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What's Your Favorite Toilet Paper?

Rona Regan

What's your favorite Toilet Paper to use?

For some reason every time we talk about toilet paper, we end up getting several people mad at each other. I want everyone to understand it's always in good fun. Over or Under? Someone will always be right, and the other person will always be wrong. The reason we ask, Over or Under? is because the comments and explanations that usually follows over or under, are very educating. We've learned that if you have toddlers around, you should go with under. This way, it's harder for them to play with it, or unroll it. Another one, I never knew of was: if you have a cat you should place your toilet paper under so they couldn't unroll it. My favorite answer has been over, so you don't have to touch the wall and get it dirty. 

We're all different, we like different things. Who cares if the original plan for toilet paper was meant to be over? Personally, in our household with a husband and a kid, I'm just happy that someone at least tries to place the toilet paper on the roll. Which NEVER happens. I swear to you, it's not that hard. I even have the toilet paper near by, it's always under the vanity.

One subject we haven't seemed to tackled is, What toilet paper do you prefer? and Why?

Humor me and share with us what toilet paper is your favorite? If you don't have one and just buy whatever is on sale, like my self, just let us know. Or, which ones have you tried and won't go back too. That would probably come in very handy.

  • Charmin 
  • Charmin Ultra Soft
  • Charmin Ultra Strong
  • Quilted Northen Soft & Strong
  • Quilted Northen Ultra Plush
  • Scott Extra Soft
  • Marcal Small Steps Soft & Strong
  • Seventh Generation Toilet Paper
  • Whole Foods 365
  • Scott Naturals
  • Angle Soft
  • Cottonelle Aloe & E
  • Cottonelle
  • Charmin Sensitive
  • Scott 1000
  • Charmin Basic
  • White Cloud Ultra
  • Vondrehle
  • Boardwalk
  • Magazines
  • News Paper
  • Phone Book
  • Sears Roebuck Catalog
  • Farmers' Almanac
  • Leaves
  • Cardboard
  • Tissue
  • Other