and pan and tilt features that allow you to detect any minor damage or crack in the pipe. The technology can be used to take right decisions on cleaning or repairing decisions related to drains and pipes. It is possible to clean or repair only the damaged or clogged section of the pipe which is detected to be defective.

Why to choose technology over traditional methods?

·       The drain and sewer video camera inspection is high on technology that is cost effective compared to the traditional process. A lot of time and money is wasted in identifying the cause by digging the area which also needs lot of recovery process. The traditional methods could lead to the misdiagnosis which can be troublesome. Multiple visits can be expensive and time consuming. Hence, using this technique you can save money as well as time.

·       The drain and sewer video camera inspection survey method is what allows you to get faster results unlike the traditional techniques used till date. There is no requirement of wasting time in full excavation to find out the actual problem with this procedure. The plumbers can use this technology to quickly diagnose the real problem to offer the right solution to it.

·       Technology can help not only to solve the existing problem but it also helps prevent a lot of issues as well. The video camera inspection survey technique also help to address the problem from exaggerating which in-returns help you save money on the long run. You can solve the defect or clog from turning nasty by identifying easily as early as possible. 

Benefits of this technology

The above mentioned reasons are the major benefits of the CCTV drain inspection technology used to identify the source of the problem. But apart from them some general benefits of using this technique for both parties are:

·       The video camera inspection does not require any excavation of the grounds for the pipes. Thus, there is no damage done to the property and the landscapes around. 

·       Because of the no requirement of the digging for the method, the pipe traffic is not at all disturbed. As a result, you get the best results of the understanding where and what is the exact problem.

·       Any situation whether there is a leak or broken pipe or blockage can be identified quickly and easily with the survey. Thus, time and energy is saved when they use this procedure to access the situation.

·       Repairing leaks can be hectic work, and until the right spot is detected complication can never be solved. Using the small camera with high features it is possible to detect the actual spot to repair it properly.

·       All the process is recorded and the report is submitted neatly to the owner for them to understand. 

We hope that the above-mentioned points will help you understand the importance of drain and sewer video camera inspection for cleaning rather than traditional method of plumbing.

Guest Contributor, Mary Mathis

Why You Should Hire a Professional Plumber?

Rona Regan

Why You Should Hire a Professional Plumber?

Plumbing is one of the most vital activities that ensure healthy and safe living environment at our homes. It is important to ensure that the entire plumbing work is executed carefully, so that any leakage of gas or water in the house is prevented. Once every few years, every homeowner needs a plumbing service to make sure that everything in their homes is working fine. A clogged or choked drainage system will end up pulling dirt into your kitchen or bathroom. Naturally, it is essential to take care of the water and drainage pipes in your home. Many people want to handle plumbing on their own. However, it is better to call the professional plumber for the following reasons.

Detailed Diagnostics

A plumbing professional will provide you with extremely detailed diagnostic reports about home plumbing systems. There can be plenty of issues hidden to the eye. A pro can easily spot the root cause of the problems, and check the entire plumbing system to look for any underlying issues such as:

  • Clogged drains or pipes
  • High water pressure
  • Cracks in pipe surfaces

This can help you to avoid any later issues, involving big expenses, in the future.

Supply of clean water

Given that tubing and pipes do not last for all times, damages and leaks can be replaced with superior materials and upgraded components. You will find the upgrades complying with the local building codes and regulations. A professional plumber will replace your frozen and damaged pipes and make sure that your drinking water is not contaminated.

Property protection

There can be risks of property damages from breaking of pipes. Plumbing professionals will help your property and its belongings, and reduce risks of damages. They can also minimize the risks of unnecessary expenses. They also have tools and equipment of professional-grade, which can take care of plumbing requirements much better than plungers can or wrenches bought from stores can do.

Professional Training

Professionals come with a lot of training and experience. They know the easiest and newest ways of handling plumbing requirements. There are reduced risks of errors. Professionals spend every day working on home plumbing. They are called up for most types of installation, repair and replacement jobs. This explains why they can work much faster and take care of the plumbing jobs. Skilled professionals can quickly finish the work and save you a lot of time and money. You will not have to worry about a poorly done plumbing job.

Cost Benefits

It is also less expensive to hire a plumbing professional, than calling up amateurs or handling the tasks on your own. When you attempt to repair a broken or plumbing faucet or pipe, you are always at the risk of greater plumbing problems – which might eventually need you to call professionals anyway. The bigger the mistake, the greater will be the expense. By calling experts straightaway, you can save many unnecessary expenses.

Emergency Plumbing Services

With a professional, you can also get emergency services. Once you enlist the services of a plumber, you will be given a direct contact number. In case of emergencies, you can directly get in touch with your plumber and get the problems resolved quickly. He can offer services like:

  • Repairing water leaks
  • Setting up new pipes
  • Installing dishwashers
  • Replacing the old pipes

This will ensure that everything is taken care of efficiently and with minimal risks of damage. The water bill from a mess or leak in the pipes can be very expensive, and you can avoid the unnecessary costs with the assistance of a qualified emergency plumbing professional.

Guest Contributor, Oliva Wilson

Author Bio: I'm Oliva Wilson, a knowledgeable and qualified blogger. I adore writing blog on many topics, like Home Improvement, Pet, Food, Automotive, Business, Health, Lifestyle etc.




Is a Water Filtration System a Smart Investment?

Rona Regan

Is a Water Filtration System a Smart Investment? 

There are two reasons why you should worry about your tap water and start thinking about filtration options. They’re not equally important, but both should be taken into consideration. First of all, if your water has a strange color or if you’ve noticed stains on your clothes after washing them – you should definitely get it fixed right away. The other reason is less dangerous, but equally important. Sometimes the chemicals used to make the water safe leave a strange aftertaste or give a strong sent to your water. That’s also a good reason to get a filter even though the water you’re getting is drinkable.

Potential risks

The risks involved in drinking unfiltered tap water can be microbiological or chemical. The first one refers to micro-organisms that might enter your water supply system. It’s not an important concern at least in the developed world, where there are government agencies which check for these on a regular basis. Chemical concerns, however, are real, because some of them are the result of water purification itself.

Pesticides can be found in rural area water supplies, because they are used in farms and they get to water trough storm drains.  That water flows to rivers and creeks and then back to your home. Water suppliers are definitely checking for pesticides, but there have been reported cases of water contamination.

Chorine is the biggest cause of problems with your tap water. It’s used to kill microorganisms that get into water system and the amounts are regulated so it can’t be harmful. However, it changes the taste and smell of your water. If you think the water smells like bleach – you’re probably right and the chlorine is to blame for it.


When determining whether to use a filter and what kind – it basically comes to cost versus benefit analysis. Installing and maintaining filters take a little effort and money, but in return you get clean and drinkable water. It’s up to you to weigh those two out. Choosing the right kind of filter is the biggest part of that job.

Jug filters don’t actually need to be installed - they’re just placed in front of a tap, which is easy and convenient for smaller amounts of water. The setback is that they’re prone to clogging and the filters need to be regularly changed.

Counter-top filters can deal with larger amounts of water, without any changes to the plumbing. However, they can’t be used on all faucets and they take up a lot of space on your counter-top.

Under-sink filters can filter the biggest amount of water and they don’t take up much space in your kitchen. On the other hand, they require professionals to install them and they’re the most expansive, because of the additional cost of plumbing work.


Choosing the right filter medium is your next most important concern. The choice is mostly based on what kind of problem your water supply has and what you want to filter out.

Using a quality water filter and cartridges will get rid of basically all contaminants using water pressure and a very thin membrane which blocks the unwanted particles. The process is fully automated, so you don’t have to think about it after the installation.

If you have a problem with mineral saturated water (so-called hard water), the filters that remove calcium and magnesium are the choice you should go with. These filters are appropriately called softeners.

UV lights are used to kill microbes, so they’re the best solution for your irrigation needs. However, it only works if the water is clear already.

All filtration systems come with advantages as well as disadvantages, but they make a valuable addition to your home, because you can’t put a price on health.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors

Advantages of Using Custom Roller Blinds for your Home

Rona Regan

Advantages of Using Custom Roller Blinds for your Home

Roller blinds are popular additions for homes as these add a great look to the house and these come well within budget as well. There are a lot of options available for roller blinds in the market. These days you can also get custom roller blinds made per your specific requirements. Many people opt for custom roller blinds because they can get it per their specific color and size requirements. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why custom roller blinds have become popular across the globe.

It's highly affordable:

Custom roller blinds are easy to be made and there are different fabrics available in the market to choose from. The installation and customizing costs for these roller blinds are extremely low. For custom roller blinds you do not need a company to come and install it for you. All that you need is an experienced professional working in customizing roller blinds and you can get a good deal from him.

You can choose what you want:

There is a wide range of possibilities that you can have with the customizing option. You can select the kind of fabric you want, you can get your own design, you can select the size that is suitable for you. This helps the home owner to get great benefits even in the long run. When it comes to the kitchens or bathrooms, you can choose the washable options like vinyl. However, for the other areas of your house you can choose from velvet to the silk. You can consider the budget you have and then choose the one that best suits your needs.

Create a simple mechanism:

When you look for a certain thing per your specific requirement then you are in the driving seat. In roller blinds the mechanism is simple and based on the fabric wrapped around the rollers. The possibility of the simple mechanism means that the blinds can be easily opened and quickly closed as and when the weather and your mood changes. In custom mechanism, you can make it simpler and so there is nothing much left to go wrong.

Easy maintenance:

The roller blinds are one of the most maintainable of all the other options available. When you customize it, you can design it in a way that helps you do so in the easiest of ways. All that you will need to clean the blind is a small brush and a few wipes. If there are any stubborn stains, then a damp cloth will do. So instead of spending hours to clean the windows, you can do the cleaning process in a short time and that too with great ease.

Choose the one that is perfect:

When you are going for custom roller blinds you are the one choosing everything from the rollers to the design, size and the material of the blinds. With these possibilities, you can choose the custom roller blinds which is best suited for all your needs. You can match them with your home interior color, aesthetics, and get the design that exemplifies your home décor. So, there is nothing left to chance and everything you use can be matched perfectly.

The above-mentioned points highlight the reasons for the popularity of custom roller blinds. If you are planning to go for the custom roller blinds, then make sure that you only take help from an experienced professional. An experienced professional will ensure that you only get the perfect results for your roller blinds customization and installation as well.

Guest Contributor, Lauren Bracy