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How to Set Up a DIY Garage Workshop

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How to Set Up a DIY Garage Workshop

Every craftsman knows how important it is to have a perfect working space. You want to start your business at home and make beautiful things from wood? If you are up for it, then roll up your sleeves and turn your garage into a magnificent workshop. 


Before you start with any changes in your garage make sure to clean it well. The garage is usually the place where people keep old things (besides their car), but now it’s time to make some order in that clutter. After that first step you can paint the walls. Use white paint for the ceiling and soft colors for the walls so that the light would circle all around the place. Finally, get a dust collection, central vacuum and air ventilation system because it will clear the air you breathe in the workshop and keep your lungs safe from the dust and wood particles.

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Equipment and tools

High-quality equipment makes every task easier. Your workbench should be solid so make sure to get one with a hard and heavy top plus sturdy legs. It has to be able to endure everything you do on it. Once the wood materials come in you will have to cut them with the precision of a genius, and that’s why you will definitely need a measuring (length) stop. It will help you manage the saws more easily than ever before and make every piece you cut exactly the way you want it.

Save some space

Oh, to be able to walk around the workshop whole day and never trip on anything! Believe it or not, it’s possible. Don’t crowd the floor with shelves or small boxes and take those nuts and bolts away from your workbench. How? Very simple – mount the old or handmade shelves and cabinets on the wall and store everything there. Not only will you avoid tripping on that toolbox but you will also keep the tools away from the dust that your work creates. Place those long-handled tools in concrete-forming tubes or make a cut-off cart from old boards and casters for it. Finally, don’t forget to put some hooks on garage doors to hang even more things.

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Flooring and lighting

After the job is done, it sounds like a nightmare that you have to clean the floor around your workbench, doesn’t it? That’s why you should go for an epoxy floor finish. In case you have to spend several hours standing in order to finish the current project, put some rubber floor mats under your feet. After you finish painting the walls and ceiling, let some light inside your workshop. If you have task lighting in the garage you will also need a work lamp on your table to avoid shadows falling on your work. Want more brightness? Install fluorescent lights.

Insulation, cooling and heating

If you don’t want to freeze during winter or sweat in the summer days while you are working in your workshop, then you should do something about it. The first step is to insulate the garage as well as possible. Insulation is also very important when it comes to cooling your garage in the summer. While it’s snowing outside keep yourself warm in the workshop with a few space heaters – just don’t forget to turn them off once you finish for the day!

Electrical Service

You will be able to finish the job more quickly if you don’t need to unplug one corded tool in order to plug the other one. Put away that extension cord and ask the electrician to install numerous power outlets close to your workbench. If you do this there will be absolutely no danger of you tripping over all those cords that end up in the extension cord lying somewhere behind your desk.

Your workshop should be a place where everything you need for the job is in your reach. If you achieve that while renovating your garage into a working environment, you will easily get work done and immediately start looking forward to another project.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors