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Coffee Grounds And Drain Clogging: What You Need To Know

Rona Regan

Coffee Grounds and Drain Clogging: What You Need to Know

Have you been wondering what has been clogging your drains? Actually, there are several things which can clog your drains and pipes. One of them is coffee grounds. If you let them down the drain, coffee grounds don’t break down like other foods. They usually clump together and over time, they will build up to a level of blocking the drainage system

How to Dispose of Coffee Grounds

Since coffee grounds are one of the main culprits of clogged drains, you should never dispose of them in the sink. There are other ways on how you can dispose of these grounds.

1. Instead of risking your drainage system, you can use coffee grounds in your garden. They are known to repel ants and slugs, hence can be used in your garden to keep away these insects. Also, when mixed with grass clippings and leaves, they can fertilize your garden. They add nitrogen and potassium in the soil thus improving its nutrient content for plant growth.

2. Coffee grounds can also be disposed of in a composed pit. By adding them to the heap, they will attract beneficial worms and also add nitrogen. However, be sure to limit them so as to balance the compost.

3. Coffee grounds can be used in your refrigerator to keep off bad odors. By placing a small open container with your old coffee grounds at the back of the fridge for few weeks, they will absorb any kind of food odor. You can later remove and spread them on your garden to act as fertilizer.

4. They can be used as natural abrasive to scrub off foods stuck on your house counters or even dishes. 

5. Use your old coffee grounds to wash and rinse your hair. They can really help to remove the residue left by hair shampoos and conditioners. This will give your hair and a new look and afterward you will look like a queen! To do this, just massage your hair with a handful of coffee grounds to dissolve the residue. That’s all!

6. Coffee grounds can also be used to exfoliate your skin and make it smooth and healthy. Yes, this isn’t a joke. To do this, simply mix two tablespoons of coffee grounds with your favorite coconut oil or just warm water and apply on your skin. The dead skin cells will be removed and your skin will be smooth just like your old baby face.

7. Did you know that coffee grounds can actually treat cellulite? Yes, this is true. Cellulite is caused by smoking, poor diet, genetic predisposition among other causes. Instead of trying the thousands of cures found online, why not try coffee grounds? Mix your old coffee grounds with warm water and scrub your skin twice per week for few weeks. Then wait for the magic!

When buying a coffee maker, it’s good to choose a coffee maker which will completely extract coffee from the grounds. You don’t want to dispose of partially extracted coffee grounds, do you?

Coffee grounds are the worst enemies of the drainage system. After using them, never let them down your drainage system if you don’t want to incur other expenses of hiring a plumber. Simply use them elsewhere and enjoy their many benefits!

Guest Contributor, Dennies John