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A Simple Guide to A Contemporary Bathroom Design

Rona Regan

A Simple Guide to A Contemporary Bathroom Design

In the last couple of years, many people have decided to adopt the contemporary design and turn their homes in true modernistic havens. This style is praised for its simplicity, sleekness, as well as the utter minimalism which is characteristic of these types of spaces. Introducing the modern approach to the bathroom area is one of the most appealing ventures and can be done quite easily in a few simple steps. Although the contemporary approach doesn’t require too much decoration, achieving the desired look can be somewhat challenging. That being said, we’ve prepared this simple guide that’ll help you create the perfect modern bathroom in your home.

Shapes and Sizes

Even though it’s possible to achieve the modern design in a smaller-sized bathroom, this style usually requires a more spacious setting. Extensive settings are quite typical for contemporary styled bathrooms, which is why many people opt for an open-bathroom design in order to get more spacious surroundings. Aside from the size of the space, modern design is also characterized by the use of angular shapes, clean lines and straight edges. Curvy, round and elliptical shapes won’t find any use in the contemporary bathroom, so when choosing the perfect look, make sure to rely on acute-angled shapes.

The Color Palette

Another quite distinguishable feature of the modern design is that it doesn’t use much color in its approach. Neutral hues like black, white and grey are the most commonly used colors in contemporary design, while the absence of patterns and colorful details is quite desirable. Creating contrasts using black and white helps with achieving that elegant vibe, while implementing different shades of grey and sometimes even brown can be used to break the monotony of the space. Some individuals like to break the sequence and the gloomy ambience by placing greenery or a focal point in a specific color.


Lighting plays a major role in contemporary design and is used excessively as a way of obtaining the desired look. Pendants lights, as well as recessed lighting is commonly used in modern bathrooms, while introducing natural light has become an attractive feature in bathroom settings. For this reason, skylights have gained a lot of popularity over the years, as an effective and stylish solution for opening up the bathroom to sunlight. Keeping in mind the importance of shapes and structure in modern design, it’s also quite important to follow a certain sequence when installing the lighting.

Simplicity Is the Key

When all is said and done, there’s only grand design and the use of decorations in the space to consider. Given the fact that modern design is closely related to the minimalistic design, which is known for its absence of ornamentation and a generally sleek and plain look, it’s easy to conclude that the contemporary bathroom doesn’t require too much attention in this sphere. A few plants in angular containers or a similarly styled laundry basket are sufficient, while you can always decide to leave the pipes exposed in order to achieve a more industrial or rough-lux look. According to a professional plumber from Melbourne, this can cause some piping problems, especially during winter, so it’s crucial to maintain the plumbing systems regularly and properly.

Introducing the contemporary design into your home will help you create a distinguished, sleek and glamorous setting. The desired look should be simple before anything, so make sure not to go overboard with excessive details. The goal is to create seemingly effortless surroundings with a somewhat sterile and impersonal ambience which will, at the same time, manage to capture the essence of your personality.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith