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Getting Rid Of Mold In Your Home

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Getting Rid of Mold in Your Home

Although just a tiny organism, minuscule mold can pack a serious punch: one report reveals mold cost the U.S. $22.4 billion in health care expenses in 2016 alone. How much is that? That’s almost the GDP of Jamaica. Without plumbing performed by a professional in your kitchen, bathroom, or workplace, mold can quickly get the upper hand. So what can be done to rid your household of mold in your sinks, leaky showers, closets and bed sheets? Here are some tips to get you started.

Humidity: Mold’s Favorite Environment

Mold loves moisture. In fact, it needs it to survive. Just like us humans and other animals, mold needs water to survive and thrive. But given even a little bit of moisture, this simple organism becomes a nuisance, wreaking havoc on our respiratory, and even neurological, systems. Once mold gets exposed to moisture, it can begin to multiply. At that point, it is able to release spores that go up into the air and settle on nearby surfaces, creating veritable mold colonies. With humidity above 50%, mold starts flourish, spawning new mold wherever it can. However, without humidity, mold dies of thirst. So step one in controlling mold is to dehumidify your home.

Get Leaks and Floods Fixed by Pros

A quality professional plumbing service is a must when your home has sprung a leak. Yes, maybe you could tighten a nut or bolt or two, but while the leak was happening, how much mold started to grow? A plumbing expert can come in and not only fix the problem but analyze the area to see if any mold used the leak to start building an unwanted home. And if there is any significant flooding, regardless of the source or type, it’s a must to get experienced pros to handle the cleanup. These things cannot be left to chance.

You Can Hunt and Kill It

Even though mold can be dangerous, it’s also a fairly fragile little creature. Once spotted, some bleach mixed with water will get the job done. Killing the mold really isn’t the most difficult part of the job. The challenge comes with protecting yourself and your family in the process. Cover all of your skin and blow a fan out a window to whisk away any spores stirred up while cleaning. And, when in doubt, play it safe by hiring a professional to handle the work.

If you find mold lurking in your house, be sure to check and double check all plumbing fixtures nearby. Quite often, it is visible in various different colors, so you can easily spot it and quash it. If you can’t see it, you can sniff it out. It has an unmistakable musty odor.  Even if you don’t have bleach handy, don’t worry, other household cleaners also do a good job of stopping it in its tracks. If, after zapping the mold, you keep the humidity down, you can quite literally breath easy.

Guest Contributor, Cindy Trillo