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How To Clean Your Bathroom In Under An Hour

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How to Clean Your Bathroom in Under an Hour

Cleaning in general can be the most dreadful part of owning a home, more so cleaning the bathroom. However, leaving it dirty for long is more disgusting than just tackling all the germs in there while it's not so obvious yet. We wouldn't stay in a bathroom cleaning for hours ourselves, so we're all here for the same reason: to learn how to clean a bathroom in under an hour.

The bathroom, being humid and dark most of the time, can be an appropriate environment for bacteria to grow in. Daily use can quicken their growth, added to your own filth that doesn't go down the drain. However, whatever's built up can be wiped out in less than an hour in a step-by-step process, focusing on every part of the bathroom one by one.

Clear Out Everything

As with any other chore, starting out is the hardest part. Clearing out everything that can be picked up can be a universal first step that applies to every bathroom. As you do so, take this time to also get rid of everything you've used up or don't use anymore. Set these things just outside by the door, so you have a clear room to work with and don't have to move things around as you go.

Spray Down Everything

Before you go on to specific areas in your bathroom, another universal task that anyone can do following the first step is to spray everything down with your cleaning agent. This includes the major parts of the bathroom like the toilet, tub or shower, countertops, and other surfaces, fixtures, mirrors, walls, and décor. Dust usual areas where it might settle like shelves and other storage spaces.

Scrub The Shower or Tub Area

The shower area is probably one of the dirtiest parts of the bathroom. You use it daily and apart from your own germs that might have settled on the tiles, there's also drops of soap water that dried on the floor or the walls.

Scrub and wash every nook and cranny until the water runs clear. For the tub specifically, it might be helpful to fill it up with hot water and then draining it first to melt or soften all the invisible germs. This makes sure the surfaces are almost clear after you scrub them. Do not forget to also clean the drain trap.

Scrub The Toilet

The toilet may be as grimy as the shower area but it's easier to clean because it's smaller in size and you can take advantage of the flush while cleaning it. Drop a fair amount of bleach on the bowl and leave it for a while before and after scrubbing, flushing it down when you're completely done and happy with it.

Wipe Down The Sink

With your cleaning agent, wipe down the entire sink area. You can make your own natural cleaner liquid using easy ingredients and essential oils. It can be an all-around bathroom cleaner that you can use in other bathroom surfaces as well. You've sprayed down before but as a final clean, wipe down surfaces you've already sprayed down awhile ago, including décor and inside cabinets.

Hand Mop The Floor

You might not notice the floor when you use the bathroom but it holds so much bacteria you're not aware of. You almost always are barefoot in the bathroom, so it shouldn't be left out of your cleaning routine. This should involve sweeping it and hand mopping it, which cleans better than using a regular mop.

Every step in this process should have cleaned almost all parts of your bathroom. All it should leave you with is putting and organizing everything back in their right place. These can be doable in under an hour, depending on your speed and the dirtiness of the bathroom.

As a last tip, don't wait for grease and grime to show before cleaning your bathroom. The cleanliness of the bathroom tells a lot about the person living in the house, and you wouldn't want to be the kind who survives taking a shower in a grimy one.

 Guest Contributor, Allen Michael