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Bathroom Design: How to Make It Warm and Welcoming

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Bathroom Design: How to Make It Warm and Welcoming

Even though it’s probably the tiniest room in your home, the bathroom still deserves a ton of attention. Every bathroom needs to be as warm and welcoming as possible, and if that’s the atmosphere you’d like to create as well, here are a few design tips you should follow.

Use stone tile

Even though most people prefer ceramic tile when redoing their bathroom, you can always explore different ideas as well. Stone tile is one of these ideas, and it could easily turn into one of the best ideas you’ve ever had.

Incorporating stone tile into your bathroom might seem a bit strange at first, but if you do it right, this is a project that will make your bathroom the nicest and cosiest space in your home. Still, don’t forget that stone has its pros and cons, so check out all these features before you start incorporating stone tile into your bathroom.

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Explore wood

This is a controversial decision not all homeowners are going to support, but the reason is still unknown. We’re all afraid that wood won’t work well in wet and moist environments, but the truth is quite the opposite. If properly protected, wooden furniture and décor pieces can be easily incorporated into your bathroom and stay there for years and even decades.

You can add a wooden vanity and mix it with the aforementioned stone tile, contrasting the colours and textures of these two materials. You can even add a tiny stool or a table, especially if you’re lucky enough to have a massive bathroom. Finally, you can add small decorating pieces made of wood, taking the entire design of your bathroom to a whole new level in just a few easy steps.

Add a rug

Speaking of unusual solutions that actually work better than you’d think, here’s another idea you need to look into. Yes, adding a rug to your bathroom may seem strange at first, but if you give this idea a thought, you’ll realise that’s actually an amazing way to introduce a new dose of cosiness to this space.

Still, not just any rug will do, and you need to make sure the rugs you choose are comfortable, warm, and visually appealing. You might look into some comfy rugs, as those offered by Miss Amara NZ, as these are made from high-quality natural materials, feature amazing designs, and are great for your bathroom. Keep in mind that having a rug in your bathroom will help you feel better all year long, especially during those freezing winter nights.

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Try out new materials

No matter where you live and what kind of a bathroom you have, the chances are it will be packed with the same materials as every other bathroom in the world. Ceramic, metal, steel, and chrome are so common nowadays that you can rarely see a bathroom without all of these. But, what if you used other materials instead?

Copper, golden, and brass details could make your bathroom special, while still remaining as practical and functional as those old school choices. What’s even better is that these elements will help you turn different parts of your bathroom into focal points, which is something all bathrooms deserve. With local rent reports like this showing us that the prices are on a slight decline, landlords can also implement such solutions to make their properties more attractive to potential tenants.   

Install in-floor heating

If you want to make your bathroom warmer than before, this is the right way to do it – literally! Installing an in-floor heating system is something all homeowners should consider, no matter where they live, how old their home is, and how big their bathrooms are.

These systems come with a number of benefits – from practicality to easy maintenance, and everything in between – and the best thing is that you can install them on your own. It may take some time, energy, and patience, but it’s definitely worth the investment you’ll make, particularly in the winter and fall.

Just because your bathroom is not large, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of it. This is particularly important if you’re one of those people who spend considerable time in the bathroom, getting ready for their day and relaxing before going to sleep. So, show this space all the love and attention in the world, turning it into a warm and welcoming area where you can relax and take your mind off everyday problems.

Guest Contributor, Lillian Connors