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How To Optimize Backyard Sun Protection

Rona Regan

How to Optimize Backyard Sun Protection  

One of the biggest advantages of owning a house is a big lush backyard. There you can chill, have fun and let your kids play and create their childhood memories. But no matter how big and beautiful your outdoor setting is, it needs to be protected from the sun so the whole family can safely enjoy their time. Sun is one of the biggest threats to our skin and overall health, especially during the hottest days of the summer and you need to find ways of to optimize the level of sun protection in your backyard.

Natural shade-makers

Smart landscaping is one of the easiest and most natural ways of protecting your backyard from the sun. Any type of greenery can contribute to your little project and breathe life into your garden. Planting trees is the most effective way of providing natural shade and if you opt for trees native to your region, you will help both your backyard and the environment.

However, it takes a while for a tree to grow tall enough to provide shade, but if you want more immediate results, you can plant some of the fast growing types, such as red maple, weeping willow, hybrid poplar, etc. Another solution includes planting several smaller trees into big planters and arranging them in your backyard in a way that they provide enough shade in the places where you spend most of the time.

Besides trees, shrubs, bushes and trellises can provide you with many benefits. Use them strategically to create plenty of side shade. Also, by setting up trellises, you can allow vines to grow and protect all of you while they are contributing to the overall landscape in the most beautiful way.

Retractable and portable structures

If you like tanning and relaxing in your backyard every day, but for some reason you don’t want permanent shade, then these two options are your solution. Retractable and portable shade structures give you the freedom of creating your own shade no matter what time of the day it is.

For instance, with one of those practical outdoor privacy screens, you will not only get an instant shade, but also protect your outdoor setting from the prying eyes. These Sydney-based specialists for privacy screens can attach this structure directly to your existing fence, extending its height to block vision from external areas while offering protection from the sun at the same time. Additionally, there is no storage hassle and struggle of taking them down at the end of the season.

Another easy solution is a portable shade canopy, which can be moved around the backyard in order to create a perfect chill zone for you and your family.

Permanent structures

For a more complete UV protection, you can always add some permanent structures to your house. This can be achieved by installing an awning on the side of the house where you spend most of your time. Also, you can rely on a patio umbrella, just make sure you find dense materials that can block UV rays and provide protection.

For 100 percent UV protection, you should rely on metal or timber, but there are various textiles that will serve their purpose, as well. Plus, if such awnings are paired with strategically placed shrubs, bushes and trellises, your backyard will be completely protected from the harsh effects of the sun. Moreover, permanent structures are more durable, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and can provide shade for some parts of your house, making it easy to control the indoor temperature during the summer.

Your home is your sanctuary and it should be completely safe, both indoors and outdoors. By optimizing sun protection in your backyard with these simple additions, you are providing a safe environment for your children to play in. Also, you can be sure that sun will not damage your skin during your tanning, playing in the pool or grilling some meat with your friends.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors