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Tips on How to Create a Shade for Your Patio

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Tips on How to Create a Shade for Your Patio

Smoldering hot weather used to be reserved for summers, but these days it is quite normal to see temperatures that are typical for the peak of the warmest season extended well into autumn and as early as spring. This is why, if you own a household with a backyard, it is important to take the necessary precautions and create convenient shading. If your backyard seating area still doesn’t have a necessary cover, here are some tips on how to create a shade for your patio. 

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Umbrella always works

If you are wary of fixed elements, you can always purchase a stylish, convenient umbrella and see how it fits. At the end of the day, if the shading becomes the integral part of your setup and you cannot imagine how your yard had looked before you brought it in, you can always replace the umbrella with a pergola or something more, for the lack of a better word, permanent. Furthermore, the benefit of installing an umbrella (or two) as shading is that there is simply an endless palette of aesthetic choices to pick and choose from.

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Curtains for elegance

While you can find some truly elegant umbrellas on the market, hardly anything beats curtains in that department. What’s more, curtains are both easy to install, they add a sense of glamour and sophistication to the outdoor space, and they are cheap. Out of all the ways to create a shade for your patio, curtains have the most opportune price-to-utility ratio. They are especially useful if you already have some sort of structural elements that can easily support them, but be forewarned – by themselves, they are a temporary solution.

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Consider modular roofing

Maybe the shading does not necessarily mesh well with the stylistic setup of your backyard. Maybe the entire space simply works better without an additional element that makes the entire space appear a bit more cramped. In this case, it’s best to consider modular roofing, the convenient retractable roof systems which can be arranged according to your wishes and depending on the intensity of the sun during the day. These days, the technology of automation when it comes to these retractable roof systems has become standard, so you won’t have to break your arm in order to retract it. In a way, this type of aluminum awning offers the best of all worlds.

The astounding pergolas for a rustic appearance

Pergolas, as a type of shading, are in a category of their own. Most people associate this absolutely astounding backyard element with coastline towns, as well as Mediterranean retreats and vineyards that have a luxurious, rustic note. When one considers that both the name and the concept of the pergola as we know it came from Italy, everything begins to make sense. Pergolas are a solid and permanent structural addition to your backyard which you can choose if you truly want to commit to this type of shading. They strongly define space, and create both a sense of privacy and shade, especially if you decide to grow a freestanding garden all over it.

The lightweight shade sails

Shade sails are something between the aforementioned retractable awning and a curtain. Everything you need to know about them is already in the name – they appear much like ship sails and they serve as a sort of retractable canopy that is easy to install and even easier to maneuver, if you play your cards right during the installation. They can make your yard space look even more impressive and elegant as they flutter in the hot summer wind, but make sure to choose one in bright color in order to stay protected from sunrays. If you are opting for shade sails, you need to make sure that they are thick enough so they provide solid, reliable protection.

With convenient shading above your head, you can comfortably enjoy your private lush oasis. Just make sure that you are not only concealed from the scorching sunrays but also from the inquisitive gaze from nosy neighbors, and you practically have a perfect outdoor space on your hands. After a hard day at work, you can enjoy a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade below your shade, and nobody would blame you if you dozed off for a bit.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith