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Renovation Tips: How To Make The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen

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Renovation Tips: How to Make the Most out of Your Small Kitchen

Your initial impulse might be to set up an unrealistic financial goal in order to renovate your kitchen. However, this only means that you are not in on the very devious secret of interior design – when it comes to redoing your kitchen space, it is not about big dollars, it’s about knowing how to stretch every little penny. If you want to learn more about it, here are some nifty renovation tips on how to make the most out of your small kitchen.

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Go with glass

If you own a small kitchen and you want to glamour it up a bit, there is hardly a better tool at your disposal than glass. Glass makes any space look bigger, more sleek and elegant. You can fix up your kitchen with glass by focusing on two predominant areas. First off – renovate your windows, make them bigger if you can, and use the smaller framework made of eco-friendly materials that insulate well. The second area is the cabinets – your over the counter dish holders can be adorned with glass doors that will simply make the kitchen appear more luxurious. Glass, especially the recycled kind, is not as costly as it used to be and it will definitely do wonders for you.

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More light

A part of this tip is covered in the glass section – the bigger the windows the more natural light you will let into your kitchen. This is the key thing: every area of the household looks better when it is well lit. You can perceive it as a universal “life hack” of course. If your small kitchen does not (and cannot) have window coverage, then you can invite your designated (and reliable) electrician to help you with adding more fixtures into your cooking area. These days, one can easily and cheaply install eco-friendly LED lights that are elegantly concealed within the kitchen space and which, appropriately, follow the contours of the cabinets and counters. Remember: Light is universally good. You only have to make sure that the rest of the kitchen looks attractive.

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Appliances – stick to a theme

Making your kitchen look consistent in terms of style can be a tricky endeavor. Trends tend to change over time but there are a few things you can do if you want to feel as if you own an “eternally” tasteful room. First of all, consistency is important. The first step towards design consistency is to choose a color palette – usually two or three predominant colors that complement each other. Since your kitchen will be “adorned” with appliances, purchase the ones that will mesh well with the color and texture of walls and counters. The best course of action is to pick a quality brand like KitchenAid and stick with it in order to get that required consistency. The whole reason that this part is a tricky balancing act is that kitchen areas are, by rule, packed with elements and trinkets, so it’s easy to fall into garish traps.

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It has to communicate comfort

A kitchen is a place that serves a very specific function – this is where your meals are being prepared, so it is important to own a kitchen that visually communicates comfort, pleasure and safety. Now, if you own a tight kitchen space, your renovation efforts should be aimed towards make it appear more airy. This means that you should replace your old counters and cabinets with more shallow variants.

Go with brighter colors and adorn your above-counter walls with tiles that are easy to clean and which will always look modern (tiles are a good stylistic hack in general). If you want a kitchen with a simple look yet a nice texture, choose smaller tiles instead of the bigger ones. Leave enough space for a charming little nook where you can have breakfast and adorn it with vintage, country-themed accessories for a warm and comfortable effect and voila – you have the broad strokes of a cozy yet elegant and spacious-looking kitchen and you haven’t spent a fortune on a renovation.

A small kitchen does not mean without ambition in terms of renovation. Believe it or not, you can do wonders with the tightest of spaces as long as you learn some practical insights into interior design. With this knowledge under your belt, you will have all the necessary tools to turn your small kitchen into something remarkable. 

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith