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The Calm of Grey?

Rona Regan

 Benjamin Moore

 Benjamin Moore

The Calm of Grey?

The first thing to come into your mind when you think of the color grey could be one of two things – it could be Mr Grey, if you are a fan of the Fifty Shades series, or it could be a mundane and dull color shade.

If you went for the latter, you’re airing on the side of negativity!

Grey can be a very calming and serene color, when it is matched up correctly, and used in the right way. Of course, when you do grey in the wrong way, it can be come cold and unfriendly, but like anything in life, that can be turned on its head!

Check out these suggestions on how to turn your grey kitchen into a harmonious space of relaxation and serenity. You can choose one grey color for your kitchen worktop from Inovastone.

Use Grey With Warmer Colors

Yes, grey can be cold and unfriendly when used on its own, but if you can team it with warmer colors, such as woods for example, then you can find that it is strangely warm and calming. Wood, such as wooden chairs or a wooden worktop, also adds an earthy tone to your space, preventing the grey from becoming too clinical or cold. If you go for a wooden floor, perhaps laminate to mimic the wooden style, then grey cabinets will be warmed up instantly.

Copper is another great choice, because this is a warm and rustic color to go for, and when used with grey you have a strange combination which actually works really well, to add depth and sophistication to your kitchen space.

Make an Impact with Cabinets

The impact of using grey can be quite strong and you can use that with cabinets to create a sharp but stylishly clean appearance. Go for a bold shade and team it with a light shade for your worktop, to tone the harshness down. Of course, grey on your cabinets is also a good choice because it is a durable option to go for in terms of cleaning. In addition, grey cabinets basically look bold and stylish!

Add in Extra Color

If you want to try something a little different, try mixing your grey color scheme with a splash of color here and there. This doesn’t have to be something huge or over the top, perhaps just some colored chairs, such as a blue or green, to add a splash or pop. Stick to natural shades, and you will have the perfect blend, and something a little different too.

Natural Light Adds to The Mix

Grey can look dark and unfriendly when it is used in a small, unlit room, but if you have a large window or lots of natural light, the grey can actually look quite creamy and friendly. If you can allow plenty of natural light into your room then you really will have a calm and serene appearance from the get-go.

Grey Can be Used to Create Drama

A grey kitchen, when used with other colors which warm it up slightly, can actually look quite dramatic, especially if you use grey in a back splash which runs the full height of your room. You can go for a lighter, simple shade, or a darker one which looks more sophisticated.

Add in Some Nature

If you are a little concerned about your kitchen looking cold with the grey color shade, throw in some nature to bring about instant serenity! Think plants, fruit, flowers, basically anything natural will do the trick.

These are just a few tips and tricks on how you can make a grey kitchen look instantly calming, without going too over the top. This all just goes to show that any color can be made into whatever effect you want it to have, and it just takes some little tricks of the trade to create the appearance you want.

Grey does not have to be cold and unfriendly, especially if you don’t go down the route of pairing it with warmer colors, to bring it away from the cold side, and into the warm side. If you go for lighter colors, this certainly is a warmer feel instantly, but even darker greys can be made earthier and warmer with the right advice. 

Guest Contributor, Florin Aldea