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5 Tips Organize Your KitcheN

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If you want to function in the kitchen then the only way is to keep it organized. Nothing is worse than having to work in a messy, disorganized kitchen with bits and bobs laying all over the place.

Not only is it difficult to cook in a messy kitchen, but it is also challenging to find things. So, to avoid all this, it is crucial that the kitchen is kept tidy and organized at all times. 

Keeping all this in mind, we have created the top five tips to help you to keep your kitchen fully organized and neat. Let's go and take a look at it. 

Use of transparent jars for the junk drawers

We are all familiar with that drawer in the kitchen that holds all kinds of necessary junk items. This drawer holds the things that come in handy but is so messy to the point that it is a quest to find anything in there when you really need it. 

Here is an idea, bring some small transparent jars with lids and fill each of them up with all the similar category items and then sort them out in the drawer.

This trick will help you to save a  lot of space inside the drawer and also make room for other items. Plus, you will be able to find things more easily around the kitchen. 

Sort the cutting boards in a magazine holder

Have cutting boards laying aimlessly on the kitchen counter and taking up all the space and messing things up? Well, worry no more, as we know just what you should do. 

It is not a great look for the kitchen counter when you just let your cutting boards lay anywhere haphazardly. Plus, this eats up a lot of workspace in the kitchen. 

So, what you have to do is, bring in a magazine holder and put all of your slicing or cutting boards in that. Magazine holders can easily hold your cutting boards and give your kitchen an organized look plus make a lot of space for you to work in. 

Keep measuring spoons in a transparent jar near the stove

This is a great tip that will not only organize the kitchen but will also help you to access the measuring spoons easily whenever you need it as you won't have to waste time finding them as all you measuring spoons will be stacked in one single place. 

Well not just that, it looks really good when you keep the spoons in the jar and adds a dainty touch to the kitchen. 

Use hooks around the kitchen to hang accessories and other useful items

Using hooks that can be stuck with the walls around the kitchen is a great way to clean up a disorganized kitchen. 

You can hang pots and large spoons or other items in these hooks instead of letting them sit idly in the kitchen top blocking space.

Store all your small spice jars in a large cake pan

This is one of our favorite tricks, to keep the kitchen organized and also to ease up the work around the kitchen while cooking. 

Keeping spice jars in a single cake pan will not only organize the kitchen but will also help you cook as all the spices you need will be stacked in one single place. 


Nothing feels better than working in an organized kitchen. The above tips will allow you to make more space and store more useful items.

Plus a clean and tidy kitchen is much more fun to work in as you can easily grab the things you need without wasting time to find them from a pile of objects.

Guest Contributor, Carl Nevins

Looking For A New Kitchen Style?

Rona Regan

Traditional Kitchen

Looking For a New Kitchen Style?

Think about your home, which rooms gets the most traffic and activity? Really think about this.

Probably the kitchen, right? You might have said bedroom, because you sleep in there for endless hours, but you’re not awake, so you’re not really doing anything constructive.

The kitchen isn’t just a room where you cook food and move away from it, it’s a room where you prepare your meals, you store your food and drinks, it’s a place where you may eat together, it’s a place where you talk, it’s where you find the coffee in the mornings! Yes, the kitchen is important if we have a great stone worktop!

For that reason it is important to get your kitchen style bang on right from the get-go, and if you are thinking about mixing it up and changing things around, you need to get your styling correct in the planning stage, to give you the best chance of creating your perfect kitchen.

Think About The Architecture of Your Home

What sort of home design do you have? Do you have a new build, and therefore a modern style? Or do you have a more Medieval or Victorian style? This is the basis of what your kitchen is going to be, because it’s no good going against the style of your building – it all needs to tie in.

If you have an old fashioned style of home, then a traditional kitchen will look fantastic, and if you have a modern, new house, then a more minimalist, modern style is for you.

You also need to think about the layout in terms of your kitchen too – is the rest of your house quite open plan? In that case you again need to go for something modern.

What is Your Kitchen For?

Aside from cooking, what do you do in your kitchen? Is there a dining table in there? Is your house a family home? You need to create your style and space in conjunction with what you use your kitchen for. If you go for an ultra-modern style, with stainless steel handles, then this is not really going to tie in with having children around, because they are going to become dirty quite easily!

On the other hand, do you love to cook? Do you spend a lot of time in the kitchen? In that case you maybe need to incorporate more counter space, to allow you to enjoy your cooking endeavors.

What do You Like?

Your kitchen should have a splash of your personality in it, otherwise it is cold and unfriendly! If you like bright colors then perhaps this is a route you should be going down. Maybe you like traditional designs and you’re quite a traditional person – again, that should dictate the style you go for. Think carefully about what you like, what sums you up, and try and throw in a few nods to your personality.

Talk it Through With a Professional

If aren’t sure which route to go down, or you need a little inspiration, have a chat with a professional first. You need to create the space that is best for you, and that means not rushing into anything. Employ a kitchen designer for extra oomph and advice, to help you find a style which fits in not only with your home and layout, but with your needs and personality too.

Take Your Time

We will reiterate this point – do not rush! Take your time! Creating your ideal kitchen space is not a race, it is something which is going to cost you quite a lot of money, even if you know the cost cutting tricks of the trade, so it makes perfect sense that you should really put the right amount of thought and creative effort into it. If you don’t, you will end up replacing your kitchen within a few years, and that is not only time consuming, but completely against the rules of cost effectiveness too!

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, if not the most important room, so every single facet of your revamp, or even simple redecoration, should be carefully thought out and planned, from materials, to appliances, colors to textures.

Guest Contributor, Florin Aldea


picture source: L Kae Interiors