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Remodel Smart: How To Save Money On Remodeling

Rona Regan

Remodel Smart: How to Save Money on Remodeling

Even if they consider every little detail, people still usually spend about 20 percent more money on remodeling than they originally planned. Remodeling can be full of little surprises, misunderstandings and a lot of stress, and it’s next to impossible to stay on the budget. Still, there are some ways you can save money and spare your budget by simply being smart, resourceful and unafraid to get your hands dirty.

DIY - Demolish It Yourself

If you feel like you can demolish your front porch or pool deck yourself we say go for it, but leave the interior of the house to the professionals. You can unintentionally knock down the bearing wall, or even hit a live wire or plumbing. Still, you can do some of the demolishing yourself and save up to a thousand dollars you can later spend on remodeling. But remember, safety first!

Think Long-Term

When remodeling, don’t look at the price tag that’s on the item, but think about its price at the end of the project. Sometimes it’s cheaper to get a finished product that you can simply install, then to start from scratch. It might seem cheaper to DIY something, but when you add up all the costs, it ends up being more expensive, plus you wasted your time. Also, think about installing energy-efficient appliances and lighting, insulate your doors and windows, and you will save money in the long run.

Get a Trailer

Don’t pay companies to bring materials to you when you want to do a DIY project, but pick them up yourself. Use a pickup truck or get a used single-axle utility trailer for about 300-400 bucks. If you repeat the trip 5-6 times, the trailer will pay for itself. Plus you get to keep or resell the trailer. 

Get Supplies at Auctions

At auctions, you can find all sorts of things, but don’t get distracted and focus on supplies. You can find many good scores like custom items someone didn’t like, concrete building blocks, overstock supplies, scratched and dented items and so on.  The amount of money you will save here depends on the other bidders, but it’s usually not an insignificant sum. Think good and hard whether you can find a use for an item you’re bidding for. If the answer is no, stop bidding - otherwise you’re wasting money.

Do it Off Season

It is best to save up money, and wait for winter to do your remodel. The thing is that people are usually short on money in this period because of holidays, so the demand for various contractors is significantly lower. If you want to do a roof restoration however, the best time is during spring. During winter, the demand for this type of service is huge, and so are the prices. Then again, if you plan everything right, you can save a significant sum.

Know What to Keep

If it is possible in any way, try not to change the position of your bathroom or windows. Depending on where you plumbing is costs can vary a lot. When it comes to windows, try to keep them the same size as well. Also, think about insulating your windows to save money on your electricity bill and reduce sound pollution.

If you follow these smart remodeling tips, you will not end up with a drained budget half way into your project. You just need to make some strategic moves and remember that every dollar counts. Remember, if you do things right, you might even save up enough money for a nice vacation.

Guest Contributor, Diana Smith

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