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5 Smart Updates For Your High-Tech Bathroom

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5 Smart Updates for Your High-Tech Bathroom

The bathroom has always been one of the most functional rooms in your home. After all, you can do without a living room, a reading nook or even a bedroom, if need be. However, a home without a bathroom is impossible to even imagine. Still, for the bathroom of 2018, it takes more than just plumbing work. In fact, you need to start introducing smart technology as soon as possible. With that in mind and without further ado, here are top five smart updates for your high-tech bathroom.

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1.     Water-Saving Sink and Faucet

By installing a high-end technological marvel of a faucet, you can reduce the tap flow and set the temperature of the water digitally. On the annual basis, this one degree of a difference in temperature and the amount of water wasted can mean a massive budget difference. Furthermore, the fact that this technology works on the basis of sensors and not touch, means that it’s much more hygienic. At the very end, most of these taps come with many programmable features, which means that you can set up different programs for different tasks. In this way, you could make massive savings while brushing teeth, for instance.

2.     Warm Drawers

One of the most amazing things about innovation is how the simplest of upgrades can make a huge difference. With the help of warm drawers (which some also like to call towel warmers), you’ll raise your overall bathing experience to a whole new level. Imagine walking out from the shower in the morning knowing full well that there are clean warm towels waiting for you in the drawer. It really doesn’t get any better than that. When compared to some other items on this list, this innovation doesn’t even make that much of a difference.

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3.     A Toilet and a Bidet

The next step in your bathroom innovation should be the issue of a smart toilet and bidet. Namely, in this field you stand to make some massive savings, seeing as how a low-flow toilet wastes almost one-third of the water on flushing while achieving the same effect. A smart programmable toilet can go even further, especially when coupled with the automatic, self-flushing option. As for your bidet, you can do pretty much the same thing and further maximize its pragmatism by getting bidet toilet seats that can be controlled by a remote. What is more, some of these models even offer advanced drying capabilities.

4.     Waterproof TV

Now, it’s time to erase the boundary between your living room and your bathroom by installing a waterproof TV on the wall opposite of your bathtub. Like most other items on this list, this feature can hardly be considered mandatory, yet, it can drastically improve the quality of time you spend in your bathroom. Even though you definitely do not intend to splash any water at your TV, keep in mind that these things do happen. Moreover, a leak is more likely to occur in the bathroom than in any other place in your home. Getting a great outdoor TV is a suitable solution.

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5.     Sensor Mirror

The last great idea worth looking into is the sensor mirror you can place on any available surface in your bathroom in order to ensure that you never walk into a dark bathroom again. Due to the fact that most of these sensor mirrors are equipped with the LED technology, they are expected to last for over 100 years. By the time this expires, you’ll doubtlessly find a suitable alternative. This is a minor investment that could make a great difference when it comes to your day-to-day bathroom interactions.

At the end of the day, these smart updates are just the tip of the iceberg of all that you have available. Some honorable mentions are smart showers and high-tech standing bathtubs. Moreover, the issue of smart illumination (not the one we’ve discussed in the sensor mirror section) is also viable, yet, we failed to mention it due to the fact that it’s not exclusive to the bathroom or even primarily targeted at it.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith