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Chic Home Office Decor Tips For Winter

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Chic Home Office Decor Tips For Winter

As the most dazzling season of the year approaches, we all strive to implement something new and original into our home. The most exciting part of the year brings cozy colors, seasonal outlook, and warm feeling into our home. If you happen to work from your house, you would be in for a treat because there are great new décor innovations coming up this winter. Whether you have a small or large office area, you should consider using some of these tips for revamping your workstation.

Bring in the cushy furniture

There is nothing better than having a nice cup of cocoa in front of a warm fireplace. Since during winter time you have to spend a bulk of your time in the office, why not bring that coziness there. Start off by rearranging your furniture, place an old-school brown leather sofa or an upholstery furniture, add funky cushions and even install a modern gas fireplace. Not only will you invite winter in, but you would be amazed at how productive you would be. Also, consider putting vintage indoor brick tiles on one side of the wall. This will spruce up the entire ambient in a cuddled up style.

Glaze up the surroundings

Winter is usually associated with golden, red and white colors. You don't have to follow that tradition entirely, but you can always add a hint of winterly touch here and there. You can give your home office a seasonal update by placing a shining silver mirror, or luxurious velvet frames for your Christmas family photos. If you are feeling more festive, you can complete color the office into golden or brownish color, or go simple and buy emerald green lamps or lanterns. Red is the main color of this season, so you can add stunning curtains in this vivid color and open up the surrounding.

Rehabilitate your spirit 

The most important thing, when it comes to winter décor, is to feel and emotionally sense this season in your home office. You can do that by adding chic elements into your office ambients. For instance, place a riveting air freshener with cinnamon scent, or add mesmerizing and soothing candles and silver centerpieces. If you have been standing for a long time, preparing the necessities for the Christmas and running around doing the chores, then you might be feeling tired. To completely indulge into this season and focus better on your job you should add anti-fatigue mat for your desk. Since this mat has fast recovery foam, you would feel more comfortable on your feet and ready to face up any challenge without feeling tired.

Add posh details

In order to feel merry and bright during this season, you don't have to utterly reshape the office but rather add slight details. Winter decorating is all about layering on the fabrics and chic materials. Sheepskin is the epitome of cozy winter home décor. So have a sheepskin pillow or blanket placed on your chair, or cover the chairs with winter style slipcovers. What is more, you can treat your guest with hot green tea in white as snow dishware. Last but not least, adding classical winter decoration such as a traditional wreath in chic details and bold colors, you will definitely create a holiday atmosphere in your office.

Find the right rug

Why not replace the tedious and plain carpet with a great multicolored rug? You can ground your office space with a colorful area rug. If you have simple and clean furniture, you can spice up the chic winterly look by placing a striking rug. Nowadays, you can find an affordable textile rug in various patterns that work perfectly with any wall color. To top it all up, you can go bold and get a one of kind ornamental rug that would stand up age and time.

Bring in the life

When the weather outside is cold and chilly, then you should do the opposite and bring warmth to your home office. Give your home office a makeover and add a touch of life in. Put lush greenery inside, place a nice plant, add a fragrant bowl of potpourri in a pine needle scent. Display that in an arrangement as a casual winter centerpiece and welcome the season inside.

Any décor won’t be complete without a Christmas tree and some shiny ornaments, so don’t hesitate to add that as well.

Guest Contributor, Chloe Smith