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Create a Perfect Vintage-Style Bathroom

Rona Regan

Create a Perfect Vintage-Style Bathroom


Vintage design can perfectly adorn small spaces. The amalgamation of classy colors and old-fashioned materials will create an excellent ambiance you’ll adore. Mix shabby chic with stylish to achieve a perfect contrast that’ll make your bathroom truly unique. In the sea of diverse flooring, colors, fixtures and accessories, combine those that’ll work best in your vintage bathroom.


You can’t have a vintage design without hardwood flooring. It was one of the earliest and most popular choices for bathroom floors. When deciding on the wood floor, it’s recommended you go for a highly-polished wood, so you can clean it easily. It would be a great idea to oil, shellac, or wax the wooden floor, fill all the cracks, and keep it dry. For those who don’t find wood that appealing, a marble-print tile is the perfect alternative. Furthermore, hexagonal white tiles or a mixture of bright shades would look very chic in a vintage bathroom.


Ivory or pure white shade makes one of the best color choices for a vintage ambiance. Have towels, bath mats, shower curtains, and other accessories in either white, black, grey or some other neutral hue. If you want to achieve a clean and flawless look, consider combining light and neutral shades. 

If you want to bring more dynamics in the space, add complementary colors to the existing ones in your bathroom. The colors opposite from each other on the color wheel are complementary, so feel free to experiment and see which would work best for your space.

A vintage-inspired bathroom would look fabulous in a warm yellow shade. A deep rich shade of yellow is the perfect choice when you want to transform a small bathroom into a really elegant space. To create the more sophisticated look, incorporate a deep gold shade into an entire design. Finally, yellow ochre, mustard, or saffron shade will add an earthy feel to the entire bathroom.


Vintage bathroom furniture is key if you want to achieve the vintage style. Turn a vintage dresser into a bathroom vanity and create a unique piece of furniture for your bathroom. Additionally, use vintage chairs to display towels and you’ll also get that retro look in a modern bathroom. Furthermore, a vintage ladder can also be a great place to put towels and it will be a one-of-a-kind piece of bathroom furniture. Finally, instead of using cabinets, store the bathroom supplies on polished wooden or marble shelves.


When you say vintage, we think claw-foot tub. With its classic design, it will quickly create the retro look in your home. Furthermore, a pedestal sink is the perfect match for a claw-foot tub, and an excellent alternative to a vanity unity. For a bit of extra vintage touch install bronze-colored towel rails and taps. An emergency plumber from Melbourne advises that if anything goes wrong during your work, you should ask for professional help.

Lighting fixtures play a major part in the bathroom, so choose wisely. Consider ceiling lights and recessed lighting fixtures. A wall sconce will provide the perfect amount of light for the vanity area. If you want to give your bathroom special charm, invest in vintage bath lighting sconces. Combine various lighting fixtures to reduce shadows and create as much light in the bathroom as possible. 

Vintage design can be a great upgrade for our bathroom. You can never go wrong with vintage, since it is timeless and easiest to modify. You can always find some old-fashioned piece of furniture in your home, or get it from your friends, so creating a vintage home wouldn’t require much effort. Incorporate some of these ideas into your bathroom design, and you can create the ultimate vintage oasis in your home in no time.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith