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Stop Flushing Wipes Down The Toilet

Rona Regan

baby wipes in your line

I have a giant problem with all these baby wipe companies still putting "flushable" and "sewer and septic safe" on their packages. Let me express to you how much we love baby wipes in our household. We have a child and a puppy who love to make messes all over the house. Not only are baby wipes great when we change his diaper. They are great to clean up his face, his hands, and where ever else he loves to get peanut butter/chocolate/jelly/cheese/etc. on himself.

It's simple, you grab a wipe and clean up the mess. Toss it in the garbage and it's done. Simple as that. Well, toilet paper and paper towel companies wanted to jump in on the baby wipe success. They are doing very well for themselves. They have created several types of bathroom "flushable" wipes. The only problem is these wipes ARE flushable, but will not dissolve. 

They sit in your pipes, get stuck on other stuff and clog up your pipes. Yes, it creates more jobs for plumbers but it's ruining our sewer pipes. How is it that they are allowed to print "flushable" and "sewer/septic safe" on their packages? Some of them are even printing "biodegradable". In their terms, yes they are biodegradable, but not for another 1000 years. 

Until someone does something about these companies printing "flushable" on wipes, please stop flushing wipes down the toilet. It will cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars to fix. You should only flush toilet paper. 

What I Love To Use Baby Wipes On:

  • When I change my baby's diaper.
  • After my kid eats.
  • My puppy's bum.
  • When my husband spills food/drinks/whatever else he is eating on his clothes.
  • The table.
  • The floor.
  • My kitchen cabinets.
  • The make up off my face.
  • When I get make up on my fingers.
  • After I do my hair in the bathroom(it's so easy to pick up the hair off the floor).
  • Cleaning inside the car.
  • Cleaning leather seats. 
  • Getting deodorant off of clothing.
  • Wiping down shoes. 
  • Wiping down exercise equipment.
  • And the million other things that I wipe down with baby wipes. 

Maybe, I should look into buying stock in baby wipe companies. Moral of the story, baby wipes are amazing, just don't flush them down the toilet.