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Questions You Need To Ask Your Contractor

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Questions You Need to Ask Your Contractor

Are you getting a remodeling or any construction work done at home? If so, then you need to hire the right contractor for the job. So before hiring one, ask the potential contractor the following questions:

Are you insured?

For someone who runs a contracting business, contractor insurance is a very crucial thing to have. It’s a guarantee, after all, that you, the client, will be compensated in the event your property sustains damage that was inflicted—accidentally or otherwise—by your crew in the course of their work.

Aside from property damage, general liability insurance will also cover any medical expenses for any physical injury that you, any member of your household, or a visiting friend or neighbor might suffer in an accident caused by the contractor’s crew in any way, shape, or form.

Are you a licensed contractor?

It’s common knowledge that there are people out there who offer contracting services but don’t have the license to do so. While it’s true that some of them may have skills, a licensed contractor will always end up to be the more dependable one to make the project go more smoothly and deliver the results you want.

Can you show me your portfolio?

Think of a contractor’s portfolio as a menu at a restaurant that you have to peruse before you order. With photos of the contractor’s previous work, you should be able to judge for yourself if the contractor can do your vision for your construction project justice.

Can you give me references?

Asking for references is an excellent way of looking not only into a potential contractor’s past work but also into past working relationships. One call or visit to references provided should get you the information you need about that contractor’s workmanship, reliability, attitude, and availability, among other things. 

Are you willing to work where I need you to work?

Some contractors have this habit of hiring subcontractors to do jobs in places where they can’t or don’t want to go. If you’re hiring a contractor because of his excellent reputation, make sure you’re getting the real thing by asking if he’s able and willing to work where you need the work done.

How long have you been in the contracting business?

A long time as a contractor almost always means a lot of experience, and a contractor with years in the business does tend to turn in quality work.

The above questions are by no means the only ones you can ask a potential contractor, but they should be a good enough starting point in your search for the right person to be at the helm of your construction project.

 Guest Contributor, Rachel Porter