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Making Your Home Safe For Furry Friends

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Making Your Home Safe For Furry Friends

America is a nation of pet lovers. In Illinois, 51% of people have a pet – and that’s the lowest in the country, according to the Daily Herald. There’s a good chance that any home you put together will one day have an animal in it, so it’s important to make sure your home is safe. There’s lots to consider when making the home suitable for animals. It needs to be sturdy, as animals do have an instinct to chew. It needs to be safe, with electrics and plumbing designed specifically to avoid damage and preserve animal safety. Finally, you need to be able to maintain it.

Making your home chew-friendly

Animals will chew, urinate and generally damage household items. It’s part and parcel of the ownership experience. The good news is that it’s very normal. The ASPCA note that when it comes to dogs, chewing helps dogs understand their world and that it should continue through life – with a little discipline. Your first stop should be to provide your animal with distractions to take them away from your valuable furniture. Aside from that, what can you do to help the house? First, in areas the animal is in, move away from ‘squishy’ materials – wood, and so on. In areas with exposed plumbing, ask your professional to use sturdier thermoplastic or metal pipes. This should make your animal lose interest quickly.

Ensuring home safety

There are many pitfalls and hazards in the home for animals. Something as simple as the stairs can cause injury to rodents, and gaps in floorboards can cause animals with small legs to become trapped and distressed. Make sure that your home environment is suitable for whatever animal you have and there aren’t pitfalls. Look at wiring and plumbing, too. A chewed wire is at best an annoyance and at worst deadly. The same goes for plumbing; outside grates can be dangerous for cats and dogs.

Maintaining the pet-friendly home

Pet-friendly homes attract dust, bugs and hair. It’s easy to maintain the home and make these changes permanent, but it’s important to keep your pets safe through it. Many common household cleaners are harmful to animals so do your research before choosing a cleaning product. It’s also helpful to have access to cleaning equipment. A hose tap in the kitchen is a great idea, especially with an extendable attachment, to clear up any accidents.

Making the home friendly for pets requires a bit of careful planning. Doing so will help to spare your nerves and wallet ahead of time. Most importantly, it’ll help your animal to flourish in his or her home.

Guest Contributor, Cindy Trillo