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Easy Projects Which Will Upgrade Your Bathroom in an Instant

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Easy Projects Which Will Upgrade Your Bathroom in an Instant.jpg

Easy Projects Which Will Upgrade Your Bathroom in an Instant


Every now and then, we find ourselves looking around our home and wondering out loud what we can do to make it a bit better. When it comes to home upgrades, people tend to put it off because they feel (and fear) that it takes way too much time and money to do properly. Luckily for us, this isn’t necessarily true and today you can find plenty of simple and easy projects which will make every room in your home look amazing. Today, we’re focusing on bathrooms.



Replacing light fixtures in your bathroom isn’t too difficult and you don’t have to go bankrupt to make it happen. Light is very important in every room, especially here, as this is where you’ll be brushing your teeth, washing your face, applying your makeup and taking it off. Standard ceiling lights are convenient but also very boring, and you should try experimenting with other options. You could try installing a couple of wall scones next to the mirror, bring in a small chandelier, and even try recessed lighting. Not only do these look different, but they will also help you see better and set the mood when you want to relax.

Storage cabinet.jpg

Storage cabinet

Your bathroom shouldn’t be filled with furniture but a sturdy storage cabinet is a must because there has to be a place where you’ll keep your cleaning supplies, towels, and makeup. Still, it doesn’t mean that it should look bad just because you need it to be functional. You can choose one of those modern freestanding cabinets that come with glass-panel doors. The doors will lighten the visual impact which the piece has and you can keep linen in there. If you have a lot of medicine and makeup products, opt for a solid-door cabinet or the one that has enough drawers.



Taps and faucets are very important parts of a bathroom, and if you’ve had yours for a while, it might be a good idea to have them checked and replaced. Even though you might do this yourself, if you’ve never done it before, it might be a good idea to call a reliable Perth plumber to replace them for you. In different parts of Australia there are different types of taps and faucets used, and if you’re not sure whether it’s time to replace them (or if you simply want to switch to something a bit more contemporary), don’t hesitate to call professionals.

Shower curtain.jpg

Shower curtain

No matter if you have a shower or a bath, there’s something you can’t imagine a bathroom without – a shower curtain. You might not have a curtain but a glass shower doors instead, but you could still find a way to upgrade it. Curtains should be washed regularly while glass doors should be cleaned in order to remove water stains. You can choose to install one of those modern frameless doors if you want a change, or you could always buy new shower curtains. Not only are they easily replaced and easy to maintain, but they can also become a powerful design feature, especially if you pick something funny or colorful.


The rest of the rooms in your home are probably filled with accessories and simple decorative pieces, so why wouldn’t your bathroom be as well? You can start by bringing in potted plants, but you should make sure they’re the kind that can stand heat and humidity well – small ferns, certain types of orchids, and spider plant will thrive for sure. Replace your bath mat with a new one made of real pebbles and living moss and you’ll see how different these look on the floor. You can also try getting your hands on soft new towels in bright colors which will brighten the room up.

Just because you want to upgrade your bathroom and make it look more modern and cozy, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune doing so. You don’t even have to replace the bathtub and tiles to achieve this effect, with a few simple projects, you can completely transform your old bathroom into a peaceful oasis you’ll love.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith