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Contact a Plumber If Drain is Struggling to Manage Rain Water

Rona Regan

Contact a Plumber If Drain is Struggling to Manage Rain Water

Post a storm or heavy rain, often it has been found that the stormwater drain have a large puddle or pool of water. This occurs due to the blockage of the stormwater drain. Fixing blocked stormwater drains is a challenging task and this cannot be performed by just basic skills. This is why the experts are called in so that they can analyze the situation and provide a solution to the problem.

Blocked drains can lead to property damage and can affect the daily lives. The blocked stormwater drain experts use modern tools and techniques to clear the blocked stormwater drain such as:

  • Drain Rods
  • Drain Plunger
  • Compressed Air
  • Closet Auger
  • Compressed Air & Push Fit Waste Systems
  • Drain Clearing Chemicals
  • Mechanical Drain Rodding
  • High Pressure Water Jetting

Depending on the amount of the pipe or sewer damage, a blocked stormwater drain experts have different tools and gadgets that can be used. To unclog a storm water drain, a plumber uses a plumbing electric eel and or a high pressure water jetter. The high pressure water jetter is used as a last resort when all other techniques fail.

Although there is no specific reason behind the blocked stormwater drain, however, there are few precautionary measured that can be taken to prevent the stormwater drain from getting clogged:

  • Make sure that the sewers and drainpipes are checked at least once in a month and the materials such as leaves, dirt, plastics are removed.
  • Get a leaf diverter or gutter guard installed as this will prevent leaves from going down the pipe. Most leaf and tree debris will slip off the diverter, but make sure to clean the leaf diverter as constant use will eventually block up the filter.
  • Ensure that diapers, condoms, plastics, hairs, tennis balls etc. do not get chance to enter the drain.
  • If the stormwater drains, drainpipes and sewers are taking time to drain the water; then contact the blocked stormwater drain experts as this will help in saving time and money.
  • Get the stormwater drains, drainpipes and sewers checked before the start and end of summer, during autumn and winter season.
  • In order to prevent a blocked drain from happening, it is suggested to use a hair catcher. It is a device that looks like a strainer that catches falling hair and refrains them from entering the drain. In case of unavailability of the hair catcher, it is also better to use bent wires to catch hairs trapped on the drain.

All these simple precautions will prevent the stormwater drain from getting over flooded.

Hiring a blocked stormwater drain experts can be quite beneficial because of the following things:

  • It helps in saving time and money: Professionals know how to get the work done within time by using the advanced gadgets; however, when cleaning without the help of a professional one needs to purchase all the expensive gadgets.
  • It helps in preventing harm to the environment: Drain cleaning chemicals if used in more quantity than recommended can result in damages to the environment; however, by hiring a professional, one does not need to worry about this as they know the exact proportion of using these chemicals.
  • It helps in finding the root cause of the problem: A professional will examine and then diagnose the exact source of problem of stormwater drain and then will fix the problem.
  • It helps in getting the work done in a clean and a hygienic manner: A professional when cleans the stormwater drain will ensure that the cleanliness and basic hygiene is maintained.

Thus, one should contact blocked stormwater drain experts if the stormwater drain has clogged.

Guest Contributor, Jack Louis