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The Various Ways to Prevent An Air Conditioner Breakdown 

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The Various Ways to Prevent An Air Conditioner Breakdown 

In this economic tough time, no one wants to bear unnecessary expenses in the form of repairs. You never know when the air conditioner breaks down or when there is a plumbing failure at home to give you surprise. It is important for every homeowner to be prepared for such occurrences but still you may take necessary steps to avoid air conditioning break down. Mechanical parts of an AC unit need to be serviced from time to time but you may prevent such repairs in the first place. Besides the cost of repair, you need to bear a lot of inconvenience, associated with AC breakdown. Repairing air conditioning unit is a daunting task and the fact that it offers comfort, we cannot stay without it even for a day. Some of the most common problems regarding to the air conditioner may be avoided if you follow some tips.

The thermostat of the air conditioner is important component which needs to be calibrated well to ensure proper temperature control. It will save money on the operating cost and also assure comfort level. The condenser coil must be maintained properly and cleaned on a regular basis. A dirty condenser coil will not be able to cool the surrounding. So, the system has to run for a long time while you incur more and more energy bills. It is also important to maintain evaporator coil to ensure efficient air flow in the areas of the home.

Do Away With The Dirty Air Conditioner Filter  

Are you using a disposable air filter? If so, it needs to be replaced on a monthly basis. You cannot forget this part of the work. If the task of replacement moves out of sight, there will be restricted air flow resulting from a dirty filter. The air quality inside the home will be poor and the house will be less comfortable. Once the indoor coils freeze, you will have to bear very costly repairs.

Tripped Breaker Leads to Inefficient Cooling  

Tripped breaker results to no-cool calls and you may reset the breaker if you want. There is something which causes the AC breaker to trip. In fact, it may be the result of loose wire, bad breaker or a bad capacitor. This issue of tripped breaker needs to be repaired immediately.

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What To Do When There Is Refrigerant Leak?  

You already know that the AC unit is sealed and so there is no chance of refrigerant leakage. But, if this happens, the efficiency of the AC unit falls, and the energy consumption also rises. There can be variety of issues resulting from refrigerant leakage and they are, compressor getting damaged, freezing coil or the AC unit fails to cool. If there is refrigerant leakage, you must summon a professional for inspection. The technician will use a range of tools for tracking refrigerant leakage.

The Event of Clogged Drain Lines

To cool the surrounding or reduce the temperature of your home, an air conditioner pulls humid air. Through the home plumbing system, the liquid is drained out. Use the drain pan as backup or else algae can grow in the drain lines to clog the line if there is no secondary condensate drain. There may be serious water damage in the home resulting from it. When taking up AC repair and servicing, do not forget to include AC tune-up and clear the drain lines. Regular cleaning of drain line is important for the efficient functioning of the AC.

There may be various issues in the air conditioning unit to deteriorate its functioning like the dirty evaporator coil, dirty condenser unit or duct leaks. Call an HVAC professional if you think the AC is not functioning well.

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Important Questions To Ask While Hiring Air Conditioner Installers

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Important Questions to Ask While Hiring Air Conditioner Installers

Air conditioners have several advantages over other devices when it is about beating the heat in the best way, ranging from cool air to better health at less noise.

  • In addition to that, they also increase efficiency of an individual by providing cool, comfortable working conditions. These are some of the reasons that have led to the increased sale of air conditioners in last few years. 
  • While exploring the market in search of a suitable air conditioner for your place, you will come across two types of air conditioners- Window ACs and split ACs- and both of them are different from each other. 
  • You could choose one of them as per your need and choice. Buying an appropriate AC isn’t a hectic job to do, but its installation could be. 

You Should Hire a Professional for The Installation and Annual Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner: 

  • Whether it’s a window or split AC, the task of installation should be performed by a professional. It will not just ensure safe installation of the system, but also ensures the best performance of the device. 
  • The experienced installer must have knowledge about safe procedures to following of installation, wiring, combustion systems and air flow. So if you are going to hire an air conditioner installer, ensure that the individual is an expert in his job, and has a valid license to perform the installation. 

Which Are the Questions That You Should Ask the Air Condition Installation Experts, Before They Start the Installation Work? 

  1. Do you have a valid license for AC installation? -  There are some requirements that need to be followed by AC installers. They are given license to perform tasks like AC installation and repairing. In addition to that, there’s also a clause of liability insurance, under which a homeowner is protected in case any mishap takes place during the time of installation. 
  2. What should be the installation cost? -  Although secure installation should be your priority, it is also necessary to ensure that the installer isn’t going to burn a hole in your pocket. You could ask the installer about the cost estimation, so that you could be aware of price that you are going to pay. It is better to contact certified air conditioner installers because in this case the additional cost of transportation will not be there, and you have to pay much less.
  3. Can you show list of your company’s other customers? -  A list of the AC installation company’s customers will give you an idea on its experience in the field. In addition to that, you could also contact those customers to know about their experience with the company. Often when you search through online reviews, they can be false. So you should check whether the reviews are original or not.
  4. Do you have experience in installing every brand? -  Installation of an AC depends on its type and brand it belongs to. If you will ask the installer about his experience with all kinds of AC brands, you will get to know if he has worked with an AC brand that you have.
  5. Is there any service contract? -  An AC is going to be an effective cooling system if you are servicing it at regular intervals. If the company of installer also deals in servicing the AC, there will be a great chance of good care. You could ask the installer about the service contract so that you could avail it. Apart from this, you should also inquire about the service warranty period to the installers. 

The above-mentioned points are enough to suggest that it is always a beneficial step to hire experienced installers. 

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