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Misconceptions About Garbage Disposals

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We need to change the name of garbage disposals to something else, since a lot of people are confused by the meaning of it. There is a misconception that you could put whatever you'd like down the sink, and your garbage disposal will grind it and dispose of it. That is 100% False. Garbage disposals grind down food to tiny little pieces and dispose of it down the waste pipes. They are meant to make disposing of food easier. It doesn't mean that it could actually take everything you want to feed it.

The following items are NOT ALLOWED:

  •  Bones

  •  Anything String-like, such as corn, celery stalk, or the inside of a pumpkin.

  •  Peels, such as onion peels, potatoes peels, or banana peels.

  •  Starchy Foods- pasta or bread.

  •  Oil or anything greasy

  •  Metal

  •  Paper

  •  Glass

  •  Aluminum Foil

  •  Plastic

  •  Cigarette Butt's

  •  Nut Shells 

  •  Wood

**Never put your hand or fingers down the disposal**

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

We understand since it's under your sink, you can't see it and might not feel like cleaning it. Guess what? You need too. If you don't, you're just growing nasty mold and bacteria inches away from where you put your plates and silverware. Let's not forget the smell. Yuck!

Once a month: take a 1/2 a cup of baking soda & 1/2 of vinegar. Pour it down the sink. Let it sit there for 15 minutes. It will start to bubble up. That means it's working.

Next, slice up a lemon, and a cup of ice. Put it down the garbage disposal. Turn on the garbage disposal and let it grind.

Finally, turn on the cold water for a few seconds to run everything down. It should smell great. Remember, if you maintain your garbage disposal it will last longer, avoid nasty smells and keep away mold.

If you use your garbage disposal frequently we suggest you put lemons and ice down the disposal weekly. 

Remember to always maintain 

7 Nights of Beachfront Resort Accommodations- Giveaway!!!

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St. James Club Antigua

Together We Cope- Winter Coat Drive

Summer is over and you're already dreading the Winter months. Well, I have the answer to your prayers: Kevin Szabo Jr Plumbing has teamed up with Together We Cope, to give away a 7 Night Stay at St. James Club Antigua. 

Experience a private 100-acre tropical peninsula on Antigua's southeastern coast where clear turquoise waters surround your own private oasis. Two magnificent white-sand beaches, six pools, four distinct restaurants, non-motorized water sports, tennis & fitness center, supervised kids activities, spa and nightly entertainment. St. James club will leave you with amazing island memories to last a lifetime. 
The package includes 7 nights accommodation at St. James Club & Villa, Antigua, dinning, beverages, resort facilities, activities, service charges & gratuities. Winner is responsible for airfare and taxes. 

All you have to do to enter a chance to win 7 Nights in St. James Club in Antigua is contribute to Together We Cope's Winter Coat Drive. Follow the GoFundMe link below. Every person that donates towards their Winter Coat Drive will enter to win. If you have any questions regarding the trip please contact our marketing manager at


Together We Cope is a non-for profit organization based out of Tinley Park, Illinois. 

Every year before Winter, Together We Cope gathers gently used coats and funds to purchase Winter Coats for families that unfortunately don't have the funds to get a Winter coat for their kids. Could you imagine dealing with our Chicago Winter without a coat? Now, imagine a small child having to put up with this year's freezing and insane Winter. Nobody should have to go through that, especially a baby or a kid.  

We aren't asking for much. Whatever you could spare would be appreciated. If you can't donate, we ask you to share our post. Our mission is to be able to help Together We Cope as much as possible. They do so much for our community, they deserve the same in return.  

Together We Cope's main focus has always been to help: Recently unemployed workers, elderly and disabled people on fixed incomes, grandparents raising children, victims of fire and other disasters, single parents trying to make ends meet, people facing catastrophic medical expenses,  and underemployed workers without benefits. 

Together We Cope 

CLIENT & PANTRY SERVICES • 17010 South Oak Park Avenue, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477 • 708-633-5040

NU2U RESALE SHOP • 17010 South Oak Park Avenue, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477 • 708-633-9180

-If you know someone in need please send them to Together We Cope.


Together We Cope GoFundMe Link

Thank You,

Kevin Szabo Jr. Plumbing