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Tech Treats For A Smart Home 

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Plumbing blog post Smart home

Tech Treats for a Smart Home 

Since 2019 is almost upon us, it’s time to give your home something shiny and new for Christmas. Why not equip it with a few smart gadgets that will make your space safer, more comfortable and easy to maintain. However, there are so many devices on the market today, some of which are not worth the money. So, here’s a list of smart treats that are cost-effective, practical and worth the investment.

Smart thermostat

Programmable thermostats are nothing new (they’ve been here since the 50s), but most old models are complicated to figure out and difficult to use according to your needs. However, new smart thermostats take all of the thinking out of the picture and can basically function on their own. They sense when you’re at home and when you’re away and adjust the temperature of your space accordingly. Aside from them being practical, they will also save you some money on your utility bills since they are very energy-efficient.

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Smart smoke detector

This one is for all homeowners who want to have some peace of mind and sleep soundly knowing their family and possessions are safe. Smart smoke and CO detectors can connect to your mobile phone and send alerts to your phone in case they “smell” smoke and can even notify you when to change batteries. So, no more worrying about your safety and you can forget about those annoying low-battery 3 a.m. chirps.


Keeping your home clean has never been easier! Consider getting yourself a smart robot vacuum cleaner that can both clean and mop your home while you enjoy your favorite TV show or run errands. In addition to the mopping function, new models can also be customized to clean the entire house, one room or just a small space by selecting an area on your map app. It’s that simple.  Just set it loose on all the dirt in your house and don’t worry about vacuuming ever again. Plus, it will also keep your cat entertained for hours, so it’s a win-win situation!

Guest Post 12-18-18 3.jpg

Smart locks

If you’re tired of fumbling for keys in your bag or fear staying locked out of your own home, we have just the thing for you—a smart lock. This wifi- or Bluetooth-enabled device that connects to your smartphone can automatically detect when you get home and let you in when you reach the front door. Additionally, you can program your smart lock to connect to selected devices of family members, relatives and friends. It’s especially practical when your hands a filled with grocery bags or when your relatives arrive early for the holidays!

Video doorbells

For additional comfort and security at home, you can invest in a smart doorbell with a video camera. The camera is placed on a prime location: straight on your entrance doors. Whenever it detects that someone rang your doorbell or sense any motion at the door, it starts recording a video clip that saves on your cloud. This is a great way to secure your home and have visual material to provide to the authorities in case of a break-in.

Smart sockets

A super cool way to make any device “smart” and practical is to invest in a smart plug that will let you control the power with your smartphone and turn your devices on command. Some models have an “away” mode that will automatically turn some devices on to create an illusion of an occupied home. These smart sockets even connect to your other smart home devices like home assistance Alexa and Google Home.

This Christmas will be a real surprise both for you and your home. Place some of these gadgets under the tree and transform your home from a regular property into a smart 21st-century establishment full of comfort, safety and fun.

 Guest Contributor, Diana Smith